Richard Warner
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Quiet Heart - Spirit Wind (Enso, 1984)
Tao Te Ching (Narada, 1996)

Richard Warner is a bamboo flute improviser.

Quiet Heart - Spirit Wind (Enso, 1996) reissues two 1986 cassettes. The first one contains solo flute meditations such as Quiet Heart, Inner Flame and The Temple, originally recorded as far back as 1978.
The 18-minute Spirit Wind (recorded in 1983) is a Paul Horn-style zen-inspired improvisation, except that it adds chimes and tuned crystal glasses; a calm flow of emotionless melodies and eternal echoes. Mountain On The Mountain (same length) is a more haunting piece, closer to abstract droning than melodic "singing". Spirit Wind is probably the best present presentation of Warner's art.

Tao Te Ching (Narada, 1996) features Nancy Rumbel on English horn. Sunrise is a zen meditation of overdubbed flute figures against soft electronic tides. But the album also contains the majestic melody of Mountains in the Mist, one of his most dynamic and catchiest numbers.

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