Somei Satoh
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The music of Japanese pianist and composer Somei Satoh (1947) is, first and foremost, a spiritual experience. Second, it resembles the repetitive techniques developed in the 1960s by American minimalists. A typical composition of his early stage is Litania (1973) for pianos, soprano, percussion, violin, documented on Litania (New Albion, 1988).

Mantra/ Stabat Mater (New Albion, 1988) contains two pieces for vocals and electronics: Mantra (1986) and Stabat Mater (1987).

Toward the Night (New Albion, 1993) contains Homa (1988), Ruika (1990) and Toward the Night for string ensemble and soprano. By this time, Satoh had greatly expanded his structures and introduced a stronger melodic element into his music.

Sun Moon (New Albion, 1994) contains three works for shakuhachi and koto: Kaze No Kyoku (Wind) (1979), Kougetsu (Moon) (1990), Sanyo (Sun) (1991).

Mandara Trilogy (New Albion, 1998) collects three three works for voice and electronics: Mandara (1982), Mantra (1986) and Tantra (1990).

Other compositions include: Toki No Mon/ A Gate Into Infinity (1988), Miserere (1990), Kisetsu (1999) for large orchestra.

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