Robert Pearson
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Robert (R.S.) Pearson is a Seattle-based writer, philosopher and composer who has released a number of independent cassettes starting with Joseph Cornell's Television Show (1984), when he was part of Seattle's industrial scene.

After abstract recordings such as The Manhattan of Heaven (1985) and Cartoon Wheel (1985), he abandoned music for a while. When he returned, he focused on melodic electronic improvisation: Silver Sister Hippie Fields (Regenerative, 2000), Eleven London Bridges (Regenerative, 2000), External Omnipotent Moments (2001), Enchantment Born of Grace (2002), Antiquity (Oars, 2002), Purple Martin Morning (2003).

Antiquity (Oars, 2002) contains instrumental Brian Eno-esque vignettes. Pearson employs a "watery" style that creates a neutral atmosphere. The best moments (such as World's Tiled Fountain and Figuring Out A Mixed Blessing) are fibrillating structures that indulge in geometric patterns.

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