piero scaruffi


Piero Scaruffi is a free-lance journalist and author who has been writing about music, popular science, literature, cinema and history since the 1970s.

In Italy he wrote for several magazines and dailies. In the U.S. he wrote for Option, CD Review and i/e.

His main works are a "History of Rock Music" (2003) and "History of Jazz Music" (2007). He is also the author of a "Guide to Avantgarde Music" (1991, in Italian) and of an "Encyclopedia of New Age, Ambient and Electronic Music" (1996, in Italian). See his complete bibliography .

In 1993 he started one of the first digital magazines, "Nuova Musica", which was distributed only by e-mail.

In 1989 the Italian magazine Logos published a 4-part "Introduction to the Contemporary American Novel."

Piero contributed articles on popular science to the daily La Stampa and the monthly ZeroUno.

His book "Il Terzo Secolo", a survey of American society, made the Italian best-sellers' list.

Piero is also a cognitive scientist who has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University, has written five books on artificial intelligence and theories of the mind, published hundreds of papers. His main book in this field is The Nature of Consciousness.

Born in Italy, Piero holds a degree in Mathematics.

He has published his poetry mainly on his website. He has been the recipient of numerous awards (latest "Fog City Writers", San Francisco, 2007). He has also been awarded eight national prizes in Italy and has published two books, L'Ultimo ("The Last One") and Dialogo degli Amanti ("Dialogue of the Lovers"). He has written several collections of poetry in English, available on his website.