Nikola Kodjabashia

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Macedonian-born and British-based pianist and composer Nikola Kodjabashia (1970) operates at the junction of orchestral, electronic and "concrete" music. His career began with the electronic suite Die Hamletmaschine (1997) but he soon turned to orchestral music with Sinphonia (1998) and Hymn (1998). The electroacoustic phase yieled Yellow Sostenuto (1999) for chamber ensemble and electronics, and the (unfinished) opera Explosion of a Memory (2000) for singers, actor, dancer, orchestra and live electronics. Besides chamber music such as Ludus Gothicus (2001) for violin and piano and Gaudi's bed (2001) for seven strings, Kodjabashia returned to score for the full orchestra with the piano concerto Neuromancer (2001), the symphonic poem Bildbeschreibung (2001) and the choral Single Will (2002). The Birds (2002) for percussion, ethnic instruments and electronics opened a new front of eclectic fusion.

He designed a highbrow version of world-music on Reveries of the Solitary Walker (ReR, 2004), a cycle of nine songs for chamber ensemble based on a traditional Byzantine chant. The Most of Now (ReR, 2008) is a 17-movement instrumental suite for chamber ensemble that indulges in danceable easy-listening world-music, evoking the Penguin Cafè Orchestra with a drum machine. digital exotic lounge music (1) to solo piano meditations to minimalist arias with Mitteleuropean overtones (8) to melancholy orchestral preludes (13) to orchestral new-age music (14) to melodramatic film music (16).

The Most of Now (ReR, 2008) was another work fragmented in surreal vignettes that ran the gamut from remixed folk music to atonal chamber music.

Explosion of a Memory (ReR, 2010) collects more ambitious and extended compositions: Bildbeschreibung (2001), that sets a Stravinsky-ian melody (played by the winds with funereal pomp) in an expressionist atmosphere further corroded by minimalist repetition and booming percussion; Secular Gothic / Neuromancer (2004), a sea of languid drones; Explosion of a Memory (2008), a percussion concerto that exudes joyous gamelan-like childishness and soaring horn fanfares only to end in tragic overtones.

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