Valerio Tricoli

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Italian electronic composer Valerio Tricoli debuted with the lengthy pieces of Did They? Did I? (Bowindo, 2003) and A.M.A.R.Y.L.L.I.S. (Lalia, 2007).

After several collaborations, including Coi Tormenti (2010) with Antoine Chessex and Forma II (2011) with Thomas Ankersmit, the compositions of Miseri Lares (2014) bridged musique concrete and ambient glitch music in a way that somehow evoked radio plays. Painstakingly assembled from a multitude of audio sources, Miseri Lares provides exhilarating and, at times, harrowing experience. In The Eye Of The Cyclone is a terrifying vision of life from the afterlife, like being able to listen to the world from inside a tomb.

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