Don Ross
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Bearing Straight (Duke Street, 1986)
Don Ross (Duke Street,
Three Hands (Duke Street,
This Dragon Won't Sleep (Sony, 1995)
Wintertide (Sony, 1996) Christmas album
Loaded Leather Moonroof (Sony, 1997)
Passion Session (Narada, 1999)
Huron Street (Narada, 2001) rerecorded versions of his old songs
Robot Monster (Narada, 2003)

Don Ross is one of Canada's premier acoustic guitarists. He uses the guitar to produce both melody and accompaniment. Passion Session (Narada, 1999) displays his breathtaking technique and a neutral style (hardly related to blues, country, classical or anything else). In playful vignettes such as Klimbim and First Ride he sounds like a more serious Leo Kottke, but the propulsive Tight Trite Night and Michael highlight a more virulent energy. (Translation by/ Tradotto da xxx)

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