Kevin Keller
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Pendulum (1999), 7.5/10

Kevin Keller is an electronic new-age musician who debuted with The Mask of Memory (Zebra, 1994), reminiscent of both Steve Roach and Harold budd. Intermezzo (Zebra, 1996) was uneven, but Pendulum (Lektronik, 1999), featuring David Darling on cello and Jeff Pearce on guitar, achieved a magical balance of lyrical and cerebral elements. The highlight of the album is the 13-minute Arc Of The Pendulum, a set of ambient undulations that slowly unfolds the magma of interlocking cello and guitar drones and languid piano notes. As the voices of the single instruments become stronger, a strong melodic undercurrent becomes more apparent. The contrast with Hall Of Mirrors, a nebula of ghostly dissonance, couldn't be stronger: the paradisiac mood turns into a psychological nightmare. This segues into the Tibetan-like psychedelic chanting of Awakened, which opens the gate for the 13-minute robotic ballet Invisible Rituals, amid ominous metronomy and mysterious whispers, disorienting instrumental sounds and bouts of electronic winds. The closing, nine-minute Distanced returns to the combination of cosmic, droning guitar and cello against slow piano notes.

Keller also leads the Kevin Keller Trio, with cellist Tania Simoncelli and bassist Mark Fassett, that released Across the Sky (Southern Fried, 2002).

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