Maggi Payne
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Flutist, video artist, filmmaker and composer Maggi Payne (1945) was the director (since 1992) of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in Oakland. Crystal (Lovely Music, 1986) was her first collection of electroacoustic works: the slow-motion organic matter of Crystal (1982), the "cosmic" hisses of Solar Wind (1983), the vortex of breathing and whispers of Ahh-Ahh (1987, an excerpt from her opera Queue The Lizards), the harrowing and claustrophobic electronica of Subterranean Network (1985), the lugubrious Phase Transitions (1989), etc.

The Extended Flute (CRI, 1999) contains three compositions (HUM, Confluence, Inflections) plus her interpretations of works by other composers.

Desertscapes is scored for two spatially separated a capella women's choirs.

Ahh-Ahh (Root Strata, 2012) compiles the live interactive computer music "composed" for a collaboration with video artist Ed Tannebaum in 1984-87.

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