Nicholas Szczepanik

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Chicago-based composer Nicolas Szczepanik assembled complex architectures of drones in the five-movement Dull In Color (200mg, 2007), while Astilbe Rubra (Small Doses, 2008) felt like a collection of random experiments. After the transitional The Chiasmus (2009), his droning techniques were refined on Dear Dad (Basses Frequences, 2010), his most intimate droning symphony, the 47-minute piece of Please Stop Loving Me (2011), The Truth Of Transience (Isounderscore, 2012), his most lively composition yet, especially the second part. (Translation by/ Tradotto da Andrea Angelini)

Nicholas Szczepanik č un compositore di musica drone di Chicago. In Dull In Color (200mg, 2007) assembla cinque movimenti di complesse architetture drone, mentre Astilbe Rubra (Small Doses, 2008) sembra pių una raccolta di vari esperimenti sonori. Dopo la transizione avvenuta con The Chiasmus (2009), in Dear Dad (Basses Frequences, 2010) affina le sue tecniche di droning. I 47 minuti di Please Stop Loving Me (2011) tessono la sinfonia di bordoni pių intima dell'artista, mentre The Truth Of Transience (Isounderscore, 2012) e` la sua composizione si fa pių vivace, soprattutto nella seconda parte.

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