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Recensioni del 1990

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Reviews of 1990 albums

Click on the first letter of the first name of the artist or name of the band; click on the title of the album to view the review; click on the name of the band to view a profile of the band. Or view just the list of the best albums of the year.
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Artist Album Title (Label) Genre Rat. ©
A Guy Called Gerald Automanikk (Juice Box) Genre6/10
A House I Want Too Much (Sire) Genre4/10
Able Tasmans Hey Spinner (Flying Nun) Genre7/10
Adam Ant Manners & Phisique (MCA) dance 4/10
Adrian Belew Young Lions (Atlantic) Genre5/10
Afghan Wigs: Up In It (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Alan Vega Deuce Avenue (Musidisc) electro-billy 5/10
Algebra Suicide Alpha Cue (Body) synth-pop 5/10
Alice Donut Mule (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 6/10
Alice In Chains Facelift (Columbia) Genre 7/10
Alien Sex Fiend Curse (Sinclair) Genre7/10
Alison Statton Cardiffians (Crepuscule) songwriter 5/10
All Allroy Saves (Cruz) Genre 5/10
An Emotional Fish An Emotional Fish (EastWest) pop 4/10
Anastasia Screamed Laughing Down The Limehouse (Roughneck) Genre 6/10
Andy Summers Charming Snakes (Private) Genre6/10
Angkor Wat Corpus Christi (Death) Genre7/10
Anna Domino Mysteries Of America (Les Disques Du Crepuscule) Genre6/10
Ant-Bee Pure Electric Honey (Voxx) Genre 8/10
Anthrax Persistence of Time (Megaforce) speed metal 6/10
Antietam Burgoo (Triple X) Genre 6/10
Arson Garden Under Towers (Community 3) Genre 7/10
Arto Lindsay & Peter Scherer Pretty Ugly (Made To Measure) Genre7/10
Ass Ponys: Mr Superlove (Okra) Genre 7/10
Azalia Snail Snailbait (Albertine) Genre8/10
Aztec Camera Stray (Sire) Genre 5/10
B.A.L.L. Hardball (Shimmy Disc) Genre 7/10
Babes In Toyland Spanking Machine (Twin/Tone) Genre 7/10
Bad Religion Against The Grain (Epitaph) Genre7/10
Bags Self-titled (Restless) Genre 6/10
Bailter Space Thermos (Flying Nun) Genre 6/10
Band Of Blacky Ranchette Sage Advice (Demon) Genre4/10
Richard Barone Primal Dream (Paradox) Genre5/10
Bastro: Sing The Troubled Beast (Homestead) Genre 7/10
Bats Law Of Things (Flying Nun) Genre7/10
Beasts Of Bourbon Black Milk (Red Eye) Genre6/10
Beautiful South Choke (Go Discs) Genre5/10
Ben Tavera King: Coyote Moon (Global Pacific) Genre /10
Ben Vaughn Dressed In Black (Enigma) Genre5/10
Bevis Frond & John Twink Magic Eye (Woronzow) Genre5/10
Bevis Frond Any Gas Faster (Reckless) Genre5/10
Bewitched Brain Eater (N. 6) Genre 8/10
Big Dipper Slam (Epic) punk-pop 4/10
Bill Frisell: Is That You (Elektra) Genre /10
Billy Bragg The Internationale (Utility) Genre4/10
Billy Idol Charmed Life (Chrysalis) Genre5/10
Billy Idol Charmed Life (Chrysalis) Genre5/10
Biohazard Biohazard (Maze) punk-metal 5/10
Bitch Magnet: Ben Hur (Communion) Genre 7/10
Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker (Def American) Genre 7/10
Blake Babies Sunburn (Mammoth) Genre7/10
Bleep North Pole By Submarine (SSR) Genre 5/10
Blood Oranges Corn River (ESD) Genre 6/10
Blue Aeroplanes Swagger (Chrysalis) Genre6/10
Blues Travelers self-titled (A&M) Genre7/10
BMX Bandits C86 (Click) pop 5/10
Bob Geldof Vegetarians Of Love (Atlantic) songwriter 4/10
Bob Mould Black Sheets Of Rain (Virgin) Genre7/10
Boredoms Soul Discharge (Shimmy Disc) Genre7/10
Boss Hog Cold Hands (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre7/10
Breeders Pod (4AD) Genre 7/10
Brian Ritchie I See A Noise (Dali) Genre6/10
Buffalo Tom Birdbrain (Beggars Banquet) Genre 6/10
Cabaret Voltaire Groovy Laidback And Nasty (Parlophone) Genre6/10
Carter And The Unstoppable Sex Machine 101 Damnations (Big Cat) Genre6/10
Caspar Brötzmann Last Home (Pathological) Genre6/10
Cassandra Complex Cyberpunx (Play It Again Sam) Genre6/10
Nick Cave: Good Son (Elektra) Genre 9/10
Chainsaw Kittens Violent Religion (Mammoth) Genre 7/10
Charlatans: Some Friendly (Dead Good Dead) Genre 7/10
Chemical People The Right Thing (Cruz) Genre 6/10
Chesterfield Kings The Berlin Wall of Sound (Mirror) garage-rock 5/10
Chills Submarine Bells (Slash) Genre7/10
Chris Knox Seizure (Flying Nun) Genre6/10
Chuck Prophet Brother Aldo (Fire) Genre5/10
Chumbawamba Slap (Agit-Prop) Genre6/10
Church : Gold Afternoon Fix (Arista) Genre 6/10
Clawhammer Clawhammer (Sympathy) Genre 7/10
Clean Vehicle (Flying Nun) Genre6/10
Cocteau Twins Heaven Or Las Vegas (4AD) Genre6/10
Coldcut Some Like It Cold (Big Life) Genre 5/10
Connells One Simple Word (TVT) folk-rock 5/10
Consolidated The Myth Of Rock (Nettwerk) Genre 7/10
Controlled Bleeding Phlegm Bag Spattered (Dark Vinyl) Genre5/10
Controlled Bleeding Trudge (Wax Trax) Genre7/10
Coo Coo Rocking Time Coo Coo Party Time (50 Skidillion Watts) Genre5/10
Cop Shoot Cop Consumer Revolt (Circuit) Genre 9/10
Cowboy Junkies Caution Horses (RCA) Genre6/10
Cows: Effete And Impudent Snobs (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 8/10
Cradle Of Thorns: Remember It Day (Castle Top) Genre 7/10
Cramps Stay Sick (Enigma) Genre7/10
Crime And The City Solution: Paradise Discotheque (Mute) Genre 7/10
Cruel Sea Down Below (Red Eye) Genre6/10
Crystallized Movement This Wideness Comes (No 6) Genre 7/10
Cud Leggy Mambo (Imaginary) Genre5/10
Cusco: Ring Der Delphin (Prudence) (Higher Octave, 1996) Genre /10
Cyberactif Tenebrae Vision (Wax Trax) Genre5/10
D.O.A. Murder (Restless) Genre4/10
Jeff Dahl I Kill Me (Triple X) hardcore 5/10
Darling Buds Crawdaddy (Columbia) Brit-pop 5/10
Dash Rip Rock Not Of This World (Mammoth) roots-rock 6/10
Danielle Dax Blast The Human Flower (Sire) Genre4/10
Danny Elfman Music For A Darkened Theatre (MCA) Genre5/10
Danzig Lucifuge (Def American) Genre 6/10
Darkside All That Noise (Situation Two) Genre6/10
Dave Stewart The Spiritual Cowboys (Arista) soul-rock 4/10
David Baerwald Bedtime Stories (A&M) Genre7/10
David Borden: The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint Parts 5-8 (Cuneiform) Genre /10
David J Songs From Another Season (RCA) Genre4/10
Dead C: Eusa Kills (Flying Nun) Genre 6/10
Dead C: Trapdoor Fucking Exit (Siltbreeze) Genre 7/10
Dead Can Dance: Aion (4AD) Genre 7/10
Dead Milkmen Metaphysical Graffiti (Enigma) punk-rock 4/10
Death Spiritual Healing (Combat) death 5/10
Deee-Lite World Clique (Elektra) techno 6/10
Deicide Deicide (Roadrunner) death metal 7/10
Del-Lords Lovers Who Wander (Restless) Genre5/10
Delerium Stone Tower (Dossier) Genre7/10
Delerium Syrophenikan (Dossier) Genre5/10
Depeche Mode Violator (Enigma) Genre5/10
Devo Smooth Noodle Maps (Enigma) Genre4/10
Dickless Saddle Tramp (Sub Pop) foxcore 6/10
Didjits Hornet Pinata (TOuch & Go) Genre 6/10
Died Pretty Every Brilliant Eye (Blue Mosque) Genre5/10
Ani DiFranco Ani DiFranco (Righteous Babe) songwriter 6/10
Disco Inferno Open Doors Closed Windows (Che) post-rock 6/10
Dive Dive (Body) Genre6/10
Djam Karet Beta 14 Ok (Cuneiform) Genre5/10
Dr Nerve: Beta 14 Ok (Cuneiform) Genre 7/10
Drumming On Glass Asparagus Tea (Aurora) Genre 7/10
Duran Duran Liberty (Capitol) Genre4/10
Durutti Column Sporadic Recordings (Spore) Genre4/10
Durutti Column Obey The Time (Factory) Genre4/10
Dwarves Blood Guts & Pussy (SubPop) Genre 7/10
Ed Hall Love Poke Here (Boner) Genre 8/10
Ed Kuepper Today Wonder (Rattlesnake) Genre5/10
Ed Mann: Perfect World (CMP) Genre /10
Edie Brickell Ghost Of A Dog (Geffen) songwriter 5/10
Edwyn Collins Hellbent On Compromise (Demon) Genre5/10
Embarrassment God Help Us (Bar/None) Genre6/10
Endino's Earthworm Inside Yours (Empty) Genre 6/10
Enigma MCMXC A.D. (Virgin) Genre7/10
Entombed Left Hand Path (Earache) hard-rock 7/10
Everything But The Girl Language Of Life (Atlantic) Genre5/10
Exene Cervenka Running Scared (RNA) folk 4/10
Eyehategod In the Name of Suffering (Convulsion) heavy-metal 6/10
Jad Fair & Kramer The Sound Of Music (Shimmy Disc) Genre 5/10
Fall Extricate (Cog Sinister) Genre7/10
Fastbacks Very Very Powerful Motor (PopLlama) Genre7/10
Fatima Mansion Viva Dead Ponies (Kitchenware) Genre6/10
Fields Of The Nephilim Elizium (Beggars Banquet) Genre6/10
Fifth Column All Time Queen Of The World (Hide) riot grrrls 6/10
Fini Tribe Grossing IOK (One Little Indian) Genre6/10
Flaming Lips In A Priest Driven Ambulance (Restless) Genre 7/10
Flat Duo Jets self-titled (Dog Gone) Genre5/10
Flour Luv 713 (Touch & Go) Genre 7/10
Foetus Sink (Some Bizarre) Genre6/10
Forever Einstein: Artificial Horizon (Cuneiform) Genre 6/10
Freedy Johnston: Troubled Tree (Bar None) Genre 8/10
Front Line Assembly Caustic Grip (Third Mind) Genre5/10
Fugazi Repeater (Dischord) Genre 9/10
Galaxie 500 This Is Our Music (Rough Trade) Genre 7/10
Gaye Bykers On Acid Cancer Planet Mission (Naked Brain) Genre7/10
GBH From Here To Reality (Restless) Genre5/10
Gene Loves Jezebel Kiss Of Life (Beggars Banquet) Genre4/10
Giant Sand Swerve (Amazing Black Sand) Genre7/10
Gibson Brothers Punk Rock Truck Driving Son Of A Gun (Homestead) Genre6/10
Gigolo Aunts Tales From The Vinegar Side (Impossible) Genre 6/10
Girl Trouble Thrillsphere (PopLlama) Genre 6/10
God Bullies Dog Show (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 6/10
Goo Goo Dolls Hold Me Up (Metal Blade) Genre7/10
Gories I Know You Fine (Wanghead) Genre 6/10
Green Day 39 Smooth (Lookout) Genre 6/10
Green Pajamas Ghosts Of Love (Bomp) psychedelic 5/10
Guided By Voices Same Place The Fly Got Smashed (Engine #9) alt rock 6/10
Gun Club Pastoral Hide And Seek (Fire) blues-rock 5/10
Gwar Scumdogs Of The Universe (Master) Genre 5/10
H.P. Zinker Beyond It All (Fire) Genre7/10
Half Japanese We Are They Who Ache With Amorous Love (Ralph) Genre5/10
Hank Roberts: Birds Of Prey (JMT) Genre /10
Happy Mondays Pills'N'Thrills And Bellyaches (Elektra) Genre6/10
Harm Farm Spawn (Alias) roots-rock 5/10
Heart Throb Cleopatra Grip (Elektra) Sixties revival 5/10
Helios Creed Boxing The Clown (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre6/10
Helmet: Strap It On (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 7/10
Hetch Hetchy Swollen (Texas Hotel) Genre7/10
Hex : Vast Halos (First Warning) Genre 5/10
His Name Is Alive: Livonia (4AD) Genre 8/10
Holy Rollers As Is (Dischord) hardcore 5/10
House Of Love House Of Love II (Fontana) Genre5/10
Human League Romantic (Virgin) Genre4/10
Humpers My Machine (Mean Dog) Genre5/10
Hypnolovewheel Candy Mantra (Fabian Aural Products) Genre 6/10
In The Nursery L'Esprit (Third Mind) Genre7/10
Indigo Girls Nomads-Indians-Saints (Epic) Genre5/10
Inspiral Carpets Life (Mute) Genre6/10
Inxs X (Atlantic) Genre6/10
Jack Endino Angle Of Attack (Bobok) Genre 6/10
Jackofficers Digital Dump (Rough Trade) alt-rock 5/10
Jah Wobble Without Judgement (KK) Genre7/10
James Gold Mother (Fontana) Genre6/10
Michael Hall Quarter To Three (Record Collect) songwriter 5/10
Jane's Addiction Ritual De Lo Abitual (Warner Bros) heavy metal 6/10
Jawbreaker Unfun (Shredder) Genre 6/10
Jaz Coleman & Anne Dudley Songs From The Victorious City (TVT) Genre6/10
Jazz Butcher Cult Of The Basement (Rough Trade) Genre6/10
Jello Biafra: The Last Temptation Of Reid (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 6/10
Jellyfish Kiss Animal Rites (Shimmy Disc) Genre6/10
Jellyfish Kiss Plank (Demon) Genre6/10
Jellyfish Bellybutton (Charisma) Genre 8/10
Jesus Lizard: Head (Touch & Go) Genre 8/10
Jill Sobule Things Here Are Different (MCA) songwriter 5/10
Jimmy Cauty Space (KLF) Genre6/10
Jim Chappell: Saturday's Rhapsody (Music West) Genre /10
Jody Grind One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure (DB) Genre7/10
Joe Henry Shuffletown (Coyote) Genre 6/10
John Doe Meet John Doe (DGC) Genre 5/10
John Wesley Harding Here Comes The Groom (Sire) Genre6/10
Eric Johson Ah Via Musicom (Capitol, 1990) Genre 6/10
Daniel Johnston 1990 (Shimmy Disc) Genre8/10
Judas Priest Painkiller (CBS) heavy metal 5/10
Ka-Spel Perhaps We'll Only See A Thin Blue Line (Play It Again Sam) Genre 5/10
Keith Leblanc Raw (Blanc) Genre5/10
King's X Faith Hope Love (Megaforce) hard-rock 5/10
Kevn Kinney MacDougal Blues (Island) Genre6/10
Kid Rock Grits Sandwiches For Breakfast (Jive) rap-metal 6/10
Killing Joke Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions (Noise International) Genre7/10
King Missile Mystical Shit (Shimmy Disc) Genre 7/10
King Snake Roost Ground Into The Dirt (Aberrant) Genre7/10
Kit Watkins Sunstruck (ESD) Genre7/10
Klute Excluded (Music Research) Genre7/10
La's La's (Go Discs) Genre 6/10
Laibach Macbeth (Mute) Genre7/10
Laughing Hyenas Life Of Crime (Touch & Go) Genre6/10
Lazy Cowgirls How It Looks How It Is (Sympathy For The Record) Genre6/10
Leaether Strip The Pleasure Of Penetration (Zoth Ommog) Genre6/10
Leatherface Fill Your Boots (Roughneck) punk-rock 5/10
Legendary Pink Dots The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse (Play It Again Sam) Genre 6/10
Lemonheads Lovey (Atlantic) Genre6/10
Lenny Kravitz Mama Said (Virgin) Genre 5/10
Levellers A Weapon Called The World (Musidisc) folk-rock 5/10
Lightning Seeds Cloudcuckooland (Ghetto) Genre6/10
Lightwave Nachtmusik (Erdenklang) Genre6/10
Living Colour Time's Up (Epic) hard-rock 6/10
Lloyd Cole self-titled (Capitol) Genre6/10
Loop A Gilded Eternity (Beggars Banquet) Genre7/10
Los Lobos The Neighborhood (Slash) Genre7/10
Nick Lowe Party Of One (Reprise) Genre5/10
Lubricated Goat Psychedelicatessen (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre7/10
Lunachicks Babysitters On Acid (Blast First) Genre7/10
Lungfish Necklace Of Heads (Simple Machines) Genre 5/10
Lush Gala (4AD) Genre7/10
Lustmord Heresy (Soleilmoon) Genre7/10
Madonna I'm Breathless (Sire) Genre5/10
Magic Mushroom Band Process Of Illumination (Fungus) Genre5/10
Marc Almond Enchanted (Some Bizarre) Genre5/10
Marc Jeffrey Playtime (Conviction) Genre6/10
Marc Ribot Rootless Cosmopolitan (Island) Genre 8/10
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey (Columbia) soul-pop 6/10
Mark Lanegan: Winding Sheet (SubPop) Genre 7/10
Mark Stewart Metatron (Mute) Genre5/10
Mazzy Star She Hangs Brightly (Rough Trade) Genre 7/10
Meat Beat Manifesto 99% (Wax Trax) Genre6/10
Mega City Four Who Cares Wins (Decoy) Genre5/10
Megadeth: Rust In Peace (Capitol) Genre 7/10
Melissa Etheridge Brave And Crazy (Island) Genre5/10
Mickey Hart: At The Edge (Rykodisc) Genre /10
Midnight Oil Blue Sky Mining (Columbia) Genre5/10
Mighty Mighty Bosstones Devil's Night Out (Taang) Genre 6/10
Miss Alans Smack The Horse (Genius) folk-rock 5/10
Mission Carved In Sand (Mercury) Genre5/10
Mono Men Stop Draggin' Me Down (Estrus) Genre 6/10
Monochrome Set Dante's Casino (Vinyl Japan) Genre5/10
Morrissey: Bona Drag (Sire) Genre 6/10
Mother Love Bone Apple (Polydor) Genre 7/10
Mr T Experience Making Things With Light (Lookout) Genre 6/10
Muslimgauze Intifaxa (Extreme) Genre6/10
Mussolini Headkick Blood On The Flag (World Domination) Genre6/10
MX-80 Das Love Boat (A&R) industrial 6/10
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Confessions Of A Knife (Wax Trax) Genre 6/10
Naked Raygun Raygun Naked Raygun (Caroline) Genre5/10
Napalm Death Harmony Corruption (Earache) Genre6/10
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Bite (Rough Trade) Genre6/10
Neurosis Word As Law (Sympathy) Genre6/10
Bob Neuwirth 99 Monkeys (Gold Castle) songwriter 6/10
New Duncan Imperials Hanky Panky Party Voo (Pravda) Genre 6/10
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Pigeonhole (Play It Again Sam) rave 5/10
New Model Army Impurity (EMI) Genre5/10
Nice Strong Arm Stress City (Homestead) noise-rock 6/10
Nijiumu Nijiumu (PSF) Genre6/10
Nitzer Ebb Showtime (Mute) Genre6/10
No Use For A Name Incognito (Fat Wreck) hardcore 6/10
Nocturnal Emissions Beyond Logic Beyond Belief (Earthly Delights) Genre5/10
Nocturnal Emissions Invocation Of The Beast Gods (Staaltape) Genre6/10
Noise Unit Response Frequency (Antler) Genre6/10
Nothing Painted Blue: A Baby A Blanket A Packet Of Seeds (Jupa) Genre 6/10
Nurse With Wound Psilotripitaka (United Diaries) Genre5/10
Of Cabbages And Kings Basic Pain Basic Pleasure (Triple X) Genre 7/10
Oingo Boingo Dark At The End Of The Tunnel (MCA) Genre5/10
Original Sins Self Distruct (Psonik) Genre8/10
Oyster Band Freedom And Rain (Rykodisc) Genre4/10
Oyster Band Little Rock To Leipzig (Cooking Vinyl) Genre6/10
Ozric Tentacles Erpland (Demi Monde) Genre8/10
Pain Teens: Born In Blood (Trance Syndicate) Genre 7/10
Pale Saints The Comforts Of Madness (4AD) Genre7/10
Pantera: Cowboys From Hell (Atlantic) Genre 7/10
Paradise Lost Paradise Lost (Peaceville) Genre6/10
Paul Roland Masque (New Rose) Genre5/10
Perfect Disaster Heaven Scent (Fire) Genre4/10
Pet Shop Boys Behavior (EMI) Genre5/10
Phil Gammage Night Train (New Rose) Genre5/10
Philarmonie Beau Soleil (Philarmmonie) Genre6/10
Phish: Lawn (Absolute A Gogo) Genre 8/10
Pixies Bossanova (Elektra) Genre6/10
Pizzicato Five Soft Landing On The Moon (Sony) Genre5/10
Pogues Hell's Ditch (Island) Genre 6/10
Poi Dog Pondering Wishing Like A Mountain And Thinking Like The Sea (Texas Hotel) Genre5/10
Pooh Sticks Formula One Generation (Sympathy For The Record Industry) Genre6/10
Posies Dear 23 (Geffen) Genre7/10
Poster Children Flower Power (Limited Potential), Genre 5/10
Pram Gash (Howl) alt-rock 6/10
Prefab Sprout Jordan: The Comeback (Epic) Genre6/10
Pretenders Packed (Sire) Genre4/10
Primus: Frizzle Fry (Caroline) Genre 8/10
Prisonshake A Girl Named Yes (Rubber Box) Genre 6/10
Prisonshake I'm Really Fucked Now (Scat) Genre 7/10
Prong Beg To Differ (Epic) Genre 6/10
Psychefunkapus Psychefunkapus (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Psychic TV Towards Thee Infinite Beat (Wax Trax) Genre6/10
Pure Joy Carnivore (Popllama) Genre 7/10
Pursuit of Happiness One-Sided Story (Chrysalis) Genre6/10
Pussy Galore Historia De La Musica Rock (Caroline) Genre5/10
Queensryche Empire (EMI) prog-metal 6/10
Queers Grow Up (Lookout) punk-pop 6/10
Railroad Jerks Railroad Jerks (Matador) Genre7/10
Redd Kross: Third Eye (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Rembrandts Rembrandts (Atco) power-pop 5/10
Renegade Soundwave In Dub (Mute) Genre7/10
Replacements All Shook Down (Sire) Genre5/10
Revolting Cocks Beers Steers + Queers (Wax Trax) Genre7/10
Jonathan Richman Jonathan Goes Country (Rounder) Genre4/10
Ride Nowhere (Creation) Genre7/10
Robin Holcomb Robin Holcomb (Elektra) Genre8/10
Robyn Hitchcock: Eye (Twin/Tone) Genre 5/10
Roger Miller Whamon Express (SST) Genre5/10
Royal Trux: Twin Infinitives (Drag City) Genre 9/10
Ruins Stonehenge (Shimmy Disc) Genre7/10
Run-DMC Back From Hell (Profile) hip hop 4/10
Russ Tolman Goodbye Joe (Skyclad) Genre6/10
Santana Spirits Dancing In The Flesh (Columbia) latin-rock 5/10
Scatterbrain Here Comes Trouble (In-Effect) Genre 6/10
Schramms Walk To Delphi (Okra) country-rock 6/10
Scrawl Smallmouth (Rough Trade) Genre7/10
Seaweed Seaweed (Tupelo) Genre 6/10
Sebadoh: Weed Forestin' (Homestead) Genre 5/10
Seers Psych Out (Cherry Red) Genre7/10
Shamen En-Tact (One Little Indian) Genre6/10
Shamen Progeny (One Little Indian) Genre6/10
Shane Faubert Kalkara (Music Maniac) garage-rock 5/10
Shelter Perfection Of Desire (Revelation) Genre6/10
Shiva Burlesque Mercury Blues (Fundamental) Genre6/10
Shonen Knife self-titled (Gasatanka) Genre7/10
Shudder To Think Funeral At The Movies (Dischord) Genre 7/10
Shudder To Think Ten Spot (Dischord) Genre 6/10
Sidewinders Auntie Ramos' Pool Hall (Mammoth) folk-pop 5/10
Silos The Silos (RCA) Genre6/10
Silverfish Fat Axl (Touch & Go) Genre7/10
Sinead O'Connor I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got (Chrysalis) Genre6/10
Sisters Of Mercy Vision Thing (Merciful Release) Genre6/10
Skin Yard Fist-Sized Chunks (Toxic Shock) Genre 6/10
Slayer Seasons In The Abyss (American) speedmetal 5/10
Smog: Sewn To The Sky (Disaster) Genre 8/10
Sneetches Slow (Alias) Genre 5/10
Social Distortion self-titled (Epic) Genre6/10
Some More Crime Ohnmacht (ZZO) Genre 5/10
Sonic Youth Goo (DGC) Genre6/10
Soul Asylum And The Horse They Rode In (A&M) punk-pop /10
Souled American Around The Horn (Rough Trade) folk 6/10
Soup Dragons Lovegod (Polygram) Genre6/10
Spacemen 3 Dreamweapon (Fierce) shoegazer 7/10
Spectrum Spectrum (Silvertone) Genre6/10
Spongeheads Legitimate Beef (Community 3) Genre 7/10
Steel Pole Bath Tub Tulip (Boner 1990) Genre 7/10
Steppes Harps & Hammers (Voxx) Genre5/10
Steve Kilbey : Remindlessness (Red Eye) Genre 6/10
Steve Roach: Strata (Hearts Of Space) Genre 8/10
Steve Wynn Kerosene (Rhino) Genre6/10
Straitjacket Fits Melt (Flying Nun) Genre5/10
Suicidal Tendencies Lights Camera Revolution (Epic) Genre6/10
Sun City Girls Torch Of The Mystics (Majora) Genre 8/10
Sun Dial Other Way Out (Tangerine) Genre 6/10
Sundays Reading, Writing And Arithmetic (Rough Trade) Genre5/10
Superchunk: Superchunk (Matador) Genre 7/10
Surgery Nationwide (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 7/10
Suzanne Vega Days Of Open Hand (A&M) Genre6/10
Sweet Exorcist C.C.C.D. (Warp) Genre6/10
Swirl Happy Nice () Genre5/10
Tackhead Strange Things (SBK) Genre5/10
Tad Salt Lick (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Tall Dwarfs Weeville (Flying Nun)(Homestead, 1992) Genre6/10
Tanita Tikaram The Sweet Keeper (WB) Genre5/10
Tar Roundhouse (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 6/10
Techno Animal Ghosts (Pathological) industrial 8/10
Teenage Fanclub A Catholic Education (Paperhouse) Genre7/10
Telescopes Trade Mark Of Quality (Fierce) Genre5/10
Tender Fury Garden Of Evil (Triple X) hardcore 5/10
Terminals Uncoffined (Flying Nun) garage-rock 6/10
Testament Souls Of Black (Atlantic) heavy metal 5/10
That Petrol Emotion Chemicrazy (Virgin) power-pop 4/10
Thee Headcoats Beach Bums Must Die (Crypt) Genre4/10
Thee Headcoats The Earls Of Suavedom (Crypt) Genre4/10
Thee Headcoats Heavens To Murgatroyd (SubPop) Genre4/10
Thee Headcoats The Kids Are All Square (Hangman) Genre6/10
Thee Hypnotics Come Down Heavy (Beggars Banquet) Genre7/10
They Might Be Giants Flood (Elektra) Genre6/10
Thin White Rope Sack Full Of Silver (Frontier) Genre7/10
13 Nightmares Shitride (Pravda) Genre 6/10
Dammit! (What Have You) funk-rock 5/10
Thule Wheel (Wiiija) industrial 6/10
Tim Lee Crawdad (DB) Genre5/10
Tina & The B-Side Movement Tina And The B-Side Movement (TinaTunes) Genre 5/10
Tiny Lights Hot Chocolate Massage (Absolute A Go Go) Genre 7/10
Toad The Wet Sprocket Pale (Coumbia) Genre 5/10
Tom Verlaine The Wonder (Fontana) Genre6/10
Tone Dogs Ankety Low Day (C/Z) Genre 7/10
Tony Wakeford Sol Veritas Lux (Tursa) Genre6/10
Tony Wakeford Trees In Winter (Tursa) Genre4/10
Tragic Mulatto Chartreuse Toulouse (Alternative Tentacles) Genre7/10
Trash Can Sinatras Cake (Go Discs) pop 5/10
Trip Shakespeare Across The Universe (A&M) Genre 7/10
Television Personalities Privilege (Fire) Genre6/10
24-7 Spyz Gumbo Millenium (In-Effect) Genre 5/10
U Totem self-titled (Recommended) Genre7/10
Ultra Vivid Scene Joy 1967-1990 (4AD) Genre6/10
Uncle Tupelo No Depression (Rockville) Genre6/10
Universal Congress The Sad And Tragic Demise (Enemy) Genre 6/10
Unrest Kustom Kamal Blackxploitation (Caroline) Genre 7/10
Urge Overkill Americruiser (Touch & Go) Genre 7/10
Uz Isme Doma Uprostred Slov/In the Middle of Words (Skoda) prog-rock 6/10
Steve Vai Passion And Warfare (Food For Thought) prog-rock 6/10
Vampire Rodents War Music (VR Productions) Genre7/10
Velvet Monkeys Rake (Rough Trade) Genre 6/10
Verlaines Some Disenchanted Evening (Flying Nun) Genre6/10
Vermonster Spirit Of Yma (Twisted Village) psychedelic 6/10
Vertigo Vertigo (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre6/10
Vic Chestnutt Little (Texas Hotel) Genre 6/10
Victoria Williams Swing The Statue (Rough Trade) Genre7/10
Vidna Obmana Revealed By Composed Nature (Decade Collection) (HicSuntLeones, 1994) Genre6/10
Viv Akauldren Vivian's Fountain (Resonance) psychedelic 6/10
W.O.O. Telescope (Vital Music) Genre 6/10
Walking Seeds Bad Orb Whirling Ball (Paperhouse) Genre7/10
Warrior Soul Last Decade Dead Century (DGC) Genre 6/10
Was Not Was Are You Okay (Chrysalis) Genre7/10
Waterboys Room To Roam (Chrysalis) Genre5/10
Wayne Gratz: Panorama (Narada) Genre /10
Weathermen Beyond The Beyond (Play It Again Sam) Genre6/10
Ween: God Weed Satan - The Oneness (Twin Tone) Genre 8/10
William Orbit Strange Cargo 2 (IRS) Genre6/10
Windbreakers At Home (DB) Genre5/10
Wire Manscape (Mute) Genre4/10
Wolverton Brothers Sucking Hind Tit (Okra) garage 6/10
World Party Goodbye Jumbo (Ensign) Genre6/10
Wreck Soul Train (Play It Again Sam) Genre 5/10
X-Tal Reason Is 6/7 Of Treason (Alias) Genre 6/10
Yard Sale Emotional Vomit (Triple X) Genre5/10
Yo La Tengo Fakebook (Bar None) Genre 6/10
Richard Youngs Lake (label) post-rock 5/10
Zeni Geva Maximum Money Monster (Pathological) Genre6/10
Zoviet France Just An Illusion (Staalplat) Genre4/10
Zoviet France Look Into Me (Charrm) Genre4/10

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