Christina Vantzou

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No.1 (2008), 6/10
No 2 (2014), 6/10

Belgium-based visual artist Christina Vantzou penned new-age music for chamber ensemble on No.1 (Kranky, 2008) and contributed to the Dead Texan, the side-project by Stars Of The Lid's Adam Wiltzie.

The sound on No 2 (Kranky, 2014) is generally less languid and more robust but these instrumental pieces are way too short to make any sense other than as background music. Vantzou is a master at extracting maximum effect from minimum means, but there is only so much she can do with this sketches. Nonetheless, it is impressive the way the slow-motion piano elegy Going Backwards To Recover That Which Was Left Behind is inflated by a slow-rising orchestral minimalism, how the droning woodwinds of Brain Fog turn a cosmic yearning into a fairy-tale atmosphere as a melody coalesces, and how the celestial otherworldly invocation of Sister for strings and vocals morphs into a harp-driven renaissance dance. The journey appropriately ends with the mysterious and graceful The Magic Of The Autodidact, evoking visions of intergalactic vacua.

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(Copyright © 2006 Piero Scaruffi | Legal restrictions )
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