Logos Duo
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Logos Duo is Belgian multi-instrumentalists Godfried-Willem Raes and Moniek Darge, who have been composing and performing together since 1969. Their recordings include: Integratie (1973), For Grooves (1979), Composition/Improvisation (Wallonia, 1982), Murphy (1989), Mighty Risen Plea (Sacred Frame, 1991), plus Raes' Bellenorgel (1979) and Pneumafoon (1986) and Darge's Sounds of Sacred Places (1986).

The pieces on Logos Works (XI, 1995) employ different ensembles, sometimes natural sounds and sometimes the computer. Percussions and electronics compete for the front seat (the dialectics being particularly challenging in Darge's Man-Mo). Exotic influences abound (Raes' Shifts), but are hard to pin down. Their incursion into dissonant chamber music (Raes' Fuga Memento and Fuga Otto Nove) is inventive and elegant. A broad palette of performing techniques ensures a multiplicity of perspectives that is rare among practicioners of musique concrete.

This anthology was followed by Darge's Cyclic (1998) and the duo's 2 Gather (2003).

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