Marina Rosenfeld

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New York-based turntablist, performance and multimedia artist Marina Rosenfeld (USA, 1968) was emblematic of artists who used music as an element within a larger representational space.

In 1994 she formed the Sheer Frost Orchestra, a 17-woman ensemble for 12 electric guitars plucked with nail-polish bottles (usually while the women were lying in uncomfortable positions) and 5 laptops (that manipulate the sounds produced by the 12 guitarists), as documented on Drop, Hop, Drone, Scratch, Slide &A for Anything (april 2001 - Charhizma, 2002).

Theforestthegardenthesea - Music From Fragment Opera (Charhizma, 1999) consisted of two jams for turntable and other instruments.

A Water's Wake (Quakebasket, 2003) was a collaboration with Toshio Kajiwara and Tim Barnes.

More music for turntables is documented on Joy of Fear (2005).

Audio installations include: Cephissus Landscape (2002), Anti-Warhol Movement in 16 Cues (2003), and Teenage Lontano, i.e. Ligeti's Lontano sung by teenagers listening into their iPods within a performance of Rosenfeld music. The visual and scenic elements tended to prevail over the audio element.

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