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The pages on new age, electronic and ambient musicians were mostly written in Italian before 1995 (and appeared in my 1996 encyclopedia of new music, long out of print). The pages on avantgarde/ electronic/ ambient musicians written after 1996 are all in English and constitute the source for my forthcoming book.

Some musicians may be in the section of Classical Music.

Choose from the list of more or less avantgarde musicians below, or choose from the list of all musicians

(In parentheses the chapter of History of the Avantgarde)

William Ackerman (new age)
John Adams (minimalism)
John Luther Adams (minimalism)
Marja Ahti (concrete)
Alio Die (ambient)
Saba Alizadeh (ambient)
Marcus Allen (new age)
Alquimia (world-music)
Maria de Alvear (post-chamber)
Maryanne Amacher (droning minimalism)
Oren Ambarchi (glitch)
AMM (event music)
Amma Ateria (concrete)
Ancient Future (world-music)
Laurie Anderson (vocals)
Timo Andres (post-chamber)
Darol Anger (post-jazz)
Jorge Antunes (post-chamber)
Mark Applebaum (event music)
Jon Appleton (concrete)
Luigi Archetti (post-chamber)
David Arkenstone (new age)
Koji Asano (computer)
James Asher (new age)
Robert Ashley (event music)
Aube (concrete)
William Aura (new age)
Paul Avgerinos (new age)
Stephen Bacchus (new age)
Ellen Band (concrete)
Bang On A Can All-Stars (post-chamber)
Tom Barabas (new age)
Marc Baron (concrete)
William Basinski (ambient)
Anton Batagov (ambient)
Pierre Bastien (event music)
Peter Batchelor (concrete)
Rashad Becker (ambient)
Bruce Becvar (new age)
David Bedford (event music)
Marc Behrens (concrete)
David Behrman (computer)
Teja Bell (new age)
Sam Bennett (post-jazz)
Steve Beresford (post-jazz)
Tim Berne (post-jazz)
Patrick Bernard (new age)
Jay Scott Berry (new age)
Pierre Berthet (ambient)
Antoine Beuger (isolationism)
Maurizio Bianchi (concrete)
Phillip Bimstein (post-chamber)
Biota (concrete)
Henry Birdsey (droning)
John Bischoff (computer)
Olivia Block (electroacoustic)
Ian Boddy (new age)
Cesar Bolanos (electroacoustic)
Richard Bone (ambient)
Ron Boots (new age)
Borbetomagus (post-jazz)
David Borden (post-chamber)
Ascanio Borga (ambient)
John Boswell (new age)
Graham Bowers (post-chamber)
Jonas Braasch (post-jazz)
Paul Bradley (droning minimalism)
Tim Brady (post-chamber)
Kevin Braheny (new age)
Glenn Branca (minimalism)
Tyondai Braxton (post-jazz)
Thom Brennan (new age)
Martin Bresnick (chamber)
Spencer Brewer (new age)
Michael Brook (ambient)
Chris Brown (world)
Kyle Bruckmann (electroacoustic)
Brume (concrete)
Gavin Bryars (event music)
Thomas Buckner (vocals)
Harold Budd (ambient)
Bull of Heaven (droning)
Nils Bultmann (post-chamber)
Richard Burmer (new age)
Warren Burt (droning minimalism)
Michael Byron (minimalism)
Roberto Cacciapaglia (event music)
Francois Cambuzat (post-jazz)
Allison Cameron (post-chamber)
Doug Cameron (new age)
Nuno Canavarro (ambient)
Cornelius Cardew (event music)
Walter Carlos (new age)
Robert Carty (new age)
Laura Luna Castillo (ambient)
Tim Catlin (droning minimalism)
John Catney (new age)
Eugene Chadbourne (post-jazz)
Andrew Chalk (droning minimalism)
Wendy Mae Chambers (post-chamber)
Jim Chappell (new age)
Richard Chartier (glitch)
Loren Chasse (concrete)
Rhys Chatham (minimalism)
Maria Chavez (concrete)
Checkfield (new age)
Mary Ellen Childs (post-chamber)
Suzanne Ciani (new age)
Claudia Quintet (post-jazz)
Tim Clement (new age)
Jay Cloidt (collage)
Climax Golden Twins (concrete)
Alex Cline (post-jazz)
Nels Cline (post-jazz)
Cloaks (post-minimalism)
Tony Coe (post-jazz)
Lou Cohen (computer music)
John Coleclough (ambient)
Nicolas Collins (event music)
Pascal Comelade (post-jazz)
Loren Mazzacane Connors (post-jazz)
Tony Conrad (minimalism)
Jesse Cook (new age)
Tom Cora (post-jazz)
Eric Cordier (concrete)
Philip Corner (event music)
Scott Cossu (new age)
Anla Courtis (concrete)
Ben Cox (ambient)
Rick Cox (ambient)
Lol Coxhill (post-jazz)
Coyote Oldman (new age)
Noah Creshevsky (concrete)
Curlew (post-jazz)
Alvin Curran (concrete)
Peter Cusack (concrete)
Cusco (world-music)
Cyrnai (event music)
D'Rachael (new age)
Anders Dahl (concrete)
Lesli Dalaba (post-jazz)
Malcolm Dalglish (new age)
Mychael Danna (new age)
David Darling (new age)
Dik Darnell (new age)
Darshan Ambient (ambient)
Date Palms (ambient)
Peter Davison (new age)
Deca (cosmic)
Jacques De Koninck (new age)
Deep Forest (world)
Vladislav Delay (glitch)
Paul DeMarinis (concrete)
Constance Demby (new age)
Stuart Dempster (droning minimalism)
Taylor Deupree (glitch)
Andrew Raffo Dewar (droning minimalism)
Mario Diaz de Leon (post-chamber)
Nick Didkovsky (computer music)
Raymond Dijkstra (concrete)
Thomas Dimuzio (concrete)
Dirty Knobs (ambient)
Tom Dissevelt (electroacoustic)
Dither (minimalism)
Lucia Dlugoszewsky (post-chamber)
Do'Ah (world-music)
Tod Dockstader (concrete)
Charles Dodge (concrete)
Dogon (new age)
Paul Dolden (electroacoustic)
Christy Doran (post-jazz)
Bill Douglas (new age)
Steve Douglas (post-jazz)
Paul Dresher (post-chamber)
Arnold Dreyblatt (minimalism)
Kevin Drumm (post-jazz)
Olivier Dumont (concrete)
Urszula Dudziak (vocals)
John Duncan (concrete)
Stephan Dunkelman (post-chamber)
Paul Dunmall (post-jazz)
David Dunn (computer)
John Dyson (new age)
Julius Eastman (minimalism)
Robert Een (minimalism)
Ekkehard Ehlers (post-chamber)
Marty Ehrlich (post-jazz)
Herbert Eimert (electroacoustic)
Eko (new age)
William Ellwood (new age)
Emerald Web (new age)
Enigma (world)
Brian Eno (ambient)
Roger Eno (post-chamber)
Enya (world)
Eternal Wind (world-music)
Dean Evenson (new age)
Evidence (concrete)
Fan Wang (computer)
Ferran Fages (post-jazz)
Forrest Fang (world-music)
Farfield (ambient)
Christian Fennesz (ambient)
David First (droning)
Luca Formentini (ambient)
Fast Forward (event music)
Reinhard Flatischler (post-jazz)
JB Floyd (post-jazz)
Henry Flynt (post-jazz)
Marty Fogel (post-jazz)
Gyjho Frank (new age)
David Friesen (post-jazz)
Bill Frisell (post-jazz)
Eloy Fritsch (new age)
Fred Frith (post-jazz)
James Fulkerson (post-chamber)
Ellen Fullman (droning minimalism)
Furt (concrete)
G*Park (concrete)
Kenneth Gaburo (compositional linguistics)
Diamanda Galas (vocals)
Ruben Garcia (ambient)
Kay Gardner (new age)
Richard Garet (ambient)
Guillaume Gargaud (ambient)
Peter Garland (post-chamber)
Robert Gass (new age)
Gandalf (new age)
Ron Geesin (event music)
Michael Gendreau (collage)
Michel Genest (new age)
Tony Gerber (new age)
Michael Gettel (new age)
Qubais Reed Ghazala (concrete)
Florent Ghys (minimalism)
Jon Gibson (minimalism)
Michael Gilbert (world music)
Brian Gingrich (new age)
Bara Gisladottir (post-chamber)
Lutz Glandien (electroacoustic)
Philip Glass (minimalism)
Glass Orchestra (post-jazz)
Heiner Goebbels (post-jazz)
Malcolm Goldstein (post-jazz)
Daniel Goode (post-chamber)
Peter Gordon (minimalism)
Jean-Philippe Goude (new age)
Mathias Grassow (cosmic)
Wayne Gratz (new age)
Guillermo Gregorio (post-jazz)
Randy Greif (concrete)
Jeff Greinke (ambient)
Pietro Grossi (electroacoustic)
Group 87 (post-jazz)
Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza (event music)
John Grzinich (electroacoustic)
Hildur Gudnadottir (post-chamber)
Jean-Luc Guionnet (concrete)
Cheryl Gunn (new age)
Bernhard Guenter (glitch)
Trilok Gurtu (post-jazz)
Brent Gutzeit (laptop)
Brion Gysin (event music)
Steven Halpern (new age)
Tom Hamilton (electroacoustic)
Joyce Handler (new age)
Kip Hanrahan (post-jazz)
Mike Hansen (turntablist)
Don Harriss (new age)
Mickey Hart (world-music)
Jon Hassell (world-music)
Curtis Hasselbring (post-jazz)
Hauschka (post-chamber)
Robin Hayward (droning minimalism)
Greg Headley (post-jazz)
Tom Heasley (ambient)
Michael Hedges (new age)
Erdem Helvacioglu (ambient)
Pierre Henry (concrete)
Jean-Luc Herelle (concrete)
Barbara Higbie (post-jazz)
Himukalt (concrete)
Shelley Hirsch (vocals)
Ian Holloway (ambient)
Bob Holroyd (world-music)
Anna Homler (vocals)
Michael Harrison (minimalism)
Fritz Hauser (post-jazz)
Paul Horn (post-jazz)
William Hooker (post-jazz)
Wayne Horvitz (post-jazz)
Earl Howard (post-jazz)
Hub (computer music)
John Hudak (concrete)
Naut Humon (concrete)
Brannon Hungness (electroacoustic)
Jerry Hunt (event music)
Lucia Hwong (world-music)
David Hykes (vocals)
Iasos (new age)
If Bwana (concrete)
Giuseppe Ielasi (concrete)
Ryoji Ikeda (minimal noise)
Ilaiyaraaja (world-music)
Illusion Of Safety (concrete)
Tetsu Inoue (ambient)
Robert Iolini (concrete)
Irr. App. (Ext.) (concrete)
Mark Isham (post-jazz)
Terje Isungset (post-jazz)
Vikki Jackman (ambient)
Mia Jang (new age)
Jean-Michele Jarre (new age)
Philip Jeck (turntablist)
Scott Johnson (concrete)
Jliat (droning minimalism)
Tom Johnson (event music)
James Johnson (ambient)
Steve Jolliffe (new age)
Michael Jones (new age)
Jun Yan (computer)
Jason Kahn (post-jazz)
Henry Kaiser (post-jazz)
Eyvind Kang (post-jazz)
Karunesh (new age)
Peter Kater (new age)
Keeler (new age)
Kevin Keller (ambient)
Greg Kelley (post-jazz)
Georgia Kelly (new age)
Jin Hi Kim (post-chamber)
Mari Kimura (post-chamber)
Steve Kindler (new age)
Ben Tavera King (new age)
Leyland Kirby (ambient)
Jacob Kirkegaard (concrete)
Bernd Kistenmacher (cosmic)
Osamu Kitajima (new age)
Kitaro (new age)
Phil Kline (post-chamber)
Guy Klucevsek (post-jazz)
Milan Knizak (collage)
Daniel Kobialka (new age)
Nikola Kodjabashia (post-chamber)
Kol Simcha (world music)
Toshinori Kondo (post-jazz)
Thomas Koner (ambient)
Gregg Kowalsky (ambient)
Tomasz Krakowiak (concrete)
Beaver & Krause (electronic rock)
Bernie Krause (collage)
Lothar Krell (new age)
Ulrich Krieger (concrete)
Christina Kubisch (concrete))
Larry Kucharz (ambient)
Leo Kupper (vocals)
Sergey Kuryokhin (post-jazz)
Joan LaBarbara (vocals)
Eric LaCasa (concrete)
Richard Lainhart (droning minimalism)
Bun-Ching Lam (post-chamber)
Alan Lamb (droning minimalism)
Paul Lansky (computer music)
Klaus Lang (post-chamber)
David Lanz (new age)
Jean-Francois Laporte (deep listening)
Sergio Lara e Joe Reyes (new age)
Laraaji (ambient)
Bill Laswell (ambient)
Mary Jane Leach (minimalism)
Iury Lech (ambient)
Jeanne Lee (vocals)
Riley Lee (world-music)
Kerry Leimer (new age)
Daniel Lentz (minimalism)
Cheryl Leonard (concrete)
Jason Lescalleet (laptop)
Desmond Leslie (concrete)
Lethe (droning minimalism)
Benjamin Lew (post-chamber)
Alan Licht (post-jazz)
Ottmar Liebert (new age)
Joaquin Lievano (new age)
Andrew Liles (musique concrete)
Liquid Mind (ambient)
Rune Lindblad (electroacoustic)
Enzo Minarelli (vocals)
Attilio Mineo (electroacoustic)
Mind-Flux (new age)
Lngtche (ambient)
Annea Lockwood (concrete)
Logos Duo (concrete)
Fred Lonberg-Holm (post-jazz)
Francisco Lopez (concrete)
Joe Colley (concrete)
Alvin Lucier (droning minimalism)
Otto Luening (concrete)
Ralph Lundsten (concrete)
Ray Lynch (new age)

M'lumbo (post-jazz)
Jackson MacLow (event music)
Pierre-Yves Mace (collage)
Tod Machover (post-chamber)
Val Magyar (new age)
Keeril Makan (post-chamber)
Kali Malone (droning minimalism)
Mannheim Steamroller (new age)
Michael Manring (post-jazz)
Lionel Marchetti (concrete)
Walter Marchetti (event music)
Christian Marclay (turntablist)
Denman Maroney (post-jazz)
Ingram Marshall (minimalism)
Salvatore Martirano (post-chamber)
Mike Marshall (post-jazz)
Miya Masaoka (post-jazz)
Stephan Mathieu (concrete)
Kaffe Matthews (concrete)
Peter Maunu (post-jazz)
Richard Maxfield (electroacoustic)
Susan Mazer (new age)
Paul McCandless (post-jazz)
Michael McNabb (computer music)
Lubomyr Melnyk (minimalism)
Daniel Menche (concrete)
Wim Mertens (minimalism)
Stephen Micus (world-music)
Piero Milesi (minimalism)
Robert Millis (concrete)
Mnemonists (concrete)
Mnortham (electroacoustic)
Mokave (post-jazz)
Jar Moff (sound collage)
Meredith Monk (vocals)
Montage (new age)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro (droning minimalism)
Gen Ken Montgomery (concrete)
Montreux (post-jazz)
Moondog (post-chamber)
Stephan Moore (deep listening)
Monos (droning minimalism)
Glen Moore (post-jazz)
Ikue Mori (post-jazz)
Butch Morris (post-jazz)
Charlie Morrow (post-chamber)
David Moss (vocals)
Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece (electronic rock)
Guenter Mueller (post-jazz)
  • Jon Mueller (post-jazz)
    Nico Muhly (minimalism)
    Gordon Mumma (event music)
    Murmer (concrete)
    Brendan Murray (ambient)
    Musica Elettronica Viva (event music)
    Mythos (world-music)
    Wu Na (world music)
    Carlos Nakai (new age)
    Toshimaru Nakamura (glitch)
    Pete Namlook (ambient)
    Andy Narell (post-jazz)
    Mark Nauseef (post-jazz)
    Rachika Nayar (ambient)
    Joseph Nechvatal (concrete)
    Necks (post-jazz)
    Negativland (collage)
    Seth Nehil (electroacoustic)
    Ben Neill (post-jazz)
    Neina (glitch)
    Kenneth Newby (new age)
    Nexus (post-jazz)
    Phill Niblock (droning minimalism)
    Night Ark (new age)
    Nightcrawlers (new age)
    Nightnoise (new age)
    Nimal (post-jazz)
    Nmperign (post-jazz)
    Kristin Norderval (vocals)
    Michael Northam (electroacoustic)
    Alva Noto (glitch)
    Novi_sad (concrete)
    Charles Noyes (post-jazz)
    Michael Nyman (minimalism)
    Patrick O'Hearn (post-jazz)
    Oblivion Ensemble (electroacoustic)
    Yoko Ono (vocals)
    Opafire (world-music)
    Oregon (post-jazz)
    Hans Otte (post-chamber)
    Oval (glitch)
    Pauline Oliveros (droning minimalism)
    Ora (droning minimalism)
    Bob Ostertag (collage)
    John Oswald (collage)
    Dino Pacifici (new age)
    Charlemagne Palestine (minimalism)
    Claudio Parodi (droning minimalism)
    Harry Partch (in progress)
    Pan Sonic (glitch)
    Paul Panhuysen (deep listening)
    Zeena Parkins (post-jazz)
    Bernard Parmegiani (concrete)
    David Parsons (world-music)
    Maggie Payne (electroacoustic)
    Christopher Peacock (new age)
    Jeff Pearce (ambient)
    Robert Pearson (new age)
    Tristan Perich (digital)
    Frank Perry (new age)
    Philip Perkins (concrete)
    Astor Piazzolla (post-chamber)
    Lenny Pickett (post-jazz)
    Andrew Pinches (ambient)
    Dan Plonsey (minimalism)
    Michael Pisaro (post-chamber)
    Michael Pluznick (world-music)
    Larry Polansky (computer music)
    Jocelyn Pook (new age)
    Rod Poole (minimalism)
    Colin Potter (droning minimalism)
    Conrad Praetzel (world-music)
    Bobby Previte (post-jazz)
    Eddie Prevost (post-jazz)
    Kate Price (new age)
    Cole Pulice (post-jazz)
    Radiance (new age)
    Akira Rabelais (minimalism)
    Eliane Radigue (droning minimalism)
    Bhob Rainey (post-jazz)
    Raphael (ambient)
    Giles Reaves (new age)
    Michel Redolfi (concrete)
    Jose Luis Redondo (post-jazz)
    Rick Reed (ambient)
    Steve Reich (minimalism)
    Christian Renou (concrete)
    Jorge Reyes (world-music)
    Roger Reynolds (event music)
    Reynols (concrete)
    Rhythm And Noise (concrete)
    Robert Rich (new age)
    Vicki Richards (new age)
    Max Richter (post-chamber)
    Eric Glick-Rieman (post-jazz)
    Kurt Riemann (new age)
    Terry Riley (minimalism)
    Jean-Claude Risset (concrete)
    RM74 (electroacoustic)
    Steve Roach (new age)
    Hank Roberts (post-jazz)
    Kim Robertson (new age)
    Steve Roden (concrete)
    Matt Rogalsky (droning minimalism)
    Neil Rolnick (electroacoustic)
    Fausto Romitelli (post-chamber)
    Randy Roos (new age)
    Jon Rose (post-jazz)
    Scott Rosenberg (post-jazz)
    David Rosenbloom (post-chamber)
    David Rosenboom (computer music)
    Marina Rosenfeld (turntablist, aleatory)
    Don Ross (new age)
    Gabrielle Roth (new age)
    Ned Rothenberg (post-jazz)
    Claire Rousay (concrete and droning)
    Mikel Rouse (minimalism)
    Keith Rowe (post-jazz)
    Andrew Rudin (electroacoustic)
    Adam Rudolph (world-music)
    Nancy Rumbel (new age)
    Arthur Russell (minimalism)
    Robert Rutman (droning minimalism)
    Frederic Rzewski (event music)
    Joshua Sabin (concrete)
    Sachiko M (post-jazz)
    Tadamitsu Saito (new age)
    Suso Saiz (ambient)
    Philip Samartzis (glitch)
    Ozcan Sarac (noise)
    Somei Satoh (minimalism)
    Paul Sauvanet (new age)
    Nitin Sawhney (new age)
    Helmut Schafer (musique concrete)
    Janek Schaefer (musique concrete)
    Daniel Schell (post-chamber)
    Klaus Schonning (cosmic)
    Michael Schumacher (concrete)
    Klaus Schulze (cosmic)
    Paul Schutze (ambient)
    Stephen Scott (minimalism)
    Secluded Bronte (concrete)
    Jonn Serrie (new age)
    Shadowfax (new age)
    Shahin & Sepehr (new age)
    Stan Shaff (droning minimalism)
    Lakshminarayana Shankar (world-music)
    Elliott Sharp (post-jazz)
    David Shea (turntablist, collage)
    Colin Andrew Sheffield (musique concrete)
    John Shiurba (post-jazz)
    Matt Shoemaker (musique concrete)
    Mark Shreeve (new age)
    Michael Shrieve (post-jazz)
    Budi Siebert (new age)
    16-17 (post-jazz)
    Richard Skelton (post-chamber)
    Don Slepian (new age)
    Denis Smalley (electroacoustic)
    Scott Smallwood (droning minimalism)
    Software (new age)
    Solitaire (new age)
    Laetitia Sonami (live electronic music)
    Spacecraft (new age)
    Chris Speed (post-jazz)
    Paul Speer (new age)
    Chris Spheeris (new age)
    Laurie Spiegel (computer music)
    Robin Spielberg (new age)
    Bruce Stark (new age)
    Jim Staley (post-jazz)
    Michael Stearns (new age)
    Ira Stein & Russel Walder (new age)
    Carl Stone (collage)
    Liz Story (new age)
    Tim Story (new age)
  • Strotter Inst (turntablist)
    Taku Sugimoto (post-jazz)
    Morton Subotnick (concrete)
    Nicholas Szczepanik (droning minimalism)
    Midori Takada (minimalism)
    So Takahashi (ambient noise)
    Masayuki Takayanagi (post-jazz)
    Toru Takemitsu (post-chamber)
    Nobukazu Takemura (minimalism)
    Tarab (electroacoustic)
    Darren Tate (droning minimalism)
  • Tegh (ambient)
    Richard Teitelbaum (post-jazz)
    Roger Tellier-Craig (concrete)
    James Tenney (computer music)
    Terra Ambient (ambient)
    Robert Scott Thompson (ambient)
    Steve Tibbetts (post-jazz)
    Stevan Tickmayer (post-jazz)
    Asmus Tietchens (new age)
    John Tilbury (event music)
    Timet (collage)
    Viktor Timofeev (ambient)
    Eric Tingstad (new age)
    To Live and Shave in LA (concrete)
    Kasper Toeplitz (computer)
    Yasunao Tone (event music)
    David Toop (ambient)
    Rafael Toral (droning minimalism)
    Toshiya Tsunoda (concrete)
    Tonto's Head Band (electronic rock)
    David Torn (post-jazz)
    Ralph Towner (post-jazz)
    Turtle Island String Quartet (post-jazz)
    Artie Traum (post-jazz)
    Stephen Travis Pope (computer)
    Valerio Tricoli (concrete)
    Triosk (post-jazz)
    Tulku (world-music)
    Gene Tyranny (event music)
    Kazuhisa Uchihashi (post-jazz)
    Jakob Ullmann (post-chamber)
    Vladimir Ussachevsky (concrete)
    Jai Uttal (world-music)
    Michael Uyttebroek (new age)
    Mika Vainio (glitch)
    Reinier Van Houdt (concrete)
    Josef Van Wissem
    Chuck Van Zyl (new age)
    Ken Vandermark (post-jazz)
    Vangelis (new age)
    David VanTieghem (post-jazz)
    Christina Vantzou
    Vas (world-music)
    Nana Vasconcelos (post-jazz)
    Glen Velez (post-jazz)
    Giovanni Venosta (concrete)
    Vidna Obmana (ambient)
    Lois Vierk (minimalism)
    Robert Vincs (post-jazz)
    Wayne Vitale (post-ethnic)
    Voice Crack (event music)
    Andreas Vollenweider (new age)
    Carl Michael von Hausswolff (glitch)
    Dimitri Voudouris (electroacoustic)
    Yoshi Wada (minimalism)
    Collin Walcott (post-jazz)
    John Wall (collage)
    Michael Waller (post-chamber)
    Richard Warner (new age)
    Tom Wasinger (new age)
    Bob Wasserman (post-jazz)
    Kit Watkins (ambient)
    Chris Watson (musique concrete)
    David Watson (droning minimalism)
    Wavestar (new age)
    Stuart Weber (new age)
    Carl Weingarten (new age)
    Tim Weisberg (new age)
    Stefan Weisser (concrete)
    Johannes Welsch (droning)
    Michael Whalen (new age)
    Tim Wheater (new age)
    Frances White (post-chamber)
    Keith Whitman (droning minimalism)
    Anne Williams (new age)
    Wind Machine (new age)
    Simon Wickham-Smith (concrete)
    George Winston (new age)
    Paul Winter (post-jazz)
    Wolff & Hennings (world-music)
    Erling Wold (multimedia opera)
    Achim Wollscheid (computer)
    Theresa Wong (post-chamber)
    Nat Wooley (post-jazz)
    Danny Wright (new age)
    Peter Wright (droning minimalism)
    Charles Wuorinen (post-chamber)
    Igor Wakhevitch (electronic rock)
    Bernard Xolotl (new age)
    Stomu Yamashta (post-jazz)
    Yanni (new age)
    Yas-Kaz (new age)
    Otomo Yoshihide (turntablist)
    Hiroshi Yoshimura (ambient)
    LaMonte Young (minimalism)
    Yulara (world)
    Pamela Z (vocals)
    Zanana (post-jazz)
    Frank Zappa (post-jazz)
    Zazen (new age)
    Hector Zazou (post-chamber)
    Marc Zeier (concrete)
    Zero (glitch)
    Zeus Faber (new age)
    Z'ev (concrete)
    ZGA (post-jazz)
    Mariolina Zitta (concrete)
    John Zorn (post-jazz)
    Peter Zummo (post-jazz)

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