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English live sampling performer and laptop performer (and violinist) Kaffe Matthews (1961) specializes in droning compositions that are layered to the point of becoming dense mobile textures. Her music is fundamentally "live" as it relies on her manipulating the music itself at her laptop.

She released two albums, cd Ann (Annette Works, 1997) and Cd Bea (Annette Works, 1999) of droning music that was based on the sound of violin, processed and mixed until it became pure sound. They basically reinvented concrete music for the age of the laptop computer and live interaction. But they were fragmented and sounded more like essays or demonstrations of what Matthews had in mind.

CD Cecile (Annette Works, 1999) employed "glitch" noises as sources and achieved a more dramatic pathos, but was still made up of many short pieces.

Pointy Stunt (Audioview, 2000) is the product of a collaboration with Hayley Newman (he was connected by sensors to her machines).

Subsequent solo CDs were titled with words starting with letters in alphabetical sequence ("a", "b",...). Cd Dd (Annette Works, 2001) documents three live performances from 1998 and 1999, including her last work for violin, The Last Of The Violins (1999).

In Case of Fire Take the Stairs (IMJ, 2002) is a live laptop collaboration with Andrea Neumann and Sachiko M: the three women concoct otherworldly atmospheres that build up and evolve slowly but eventually explore a broad range of frequencies and intensity.

Locks (Unsounds, 2002) is a collaboration with guitarist Andy Moor (of the Ex).

Her fifth (and sixth) proper recording, the double-disc Cd Eb And Flo (Annette Works, 2003), used a theremin and its feedback in a room to compose two lengthy suites that, as the title implies, ebb and flow (but often don't change at all).

Lappetites' Before The Libretto (Quecksilber, 2005) was a collaboration among Elaine Radigue (France), Kaffe Matthews (Britain), Ryoko Kuwajima (Japan), and Antye Greie-Fuchs (Germany), basically a multinational laptop quartet ranging in age from the 70-year old Radigue to the Japanese teenager. The original quartet of 2001 featured Kaffe Matthews, Ikue Mori, Zeena Parkins and Marina Rosenfeld.

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