Roger Tellier-Craig

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Montreal-based composer Roger Tellier-Craig, formerly of Godspeed You Black Emperor, Set Fire To Flames and Fly Pan Am, launched the project Le Revelateur with the cassette Motion Flares (Root Strata, 2010) and especially the album Fictions (Gneiss Things, 2011) that joined the ranks of the revival of Klaus Schulze-ian cosmic music pioneered by Emeralds and Oneohtrix Point Never. The DVD Fictions (Root Strata) and the cassette Visites Possibles And Sightings (2015) document some of the many collaborations with video artist Sabrina Ratte. He also composed music for choreographer Dana Gingras. Le Revelateur still released the album Extreme Events (2014) and the EP Hyper (2016), but then the composer turned to abstract noisy soundscapes reminiscent of musique concrete of the 1950s with the two pieces of Instantanes (Root Strata, 2017): the 18-minute Truth Mining and especially the 20-minute Soleil Et Chaleur Dans Le Parc, which mixes field recordings of the sounds of a park in a calmer and more subliminal way.

Etudes (Second Editions, 2020) offered a more original take on that school with the stormy feverish glitch symphony of Duelle (9:19), with the dramatic contrasts and gloomy ambience of Nulle Part A Trouver (17:40), with the cinematic suspense of Jamais D'Un Vouloir (13:25) and with Ou S'Inscrit Tout Indetermine' (9:45).

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