Giuseppe Ielasi

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Italian composer Giuseppe Ielasi (1974) morphed from the soundsculptor of Plans (2003), a 31-minute electroacoustic collage of drones, glitches, percussion and field recordings, to the puppeteer of Gesine (2005), an essay on minimal textures for electronics and manipulated guitar sounds that coined an original genre of concerto for acoustic instruments and languid musique concrete.

Subsequent recordings explored different aspects of sound making and sound listening. The rhythmic Giuseppe Ielasi (2006) seemed more interested in the ambient noise surrounding the "music" than in the music itself. August (2008) focused on drones, melodies and live instruments (piano, organ, guitar, dobro, synthesizer) and toyed with shortwave radio. Aix (2008) introduced samples and rhythms. The EP Stunt (2008) toyed with a turntable.

Bellows (2007) was a collaboration with Nicola Ratti. Group (Formed, 2007) was a live collaboration with EKG, i.e. the duo of Kyle Bruckman (oboe, English horn, electronics) and Ernst Karel (trumpet, electronics).

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