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Mnortham, Michael Northam's project, who had debuted with An Opening Of The Earth (september 1991), a collaboration with Martin Franklin, and Post-Squared-Circle Sketches (april 1992), was the virtuoso of the technique of digitally manipulating field recordings, producing dense aggregate of sound from the tiniest and slightest of sources. His first demonstration, the 30-minute piece of Many Rivers Move Along The Surface Of The Magnet (1995), was the manifesto of the entire Texas school. Also influential were his two collaborations with John Grzinich: The Stomach Of The Sky (1997) and The Absurd Evidence (1998). Mnortham's essays on how to acoustically reconfigure the environment picked up speed with the 21-minute piece of Breathing Towers (2000), the three extended compositions of Coyot (2001), the three extended compositions of From Within The Solar Cave (Absurd, 2001), the 54-minute "raga" of A Great And Riverless Ocean (Mystery Sea, 2002), the three extended compositions of Molt And Anecdote (S'Agita, 2003), the four-movement Memories Of Four Discarded Objects (2004), the two-movement Porous (september 2001 - Sound Mirror, 2004), the 20-minute piece of Molecular Knot Phase One (2006), the three extended compositions of Automnal 2003 (2006).

Other recordings include: Ground (may 1992), with Francisco Lopez, Belle Confusion 0247 (1998), Andapa Garden (may 2003) with Judith Egger, Live Sound Action In Bains - Connectives (april 2006) with Martin Janicek, The Otolith (recorded between 2003 and 2006) with Loren Chasse, etc

Moriendo Renascor (may 2004) was a collaboration with Seijiro Murayama.

The EP Suhira (Substantia Innominata, 2009) is dedicated to the sound of wind.

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