Kasper Toeplitz

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Kasper Toeplitz (1960), a Polish musician living in Paris, was trained in Western avantgarde music but converted to Japanese noisecore in the late 1990s, including a collaboration with Tetsuo Furudate, Neon Green (Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier, 1998), and then to computer music. Fissure (Sonoris, 1998) recorded in September 1997 in Paris, contains his early computer compositions In Den Gaengen (21:05), Steinschlag (30:12) and Vague De Pas (11:04). He formed a laptop duo with Zbigniew Karkowski, Le Depeupleur (Recordings Of Sleaze Art, 2000). He also founded the electric guitar orchestra Sleaze Art.

Topographie Des Terror (Tiramizu, 2004) contains a 61-minute collaboration with theremin player Laurent Dailleau. Capture (Recordings Of Sleaze Art, 2005) contains a 76-minute composition generated by the computer from the movements of three dancers. Inoculate (Alamuse, 2011) contains compositions for chamber trio (trombone, trumpet and saxophone), live-electronics (Toeplitz himself) and "data-noise" (noise derived from a dance choreographed by Myriam Gourfink): Brume (18:53), Noise Wall (24:37) and Irradier (14:04). Blast Of Silence (Bocian, 2014) was a collaboration with poet Julien Ottavi.

Toeplitz then specialized in monolithic compositions of computer-processed sounds: the 52-minute piece of DATA_Noise (Recordings Of Sleaze Art, 2016), the 76-minute piece of Gris (Recordings Of Sleaze Art, 2016), the 57-minute piece of. Almasty (Recordings Of Sleaze Art, 2016), the 60-minute piece of Fluster (Bocian, 2016), the hour-plus piece of Amas (Pogus, 2017), etc.

Agitation Stagnation (Bocian, 2018) consists of a disc with one of Kasper Toeplitz pieces and a disc with Zeitkratzer's interpretation of that piece.

He also collaborated with Elaine Radigue.

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