Kate Price
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Hungry Moon (#, 1984)
Dreams Of Annyfn (#, 1985)
Not Far From Here (#, 1987)
Unquiet Dreams (#, 1989)
Belaich An Dorain (#, 1991)
The Time Between (Priceless Productions, 1993) (Access, 1993) ***
Deep Heart's Core (Priceless Productions, 1995) (Higher Octave, 1997) *
The Isle Of Dreaming (Omtown, 2000)

Celtic contralto Kate Price has progressed from being a soundalike of Loreena McKennitt (with the addition of hammered dulcimer and piano, her favorite instruments) to being a sophisticated arranger of jazz and ethnic arias in a Celtic context. The Time Between (Priceless, 1993) contains six gentle and humble psalms, vaguely inspired by Celtic ballads. Peaceweaver is the plaintive core of the cycle, while The Lady And The Eagle indulges in the usual appeal of ancestral ballads that has been in vogue since Donovan. In addition, four instrumentals display her skills at fusing musical traditions from different cultures: Slavic Nights (for violin, accordion and hammered dulcimer), the neoclassical Death Of The Queen (violin, recorded, piano), Tango of the Flowers (guitar, violin, hammered dulcimer, percussion) and SilverHeart (a renaissance-like duet between hammered dulcimer and guitar) add a deeply romantic vein that transcends any ethnic connotation and represent the most impressive achievement of Kate Price.

Deep Heart's Core (Priceless, 1995) is a much more conventional collection of Celtic songs. Indian instruments in Labyrinth or the Slavic-inflected Rest Sweet Nymphs are not enough to redeem the overall blandness. As usual the instrumentals steal the show, but this time there are only four, and only three are originals (Rio Del Corazon, Place Of Spirit, Temple of the Wind) and none is truly inspired.

The Isle Of Dreaming (Omtown, 2000) is scored for cello, guitar, harp, sitar, tabla, oboe, English horn.

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