Giovanni Venosta
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Giovanni Venosta (1961) is an Italian composer who specializes in collages of samples (mainly ethnic music), found sounds, live improvisation.

His recordings include Olympic Signals (Raw Material, 1985) and four collaborations with Roberto Musci: Water Messages on Desert Sand (ReR. 1987), Urban and Tribal Portraits (ReR. 1989), Messages And Portraits (ReR, 1990), Losing the Orthodox Path (Victo, 1997), A Noise A Sound (ReR, 2001).

Metamorphoses (ReR, 1999) features Massimo Mariani (and Venosta himself) on studio mixing and flamenco guitarist Alfredo Lagos (providing the musical sources). A few reference pieces are made of simple, melodic guitar improvisations on traditional themes. The other pieces are studio manipulations of the sounds produced by the guitarist. They become surreal studies on rhythm and dynamics, while maintaining the timbres of the guitar.

Venosta has also composed film soundtracks, in particular for Silvio Soldini: L'Aria Serena Dell'Ovest (1989), Un'Anima Divisa In Due (CAM, 1993), Tutti Gli Anni Una Volta L'Anno (1994), Le Acrobate (CAM, 1997), Vampyr (1998), Pane e Tulipani (CAM, 2000), Princesa (CAM, 2001), Brucio nel Vento (Virgin, 2001).

Steel Water Light (ReR, 2001) is a live performance of scores for silent movies, featuring Musci, Claudio Gabbiani, Jon Rose, Chris Cutler.

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