Roger Eno
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British pianist Roger Eno (1959), Brian Eno's younger brother, debuter under the influence of Erik Satie with the impressionistic piano music of Voices (Editions Eg, 1985). Then he expanded his palette with the chamber music of Between Tides (Opal, 1988).

A song-oriented collaboration with vocalist and oboe player Kate St John, The Familiar (All Saints, 1992 - Gyroscope 1993), inspired Lost In Translation (Gyroscope, 1994), on which he sang and improvised.

Roger Eno also recorded with Kate St John, Bill Nelson, Laraaji, Mayumi Tachibana under the moniker Channel Light Vessel two albums at the border between classical, jazz and prog-rock: Automatic (Gyroscope, 1994) and Excellent Spirits (Gyroscope, 1996).

Eno's other collaborations include: Islands (Sine, 1995), with Laraaji, Damage (All Saints, 1999), with Lol Hammond, The Appointed Hour (Tone Casualties, 2003), with Peter Hammill.

The Harmonia Ensemble performed his compositions on In A Room (Materiali Sonori, 1993).

Keen-O's Nobody Knows How And Why (Materiali Sonori, 2002) is a collaboration between Roger Eno and Pierluigi Andreoni.

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