Brendan Murray

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Massachusetts-based electronic composer Brendan Murray makes blissed-out ambient music of shifting drones via a pointillistic and layered approach. After the tentative Not Now (::create.transmit.records::, 2001) and Animation (Naninani, 2004), he gave his major works with the 41-minute piece of Everybody Wants The Tide (Audiobot, 2006) and the 49-minute piece of Commonwealth (23five, 2008).

Due Locations (Long Long Chaney, 2007) is a cassette release.

Resting Places (Sedimental, 2005) and Wonders Never Cease (Intransitive, 2006) document live performances.

Sillage (Sedimental, 2007) is a collaboration with Seth Nehil. Of Distance (Unframed, 2009) is a collaboration with painter and photographer Richard Garet.

Brendan Murray (Students Of Decay, 2009) juxtaposes (droning) ambient music and elements of industrial music.

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