Cole Pulice

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Gloam (2020) , 6/10
To Live & Die in Space & Time (2022), 6.5/10
Strawberry Roan (2022), 5/10
Scry (2022), 6/10

Minneapolis-based saxophonist Cole Pulice played baritone saxophone for the nine-piece Black Market Brass (Jared Jarvis on tenor saxophone, Sam Harvey-Carlson on keyboards, Hans Kruger and Mitch Sigurdson on guitars, trombone, trumpet, bass and several percussionists), an Afro-funk band that recorded Cheat and Start a Fight (2016) and Undying Thirst (2020), containing the ten-minute So Who – Pt 1 & 2. Pulice was also a member of LCM that released Signal Quest (2020).

Pulice debuted solo with Gloam (2020), which contains experiments in different styles: the cacophonous Neurochrome, the barely audible Arc of Shadows, the languid loops of Sleep Helix, etc. Best are the somnolent drones and spiraling sax phrases of Bone Prisms.

The mini-album To Live & Die in Space & Time (2022) was a collaboration with• Lynn Avery, a pianist also from Minneapolis who had recorded as Iceblink the albums Iceblink (2018) and Carpet Cocoon (2020). Now residing in Oakland, the couple penned four meditative pieces, notably the 12-minute The Sunken Cabin for saxophone, piano and electronics.

The seven-song mini-album Strawberry Roan (2022), a collaboration with synth-man Nat Harvie, borders on new-age music.

Pulice recorded a second solo album (or, better, mini-album), Scry (2022), recorded between 2019 and 2022, his most electronic work yet, on which his electronic saxophone sounds like a keyboard. Astral Cowpoke, halfway between Harold Budd's delicate filigrees and Jon Hassell's fourth-world music, is the standout. Scry is a fragile jazz lullaby.

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