Jeff Pearce

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Indiana-based ambient guitarist Jeff Pearce produced the oneiric atmospheres of Tenderness and Fatality (Windchime, 1993) by processing and overdubbing melodic themes played on the electric guitar. The effect is similar to listening to several Mike Oldfield melodies played in the same room but slightly out of synch.

Pearce abandoned that pastoral mood and embraced a more intense style with the layers and layers of electronically-processed guitar that compose The Hidden Rift (Ancient Sun, 1996), in particular its 20-minute long title-track.

Vestiges (Pearce, 1998) basically repeated the same idea.

Daylight Slowly (Hypnos, 1998) collects leftover tracks from the previous two albums.

After True Stories (Mirage, 1999), a collaboration with Vidna Obmana, Pearce delivered his most ambitious work, the eleven vignettes of To the Shores of Heaven (Hypnos, 2000).

The Light Beyond (Hypnos, 2001), i.e. the 44-minute A Farther Shore which makes up most of it, fully displayed the melodic gift of the artist, which had been imprisoned in his baroque architectures.

Bleed (Hypnos, 2002) is more formulaic, as if the artist was ready to move on to a new style.

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