Michael Pisaro

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Los Angeles-based composer Michael Pisaro, a member of the Wandelweiser collective (whose mission is to incorporate silence in music), released music in very different styles: Mind Is Moving I (2001), the four-disc set of urban field recordings Transparent City vol 1-4 (2007), the double-disc An Unrhymed Chord (2008) Hearing Metal 1 (2009), a "four-part chorale of bowed sounds with a melody made up of long sine tones buried in the sounds", Fields Have Ears (2010), that collects chamber music, A Wave And Waves 2010), composed in 2007, Tombstones (2012), that contains chamber and vocal music (Julia Holter on harmonium and vocals), Crosshatches (2012), a collaboration with Toshiya Tsunoda, and the triple-disc Continuum Unbound (2014), that, besides field recordings, includes Anabasis, a composition in 72 parts for a wildly eccentric electroacoustic ensemble. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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