Gen Ken Montgomery
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Gen Ken Montgomery (USA, 1957) was a pioneer of independent noise/concrete music with the cassettes: Gen Ken & Equipment (1981), Kalckreuth Keks (1986), Beatmusik (1987), Stepping through Rooms (1987), The One Sided Triangle (1987), Drilling Holes in the Wall (1989 - Monochrome Vision, 2010), containing a 30-minute suite which represents one of his aesthetic peaks, Endogeny (Direction Music, 1990), OnomAtopiA meccCANIcA (1990), Mall Muzak (1992), The Beat of The Refrigerator (1994), etc.

Other recordings appear on Greatest Hits (De Fabriek, 1985), Beyond My Ken (Esplendor Geometrico, 1989), Keystone Model CC 16 (State of The Union, 1992), The Sound of Lamination (Firework Editions, 1999), Wake Up - Because Tomorrow Comes (1999), the 4 CDR set Droneskipclickloop (Generator Sound Art, 2001), Slice of Life (A.T.M.O.T.W., 2003).

The double-disc Pondfloorsample (XI, 2002) is a selection of his works, including the 31-minute environmental noise symphony Father Demo Swears (1989), possibly his masterpiece, a terror-inducing wall of noise for amplified violin, voice, street noise and (massive) feedback; a 52-minute live improvised performance of Droneskipclickloop (1998), and the 19-minute Aquarium Fishtank Symphony, also improvised.

Gen Ken Montgomery and Conrad Schnitzler collaborated for the music that was released on CONGEN (1988) and GenCon Duets (GD Stereo, 2013), originally recorded in 1996.

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