Irr. App. (Ext.)

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An Uncertain Animal Ruptured (1997),
Ozeanische Gefuhle (2001), 7/10
Dust Pincher Appliances (2003) ,
Perekluchenie (2005),
Cosmic Superimposition (2007) , 6.5/10
Kreiselwelle (2009), 7/10

Irr. App. (Ext.) is the project of San Francisco-based electronic/digital composer Matt Waldron (1969).

An Uncertain Animal Ruptured - Tissue Expanding In Conversation (E.i.E., 1997) applied musique concrete to the anarchic, provocative aesthetic of surrealism.

Their Little Bones, Becoming Sharp, Find Repose but Fail to Avoid Worrying a Breach in the Ghostly Skin, the Which Separates That Above from That Below (this being The Last and Final Seal) and Whereupon All Light Evacuated the Furnace. Several Consequences Ensue (E.i.E., 1999) self-released in a limited edition of 100 CDR copies.

The two lengthy suites of Ozeanische Gefuhle (Errata in Excelsis, 2001 - Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2004), recorded in 2001 and starting a trilogy dedicated to Wilhelm Reich, perfected his fusion of field recordings, event music and electronic soundsculpting. Ozeanische Gefhle (42:01) dilutes the sounds of rain and thunder and then architects a droning crescendo that seems bound for apocalyptic intensity but instead ends some 20 minutes later sounding like a sitar being tuned for a raga. From there on it's all downhill, with the sound becoming more and more cryptic, less and less audible, and the sounds of nature reemerging at the rhythm of a tinkling bell and in the wake with of a much more humane accordion-like drone. The Demiurge's Presumption (15:48) begins as a duet between dissonant guitar and rattling percussion against the backdrop of electronic drones, but it mutates into a loud monolithic organ drone littered with glitchy noises.

Dust Pincher Appliances (Crouton, 2003) and Perekluchenie (Beta-Lactam Ring Records, 2005) indulged in parades of demented harmonies.

Cosmic Superimposition (Errata In Excelsis, 2007) contains a 45-minute piece inspired by Wilhelm Reich's 1951 namesake book and obtained by creatively revisiting the material of Ozeanische Gefuhle. Matthew Waldron proves to be one of the most gifted sound collagists of his generation.

Aspiring To An Empty Gesture Vol 1 (Errata In Excelsis, 2008) documents live performances.

Kreiselwelle (Helen Scarsdale Agency, 2009) concludes the Wilhelm Reich trilogy. A new baroque monolith of controlled noise, Kreiselwelle (46 minutes), blends musique concrete, gusty drones, oceanic tides, drilling noise, bubbling electronics, and so forth, an endless sequence of metamorphoses that created one of his most kinetic sound sculptures ever, a merry-go-round of disorienting aural effects, a feast for the trained ears. The tragic tones of the last ten minutes leave the impression that Waldron has been giving the speech of his life. At the end he simply walks out of the door.

Josephine and Elsewhere (Errata in Excelsis, 2010) is a limited-edition live CD.

Skeletal Coupla Remains (Gnarled Forest, 2011) documents a collaboration between Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and Irr App (Ext).

The 20-minute piece of the EP Neognath In Machina (Petit Mal Music) marked a return to Waldron's more ambitious abstract art.

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