Neil Rolnick
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New York-based composer Neil Rolnick (Texas, 1947) debuted with Solos (1750 Arch, 1984): Ever-livin' Rhythm, Wondrous Love, Blowing, and Loopy.

A La Mode & Real Time (CRI, 1987) contains A La Mode & Real Time, for Neil Rolnick on digital synthesizers and ensemble.

ElectriCity (O.O. Disks, 1992) collects electroacoustic chamber works for ensemble, synthesizer, sampler and digital processing: the solo flute piece Blowing, Wondrous Love (George Lewis on trombone dueting with a computer tape that provides the music for the ensemble to improvise on) and Ever-livin' Rhythm.

Macedonian AirDrumming (Bridge, 1992) collects computer music: Macedonian AirDrumming (whose source is samples of Macedonian folk music, first processed electronically and then reconfigured as rhythmic patterns), Balkanization, Sanctus, ReRebong.

Requiem Songs & Screen Scenes (Albany, 1996) includes Requiem Songs, a cycle of ten songs for percussion, violin and sampler, and Screen Scenes, a computer-processed improvisation for violin, woodwinds, synthesizer, bass and percussion.

Fish Love That (Deep Listening, 2003), the name of his improvising ensemble, contains Rolnick's Calypso, Ratchet and Hush.

He has also composed the multimedia piece Home Game (1995) for actors, instruments, video and computer; the "opera" The Rise and Fall of Isabella Rico (2001); The Shadow Quartet (2004) for string quartet and interactive computer system; etc.

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