Andrew Rudin

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Andrew Rudin was influenced by Pierre Schaeffer's musique concrete, Karlheinz Stockhausen's electronic music, Vladimir Ussachevsky's and Otto Luening's tape music, and John Cage's chance music. In 1963 he entered the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where he commissioned Bob Moog to build a large-scale electronic music studio. That's where he composed his abstract opera Il Giuoco (1966) for Moog synthesizer and the four-movement symphony Tragoedia (1968).

Rudin also composed: the ballet Lumina; The Innocent (1972), an opera for voices, orchestral instruments and electronics; Ballade (1991) for horn and percussion; the ballet Chiaroscuro (1992); a violin concerto (2007), Trilogy (2007) for string orchestra, a Concerto for Piano & Small Orchestra (2008), a piano sonata, two sonatas for violin and piano, a sonata for viola and piano, Circadia for violin, cello and piano, and a concerto for viola, strings, harp, piano and percussion.

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