So Takahashi
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New York-based (but Japanese-born) composer So Takahashi originates from the techno clubs but his Nubus (Carpark, 2000) offers ambient glitch electronica with spare beats and lots of found sounds.

30/30 (Carpark, 2001) is a 30-minute abstract piece inspired by photos of 30 empty rooms.

Aki Takahashi played piano and harpsichord on Another Sunrise (2012), on which the Essential Music Ensemble conducted by John Kennedy & Charles Wood performed Another Sunrise (25:30 min., composed in 1995) for 2 pianos & 4 percussionists with Judith Gordon on piano; Dreaming Of Immortality In A Thatched Cottage (14 min., composed in 1977) for soprano, mezzo, baritone, harpsichord & 6 percussionists; and I Have Had To Learn The Simplest Things Last (16 min., composed in 1993) for piano & 3 percussionists.

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