Charles Noyes

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Krentz Ratings:
Free Mammals (1980), 7/10
The World and the Raw People (1983), 5.5/10
Full Stop (2001), 5.5/10
Ninja Star Danger Rock (2011), 5.5/10

New York-based percussionist Charles Noyes delighted the audience of free improvised music with Free Mammals (recorded in june 1979 - Visible, 1980) that contains several cacophonous works. The 16-minute The Girl Mad About Honey features a quartet with two guitarists (Henry Kaiser and Oscar Maercks) and a pianist (Greg Goodman). Terminal Documents and the shorter pieces are duets with a guitarist (Oscar Maercks).

The World And The Raw People (august 1982 - Zoar, 1983) collects solos and duets with saxophonist John Zorn, trumpet player Lesli Dalaba, and guitarist Henry Kaiser. The longer pieces are Charge The Enemy To The Last Breath with Dalaba and The Tsuchigumi Five-Wheel Technique Vs. The Seagull School with Kaiser, but the shorter ones, like Augury with Noyes on saw and John Zorn on saxophone and clarinet , Sweat Bees with Dalaba are no less anarchic, noisy and dadaistic. then his solo War Of Attrition. Kaiser is also employed for Strait Of Hormuz and Probable Flow Of Events, and the latter is one of Kaiser's best performances, hypnotic despite being childishly atonal.

Then he disappeared for almost 20 years.

Full Stop (Ecstatic Peace, 2001) collects works from the last decade that document Noyes' study of abstract soundscapes.

The trio Henry Kaiser, Charles Noyes and Weasel Walter recorded the live Ninja Star Danger Rock (2011).

Crimes In High Places (ZOaR, 2020) contains the 19-minute That Trick With Mirrors.

Besotted (april 2021) collect duets between Charles Noyes on electric guitar and Elliott Sharp on analog synths, soprano sax, bass clarinet, triple-course bass pantar and arches h-line.

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