Keeril Makan

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Boston-based composer Keeril Makan (1972) was first documented on record by In Sound (Tzadik, 2008).

Target (Starkland, 2011) is titled after the five-movement chamber lied Target (2004), but the real highlights are elsewhere. The 17-minute 2 (1998) for violin and percussion displays machine-like precision and coldness in the way it sets in motion its minimalist repetition of metallic timbres and then injects frenzied and passional violin figures. The 29-minute Resonance Alloy (2007) for percussion sounds like rain dripping on metallic sheets until it dissolves into blurred noise. Zones d'accord (2002) for solo cello Target: Twister Target: Leaflet I Target: PsyOps: Know Your Target Target: Leaflet II Target: Twister II

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