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French concrete composer Eric La Casa debuted with Syllyk's trilogy of O Comme Icare (Musica Maxima Magnetica, 1992), containing the 27-minute Le Sacrifice, the 19-minute Terre Ciel Soleil Feu (1992), released on Frontieres (Legende des Voix, 1992), and the 66-minute piece of Ascendre A L'Ombre Du Vent (Legende Des Voix, 1996): an ambitious collage of field recordings that centers on a mythological theme (a collaboration with Sylvie Laroche). Syllyk also released Ouroboros 3-4-5, one of the three pieces by him on the split album Otherwise (Digital Narcis, 1996), and the ten-minute Le Temps des Soupirs (1996), released on a split EP.

Under his own name, La Casa released Mille et Trois Souffles d'Ecorce (1997) and L'Empreinte de L'Ivresse (Digital Narcis, 1999), another ambitious fresco of human life and possibly his masterpiece.

The Stones of the Threshold (Ground Fault, 1999) and Les Pierres du Seuil, Pt 4-7 (Edition, 2000) are notable for the seven-movement suite Stones of the Threshold of field recordings (1-3 on the former, 4-7 on the latter). The former also includes Chrysalithe for natural sounds and percussion instruments.

La Casa is also a member of the musique concrete ensemble Afflux with Jean-Luc Guionnet and Eric Cordier, that have released Azier St. Martin-Sur-Mer Dieppe (Edition, 2002) and Bouquetot, Autoroute A13/ Paris, Gare de Lyon/ Port-Jerome, Raffinerie (Ground Fault, 2003), both focusing on improvisation with environmental sounds as they occur in an open landscape.

Nuees (Rurart, 2004), the soundtrack for an art exhibition, contains music for whispers and music for the ingredients used to build the sculptures.

Air Ratio (2006) used air currents inside famous buildings as the source for sculpting droning noise (not his most original idea).

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