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British keyboardist John Tilbury, a pupil of Cornelius Cardew and a member of the Scratch Orchestra, joined AMM, for It Had Been An Ordinary Day In Pueblo (december 1979 - Japo, 1979), forming a classic trio with guitarist Keith Rowe, and percussionist Eddie Prevost that went one to record more than twenty albums.

The double-disc The Issue at Hand (1998) documents the trio of Prevost, Tilbury and shakuhachi player Yoshikazu Iwamoto. Two Chapters and an Epilogue (1999) was a collaboration with Evan Parker. In 2000 Tilbury released a four-disc collection of Morton Feldman's piano music, in 2002 he released an album of Christian Wolff's early piano music from the 1950s, and in 2009 he began the recording of Feldman's music for piano and strings.

Tilbury collaborated with Rowe's MIMEO for The Hands Of Caravaggio (2002). The two-disc Duos for Doris (january 2003 - Erstwhile, 2003) were duets with Rowe. Discrete Moments (2004) was a collaboration between Tilbury and Prevost.

His solo albums include Plays Samuel Beckett (Matchless, 2005) and Barcelona Piano Solo (Rossbin, 2005).

Variety (february 2004) and the 45-minute piece of Timekeepers (january 2012) were collaborations between Tilbury computer and electronic musician Marcus Schmickler.

Werner Dafeldecker / Christof Kurzmann / John Tilbury / Stevie Wishart (Mikroton, 2009)

Tilbury devoted Works 1960-70 (2010) and Piano Music 1959-70 (2014) to Cardew's music. Tilbury and Sebastian Lexer (electronics) performed a 40-minute version of John Cage's Electronic Music for Piano (1964) on Lost Daylight.

E.E. Tension and Circumstance (Potlatch, 2011) was a collaboration between Rowe and Tilbury.

For Tomasz Sikorski (december 2011) collects four piano sonatas and improvisations.

Exta (june 2012) documents a session of the trio of John Butcher (saxes), Thomas Lehn (synthesizers) and Tilbury.

A Field Perpetually At The Edge Of Disorder (Fataka, 2014) documents a collaboration among John Edwards (double bass), Mark Sanders (drums and percussion) and Tilbury (bird calls, piano and tape).

The four-disc boxset Enough Still Not To Know (july 2014) documents another collaboration between Tilbury and Keith Rowe as well as Norwegian visual artist Kjell Bjorgeengen.

Spanish Fighters (november 2012) contains a 37-minute live improvisation by Tilbury and Prevost.

Tilbury delivered his version of Derek Bailey's three-movement suite Birthday Party on the minialbum Playing With A Dead Person (Bolt, 2016).

Grand Tour (november 2015 - Bolt, 2016) documents the four upright pianos quartet of John Tilbury, Zygmunt Krauze, Szabolcs Esztenyi and Hubert Zemler.

The 76-minute four-part suite Nessuno (may 2011) gathered Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Roscoe Mitchell ( alto & soprano saxes, flute), John Tilbury (piano) and Wadada Leo Smith (trumpet).

Four Meditations/ Sound Geometries (march 2003 - Sub Rosa, 2016) contains the 20-minute Four Meditations For Orchestra (1991-1997) and the 26-minute Sound Geometries (2003) for "chamber orchestra, expanded instrument system and 5.1 surround sound system".

Goldsmiths (august 2015) was recorded by the sextet of John Tilbury (piano), Angharad Davies (violin), Rhodri Davies (electric harp, melodica), Michael Duch (double bass), Lina Lapelyte (violin, voice) and John Lely (objects, electronics, melodica).

Seagull Sonatas (april 2016) contains duets between John Tilbury on grand piano and Swedish saxophonist Ola Paulson on alto sax and electronics, notably the 18-minute Seagulls Screaming Dog Barking).

The double-disc set Contre-Courbes (april 2016 and november 2019) documents two live performances by John Tilbury on piano and Bertrand Gauguet on alto sax.

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