Robert Iolini
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Robert Iolini (1960) is an Australian composer who has been active in different kinds of composition and improvisation. His radiophonic operas include Vanunu (1994), City In Between (1999), Edwin Armstrong Malta: In-Land (2001). Some of his works are collected on Electroacoustic, Chamber Ensemble, Soundscapes and Works for Rad (ReR, 2004), that includes Vanunu, City In Between, Edwin Armstrong and the intense collage Anti-Apocalypse; and Songs From Hurt (ReR, 2005). The latter contains Silent Motion and Black Sheep. Silent Motion uses a spoken word narrative (the bad news of the piece), a Neapolitan folk song (played almost literally note by note), industrial rhythm, electronic noise, piano solos, etc. The drawback is that all these elements are sequenced instead of being superimposed. It sounds as if Iolini's music predates the ars nova. Too much talking also wastes the eerie soundscape of Black Sheep, that could be truly mesmerizing otherwise. Basically, Iolini is writing theater, and only incidentally also music. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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