Christina Kubisch
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Christina Kubisch (Bremen, 1948), educated in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is a composer of concrete, acoustic and electronic music, mainly for multimedia installations. Since they are part of the installation, they don't translate well into recordings.

Early works (often collaborations with Fabrizio Plessi) included: Two And Two (Multhipla, 1977 - Ampersand, 2001), a live multimedia performance; Tempo Liquido (Cramps, 1979 - Ampersand, 2002), a minimalist/concrete piece a` la LaMonte Young, perhaps her most original and significant work; On Air (Melania, 1984), for voice flute and electronics; Iter Magneticum (Galerie Giannozzo, 1986), for iron and glass sculptures; the electronic poem Ocigam Trazom; ROM for flute, didJeridoo, shells, voice, electronics; Night Flight (ADN, 1987), containing three lengthy pieces; etc.

When she returned to recording, she failed to introduce new elements but refined the ideas she had been working on all her life on Sechs Spiegel (Edition RZ, 1994), again a minimalist piece a` la LaMonte Young; Dreaming of a Major Third (Edition RZ, 1998), from droning churchbells; Vier Stuecke (Edition RZ, 2000); Diapason (Semishigure, 2002), for 15 tuning forks; Armonica (Semishigure, 2005), for glass harmonica; etc.

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