Jin Hi Kim
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Korean composer Jin Hi Kim (Korea, 1957) has mixed Korean traditional music and Western chamber or electronic music in her compositions, all inspired to the concept of "Living Tones" ("each tone is alive"). Specializing in the Korean komungo (an ancient kind of zither), she has composed and improvised with both eastern and western musicians.

Some of Jin Hi Kim's chamber compositions are collected on Living Tones (O.O. Disc, 1995), such as Nong Rock (1992) for string quartet and komungo. Duos (For 4 Ears, 1999) are duos with Fredy Studer. A selection Of Jin Hi Kim's solo komungo compositions is available on Komungo (O.O. Disc, 2001).

Most of her recordings are collaborations with protagonists of improvised music. No World Improvisations (O.O. Discs, 1990) collects trios with Joseph Celli and several guests (Adam Plack on didgeridoo, Mor Thiam on African drums, Shelley Hirsch on voice, Alvin Curran on electronics). Sargeng (Earrational, 1991) is a collaboration with Elliott Sharp And Henry Kaiser. No World Improvisations (O.O.Discs, 1990) collects improvised duets with Joseph Celli. No World (Trio) Improvisations (O.O.Discs, 1992) collects trios of Jin Hi Kim, Joseph Celli with Shelley Hirsch, Malcolm Goldstein, Alvin Curran, etc. Circle of Fire (1992) features Mark Izu on bass & shang, James Newton on flute, Lewis Jordan on saxophone, Anthony Brown on percussion. Komunguitar (Nonsequitur, 1994) and Komungo Around The World (Seoul Record, 1995) collect duos with other musicians.

Quagmire is Kim's komungo trio with jazz musicians William Parker (bass) and Oliver Lake (saxophone). Komungo Wuppertal Trio is Kim's komungo trio with guitarist Hans Reichel and accordionist Rudiger Carl. Komungo Muse is Kim's komungo ensemble of 3 komungo players and a drummer. No World Improvisations is a multi-cultural ensemble featuring four virtuosi from Africa (Mor Thiam), Korea (Jin Hi Kim), China (Min Xiao-Fen) and America (Joseph Celli) on traditional instruments and electronic instruments.

An accomplished composer, Kim has also composed Kee Maek (1986) for violin and cello; Linking (1986) for string quartet; Liquid Migration (1990) for viola, cello and piano; Nong Rock (1992) for the quartet and komungo; Piri Quartet (1993) for three piri and oboe; Tchong (1995) for bamboo flute and flutes; Voices of Sigimse (1996) for flute, clarinet, viola, cello, bass, and komungo; Agate Slice (1988) for cello, violin and percussion; Garden of Venus (1999); Eternal Rock (2000) for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trombone, violin, string quartet, Korean komungo, and voice; as well as multimedia works such as the mask dance music theater Dragon Bond Rite (1997) and Dong Dong Touching The Moons.

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