Mark Shreeve
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Ursa Major (Mirage, 1980) cassette
Embryo (Mirage, 1980) cassette
Phantom (???, 1980)
Firemusic (???, 1981)
Thoughts of War (Union, 1981)
Assassin (Union, 1983 - Jive, 1984)
Legion (Jive, 1985), reissued as Oracle (1988), 6.5/10
Crash Head (Jive, 1988)
Energy Fountain (???, 1987)
Riding the Edge (???, 1989)
Powerhouse (???, 1990)
Pulsar (???, 1991)
Nocturne (Sonic Images, 1995)
Collides (???, 1996) with Julian Shreeve
Ride The Lightning (???, ???)
Redshift (Champagne Lake Productions, 1997)
Redshift: Ether (Champagne Lake Productions, 1998)
Redshift: Down Time (Champagne Lake Productions, 1999)
Redshift: Siren (Champagne Lake Productions, 2002)

Mark Shreeve is a British pioneer of melodic electronic music. He debuted with the cassettes Ursa Major (1980), Embryo (1980), Phantom (1980), Firemusic (1981).

His first major works were Thoughts of War (Union, 1981) and the three lengthy suites (particularly System Six) of Assassin (Union, 1983 - Jive, 1984), clearly influenced by mid-period Tangerine Dream; but his most original work was Legion (Jive, 1985), that displayed an almost hard-rock emphasis. Crash Head (Jive, 1988) refined the idea. These two works of electronic rock would remain Shreeve's most consistent contribution to the electronic genre.

Arc is a collaboration with Ian Boddy that yielded Radio Sputnik.

From his private collection of unreleased material, Shreeve derived the material for the albums Energy Fountain (1987), Riding the Edge (1989), Powerhouse (1990), Pulsar (1991).

After Nocturne (Sonic Images, 1995), the last album in the traditional Tangerine Dream vein, Ride The Lightning and Collides (1996), a live album with Julian Shreeve which reinterprets some of his classics, Mark Shreeve formed Redshift with Rob Jenkins (guitar) James Goddard (synths) Julian Shreeve (synths). They released works that are closer to the ambient aesthetic: Redshift (Champagne Lake Productions, 1997) , Ether (Champagne Lake Productions, 1998) , Down Time (Champagne Lake Productions, 1999) , Siren (Champagne Lake Productions, 2002).

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