President's Breakfast
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President's Breakfast, based in San Francisco, plays an insane fusion of dub, funk, hip-hop, jazz and Edgar Varese. Their music is both swinging, rhythmic and collagistic. Led by drummer, composer and sampler technician Click Dark, the ensemble (between five and twelve members) debuted with President's Breakfrast (1989) and tracks such as They Defy Gravity performed by the line-up of Click Dark, Rinde Eckert, Marc Culbertson, Pamela Z, Jim Campilongo, Hegasaurus, Ed Herrmann, Brian Mclauglin, Brian Mitchell, Gonzalo Paz, Nate Pitts, Steve Rupenthal, Tom Valdez, Jimmy DeWash, Francis Wong.

Doo Process (Disclexia, 1995) refined the process, adding more fractured rhythms and funky touches to Gank Dub, Sounds Spectacular, the sample-heavy No Lie, the free-form [C]. III C (Disclexia, 2001) is a work more oriented towards funk and jazz music.

Bar B Que Dali's Wood Squares (Disclexia, 1995) is the quintet of drummer Click Dark, pianist Dred Scott, bassist Nate Pitts, guitarist Will Bernard and clarinetist Don Byron performing three structured compositions and chaotic live improvisations.

Dark changed name to Moe Dark when he stepped up to the mike. Pretty much the same crowd as President's Breakfast plus Pamela Z show up on Love Posse's McGarrett Is A Verb.

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