Liquid Mind

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Ambience Minimus , 7.5/10
Slow World , 6/10
Balance , 6/10
Unity , 7/10
Ambience Minimus (Real Music, 1994)
Slow World (Real Music, 1996)
Liquid Mind III: Balance (Real Music, 1999)
Liquid Mind IV: Unity (Real Music, 2000)
Liquid Mind V: Serenity (Real Music, 2001)
Liquid Mind VI: Spirit (Real Music, 2003)
Liquid Mind VII: Reflection (Real Music, 2004)
Liquid Mind VIII: Sleep (Real Music, 2006)
Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience (Real Music, 2007)
Liquid Mind IX: Lullaby (Real Music, 2009)
Dream: A Liquid Mind Experience (Real Music, 2011)
Liquid Mind X: Meditation (Real Music, 2012)
Liquid Mind: Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes (Real Music, 2014)
Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep (Real Music, 2016)

Liquid Mind is the project of Chuck Wild, a Los Angeles composer who was a former partner of Patrick O'Hearn in the rock band Missing Persons and wrote a few television soundtracks as well.

Ambience Minimus (Chuck Wild, 1994) is a sophisticated work of ambient music. Zero Degrees Zero is a slowly revolving impressionistic painting that intersects Klaus Schulze's galactic soundscapes and Harold Budd's ethereal filigrees. The 28-minute symphonic poem relies on memorable melodies, although they are barely: slowed down like in a time warp, they decompose in celestial chimes, echoes of angels, breathing of nebulae.
The album includes three 12-minute pieces as well. Whisperchill is even softer, the melodies even more heavenly, the pace even slower. That supreme stasis of that track and of the following Liquid Mind flows into the majestic slumber of Shadows Of White, a fairy tale sculpted in snow. Again, melodies overflow, but the heartbeat has been stopped, and one hardly realizes how much this music owes to romantic symphonies and Morricone soundtracks.

After a worthy follow-up, Slow World (Chuck Wild, 1996), Wild seemed to abandon the project (the 30-minute Slow World almost marking a saturation point of that celestial, neo-classical genre),
Mirror Veil 16:54
Blue Seven 12:40
Slow World 29:04

but then he returned with two albums that resume the journey from where it was interrupted: Balance (Chuck Wild, 1999)
Lullaby For Grownups 5:20
Laguna Indigo 18:27
Timeless and Tender 11:50
Dream Messenger 13:45
Balance 6:41

the neo-classical Unity (Chuck Wild, 2000), with the new tour de force of Society Of Dreams. Strings and woodwinds float, multiply, merge. It is as if an entire repertory of "adagios" was being played in slow motion and out of sync by an orchestra of orchestras.
Tracks: 01. Unity 02. From The Silence 03. Gold In The Shadows 04. Society of Dreams 05. Wrap Me In Your Love 06. Take Me Tenderly

Serenity (2001)

Spirit (2003)

Reflection (2004)

Sleep (2006)

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