Frances White

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Frances White (birthdate unknown) enhances with computer tools the timbres of classical instruments.

Some of her chamber works were collected on Centre Bridge (Mode, 2007): Like The Lily (2000) for double bass, viola and electronics; A Veil Barely Seen (2001) for viola and electronics; Walk Through "Resonant Landscape" No. 2, one of five electronic pieces composed in 1992; and two versions of Centre Bridge, originally composed in 1999 for two shakuhachis and electronics. The computer allows her to fine-tune and tweak the timbre of each instrument.

In The Library Of Dreams (Pogus, 2012) collects more works. The Ocean Inside (2007) feels like a walk into magical woods or subaquatic worlds. The haunting, dreamy, mystical, fragile counterpoint of the six instruments (cello, clarinet, flute, percussion, piano, violin) evokes a profusion of tiny events that are held together by an invisible wind or water current. In The Library Of Dreams (2008) is a romantic sonata for viola d'amore at a slow pace and with an intimate feel. The computer tickles notes here and there, and towards the end emphasizes gloomy overtones. The Book Of Roses And Memory (2008) is a work of musical theater in which a narrator (Thomas Buckner) recites a poem while viola and violin provide a vivid and dramatic commentary. By comparison, the two electronic pieces, Walk Through Resonant Landscape No. 5.1 and Walk Through Resonant Landscape No. 5.2 move into galactic space, in fact echoing vintage cosmic music. The main difference between Frances and the pioneers is that Frances' music is much less spectacular (less interested in depicting grand cosmic scenes) and much more sophisticated (more interested in the quality of sound).

She Lost Her Voice That's How We Knew (2004) is a one-woman opera for voice and electronics.

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