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Recensioni del 1992

Seleziona la prima lettera del gruppo o del musicista (nome di battesimo, non cognome); seleziona il titolo dell'album per vedere la recensione del disco, il nome del musicista per vedere la scheda del musicista. Oppure guarda soltanto la classifica dei migliori.

Reviews of 1992 albums

Click on the first letter of the first name of the artist or name of the band; click on the title of the album to view the review; click on the name of the band to view a profile of the band. Or view just the list of the best albums of the year.
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Artist Album Title (Label) Genre Rat. ©
10,000 Maniacs Our Time In Eden (Elektra) Genre 7/10
18th Dye Done (Matador) Genre 6/10
24-7 Spyz Strength In Numbers (EastWest) Genre 4/10
3DS Hellzapoppin' (Flying Nun) Genre 7/10
A House I Am The Greatest (Setanta) Genre 4/10
Able Tasmans Somebody Ate My Planet (Flying Nun) Genre 7/10
Adrian Belew Inner Revolution (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Afghan Wigs Congregation (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Aints Auto Cannibalism (Hot) Genre 6/10
Alanis Morissette Now Is The Time (MCA) Genre 4/10
Alastair Galbraith Morse (Siltbreeze - Trance Syndicate, 1996) Genre 6/10
Alboth Liebefeld (Permis De Construire) Genre 7/10
Alejandro Escovedo Gravity (Watermelon) Genre 7/10
Alessandro Pizzini Spettri (Explora) Genre /10
Algebra Suicide Swoon (Widely Distributed) synth-pop 5/10
Alice Donut The Untidy Suicides Of Your Degenerate Children (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 6/10
Alice In Chains Dirt (Columbia) Genre 7/10
Alien Sex Fiend Open Head Surgery (World Of Hurt) Genre 6/10
All About Eve Ultraviolet (MCA) Genre 6/10
All Percolater (Cruz) Genre 6/10
Altern8 Full On Mask Hysteria (Network) Genre 6/10
aMianiature Plexiwatt (Scheming Intelligentsia - Restless, 1994) Genre 6/10
Amoeba Eye Catching (Soundscape) Genre 5/10
Amy Denio Birthing Chair Blues (Knitting Factory) Genre 6/10
And One Flop (Machinery) Genre 5/10
Annie Lennox Diva (Arista) Genre 5/10
Aphex Twin Selected Ambient Works 1985-92 (Sire) Genre 6/10
Arson Garden Wisteria (Vertebrae) Genre 6/10
Virginia Astley All Shall Be Well (Columbia) Genre 5/10
Astralasia The Politics Of Ecstasy (Magick Eye) Genre 5/10
Atomic 61 Heartworm (Box Dog) Genre 6/10
Azalia Snail Burnt Sienna (Funky Mushroom) Genre 7/10
B52's Good Stuff (Reprise) Genre 5/10
Babes In Toyland Fontanelle (Reprise) Genre 8/10
Babyland You Suck Crap (Flipside) Genre 6/10
Bad Livers Delusions Of Banjer (Quarterstick) Genre 6/10
Bad Religion Generator (Epitaph) Genre 5/10
Band Of Susans Veil (Restless) Genre 7/10
Barbarella The Art of Dance (Eye-Q) techno 6/10
Barenaked Ladies Gordon (Reprise) Genre 7/10
Barry Adamson Soul Murder (Mute) Genre 7/10
Bassholes Blue Roots (In The Red) garage-blues 6/10
Beastie Boys Check Your Head (Grand Royal) funk-rock 4/10
Beasts Of Bourbon The Low Road (Red Eye) Genre 5/10
Beat Happening You Turn Me On (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Beautiful South 0898 (Go Discs) Genre 4/10
Bel Canto Shimmering Warm And Bright (Nettwerk) Genre 6/10
Ben Vaughn Mono (Club De Musique) Genre 4/10
Big Chief Face (Repulsion, 1991 - SubPop) Genre 7/10
Big Wheel Holiday Manor (Mammoth) Genre 5/10
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Pyroclastics (Cuneiform) Genre 6/10
Black Crowes The Southern Harmony And Musical Companion (Def American) Genre 6/10
Blackhands The Original Chatam Jack (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Blast Puristsirup (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Blind Idiot God Cyclotron (Avant) Genre 7/10
Blind Melon Blind Melon (Capitol) Genre 6/10
Blind Mr Jones Stereo Musicale (Cherry Red) Genre 7/10
Blue Rodeo Lost Together (EastWest) Genre5/10
Blur Leisure (SBK) Genre 5/10
Bob Evans Adult World (Skene) Genre 6/10
Bob Wiseman City Of Wood (Atlantic) Genre 5/10
Bodeco Bone, Hair And Hide (Homestead) garage 7/10
Bongwater The Big Sell-Out (Shimmy Disc) Genre 7/10
Boo Radleys Everything's Alright Forever (Creation) Genre 5/10
BORB Trailer Full Of Smoke (Twisted Village) psychedelic 5/10
Boredoms Pop Tatari (Reprise) Genre 6/10
Brenda Kahn Epiphany In Brooklyn (Chaos) Genre 6/10
Brother JT Meshes Of The Afternoon (Twisted Village) psychedelic 6/10
Brutal Truth Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses (Earache) Genre 7/10
Buckethead Bucketheadland (Avant) Genre 7/10
Lindsey Buckingham Out Of The Cradle (Reprise) songwriter 6/10
Buffalo Tom Let Me Come Over (Beggars Banquet) Genre 6/10
Cabaret Voltaire Plasticity (Plastex) Genre 6/10
Cakekitchen World Of Sand (Homestead) Genre 7/10
Calamity Jane Martha Jane Cannary (SMR) Genre 6/10
Candy Machine #25 (Skene) noise-rock 6/10
Carter And The Unstoppable Sex Machine The Love Album (Chrysalis) Genre 6/10
Caspar Brötzmann Der Abend der Schwarzen Folklore (Our Choice) Genre 7/10
Cassandra Complex Beyond The Wall Of Sleep (Play It Again Sam) Genre 6/10
Catherine Wheel Ferment (Fontana) Genre 8/10
Nick Cave Henry's Dream (Elektra) Genre 7/10
Caveman Shoestore Master Cylinder (T/K) Genre 7/10
Celibate Rifles Heaven On A Stick (Hot) Genre 5/10
Cell Slo Blo (DGC) Genre 6/10
Chainsaw Kittens Flipped In Singapore (Mammoth) Genre 6/10
Charalambides Our Bed Is Green (Mutual Admiration Society, 1992) psychedelic 6/10
Charlatans Between 10th And 11th (Beggars Banquet) Genre 5/10
Chemical People Chemical People (Cruz) Genre 6/10
Cherubs Icing (Trance) Genre 7/10
Vic Chestnutt West Of Rome (Texas Hotel) Genre 7/10
Chills Soft Bomb (Slash) Genre 6/10
Chris Bailey Savage Entertainment (New Rose) blues-rock 5/10
Chris Connelly Phenobarb Bam-Ba-Lam (Wax Trax) Genre 6/10
Chris Mars Horseshoes And Hand Grenades (Smash) Genre 6/10
Christian Death Iron Mask (Cleopatra) Genre 5/10
Chumbawamba Shhh (Agit Prop) Genre 7/10
Church Priest = Aura (Arista) Genre 6/10
Circus Lupus Super Genius (Dischord) Genre 7/10
Clan of Xymos Metamorphosis (Zok) techno 5/10
Clawhammer Ramwhale (Sympathy) Genre 6/10
Clock DVA Man-Amplified (Contempo) Genre 5/10
Coal Porters Rebels Without Applause (Rubber) country-rock 5/10
Coil Stolen And Contaminated Songs (Threshold House) Genre 4/10
Come Eleven: Eleven (Matador) Genre 6/10
Concrete Blonde Walking In London (IRS) Genre 7/10
Consolidated Play More Music (Nettwerk) Genre 5/10
Controlled Bleeding Penetration (Third Mind) Genre 5/10
Cowboy Mouth Word of Mouth (Domino) roots-rock 5/10
Cowboy Junkies Black Eyed Man (RCA) Genre 6/10
Cows Cunning Stunts (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 7/10
Cracker Cracker (Virgin) Genre 7/10
Cranes Forever (Dedicated) Genre 5/10
Crash Worship Espontaneo (Charnel Music) Genre 6/10
Crawlspace Sphereality (Sympathy) Genre 7/10
Helios Creed Kiss To The Brain (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 5/10
Creedle Half Man Half Pie (Cargo) punk-jazz 6/10
Cro-Mags Alpha-Omega (Century Media) Genre 6/10
Cud Asquarius (A&M) Genre 5/10
Cul De Sac Ecim (Northeastern) Genre 7/10
Cure Wish (Elektra) Genre 6/10
Current 93 Thunder Perfect Mind (Durtro) Genre 7/10
Curve Doppelganger (Anxious) Genre 7/10
D.O.A. 13 Flavours Of Doom (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 4/10
Dada Puzzle (IRS) power-pop 4/10
Dadamah This Is Not A Dream (Majora) alt-rock 8/10
Dag Nasty Four On The Floor (Epitaph) Genre 4/10
Jeff Dahl Wicked (Triple X) hardcore 5/10
Daisy Chainsaw Eleventeen (One Little Indian) Genre 5/10
Damon & Naomi More Sad Hits (Shimmy Disc) Genre 7/10
Daniel Ash Foolish Thing Desire (Columbia) Genre 4/10
Danzig Black Aria (Plan 9) Genre 6/10
Danzig How The Gods Kill (Def American) Genre 6/10
Darkside Melomania (Beggars Banquet) Genre 5/10
Darling Buds Erotica (Columbia) Brit-pop 6/10
Das Ich Die Propheten (Danse Macabre) industrial 6/10
Dave Stewart Vegas (RCA) soul-rock 4/10
David Baerwald Triage (A&M) Genre 7/10
David Byrne Uh Oh (Luaka Bop) Genre 5/10
David J Urban Urbane (MCA) Genre 4/10
David Kilgour Here Comes The Cars (Flying Nun) Genre 6/10
Dazzling Killmen Dig Out The Switch (Intellectual Convulsion) Genre 7/10
Dead C Harsh '70s Reality (Siltbrezze) Genre 8/10
Dead Milkmen Soul Rotation (Hollywood) punk-rock 5/10
Death In June But What Ends When The Symbols Shatter (NER) Genre 6/10
Deee-Lite Infinity Within (Elektra) techno 4/10
Deep Forest Deep Forest (Celine) Genre 7/10
Deicide Legion (Roadrunner) death metal 6/10
Denim Back In Denim (Boy's Own) Genre 5/10
Del Amitri Change Everything (A&M) melodic rock 5/10
Depeche Mode Songs Of Faith And Devotion (Enigma) Genre 6/10
Deuter Henon (Kuckuck) Genre /10
Die Form Confessions (Danceteria) industrial 6/10
Ani DiFranco Imperfectly (Righteous Babe) songwriter 6/10
Digital Poodle Soul Crash (DOVentertainment) Genre 5/10
Dillon Fence Rosemary (Mammoth) roots-rock 6/10
Din Fantastic Planet (DOVentertainment) Genre 5/10
Distorted Pony Punishment Room (Bomp) Genre 8/10
Dog Faced Hermans Mental Blocks For All Ages (Konkurrent) Genre 6/10
Dogbowl Flan (Shimmy Disc) Genre 7/10
Down By Law Blue (Epitaph) Genre 5/10
Downy Mildew An Oncoming Train (High Street) Genre 4/10
Drain Pick Up Heaven (Trance Syndicate) Genre 8/10
Dream Theater Images And Words (Atco) Genre 7/10
Drome Anachronism (Silent) ambient 5/10
Drop Nineteens Delaware (Caroline) Genre 6/10
Drunken Boat See Ruby Falls (First Warning) Genre 5/10
Drumming On Glass Here Comes Geezer (Aurora) Genre 6/10
Bob Dylan Good As I Been To You (CBS) songwriter 4/10
Earwig Under My Skin I Am Laughing (La Di Da) dream-pop 7/10
Echolyn Suffocating The Bloom (Bridge) prog-rock 7/10
Edsel Strange Loop (Merkin) Genre 7/10
Eleven Awake In A Dream (Morgan Creek) Genre 5/10
Elvis Hitler Supersadomasochristicexpialidocious (Restless) garage-rock 5/10
EMF Stigma (EMI) dance 4/10
Endino's Earthworm Endino's Earthworm (Cruz) Genre 6/10
Endino's Earthworm Push (Roadracer) Genre 6/10
Enya self-titled (Atlantic, 1986 - WEA) Genre 7/10
Eugenius Oomalama (Paperhouse) Genre 6/10
Evil Mothers Crossdresser (Invisible) Genre 6/10
Exquisite Corpse Dream Night Dance Music (Kk) Genre 6/10
Eye & I Eye & I (Sony) Genre 6/10
Failure Comfort (Slash) hard-rock 6/10
Faith Healers Lido (Too Pure) Genre 7/10
Faith No More Angel Dust (Slash) Genre 7/10
Fall Code: Selfish (Cog Sinister) Genre 5/10
Fall-Outs Fall-Outs (Super Electro) Genre 6/10
False Virgins Infernal Doll (Brake Out) Genre 6/10
Farside Rochambeau (Revelation) hardcore 6/10
Fastbacks The Question Is No (SubPop) Genre 7/10
Fatima Mansion Valhalla Avenue (Radioactive) Genre 6/10
Fear Factory Soul of a New Machine (Roadrunner) death-metal 7/10
Fertile Crescent Fertile Crescent (Knitting Factory) noise-rock 6/10
Fire & Ice Gilded By The Sun (NER) Genre 4/10
Five Eight I Learned Shut-up (Sky) roots-rock 6/10
Flaming Lips Hit To Death In The Future Head (WB) Genre 7/10
Flesh Eaters Sex Diary Of Mr Vampire (SST) Genre 5/10
Fleshtones Powerstance (Naked Language) Genre 6/10
Flop Flop & The Fall Of The Mopsqueezer (Frontier) Genre 7/10
Rosie Flores After The Farm (Hightone) songwriter 5/10
Flowerhead Ka Bloom (Zoo) Genre 6/10
Sue Foley Young Girl Blues (Antone's) blues 5/10
Forever Einstein Opportunity Crosses the Bridge (Cuneiform) Genre 7/10
Forrest Fang World Diary (Ominous Thud) Genre 7/10
Frank & Walters Trains Boats And Planes (Polygram) pop 7/10
Fred Bison Five Beatroots (Woronzow) Genre 4/10
Freedy Johnston Can You Fly (Bar None) Genre 7/10
Front Line Assembly Tactical Neutral Implant (Roadrunner) Genre 6/10
Fuzzhead LSD (Heliocentric) psych 5/10
Peter Gabriel Us (Real World) prog-rock 6/10
Gallon Drunk You, The Night And The Music (Clawfist) Genre 8/10
Gary Lucas Gods And Monsters (Enemy) Genre 7/10
Gas Huffer Integrity Technology And Service (Empty) Genre 7/10
Gavin Friday Adam'N'Eve (Island) Genre 6/10
Gene Loves Jezebel Heavenly Bodies (Savage) Genre 4/10
Ghost Second Time Around (PSF) Genre 6/10
Gin Blossoms New Miserable Experience (A&M) Genre 6/10
Girls Vs Boys Tropic Of Scorpio (Adult Swim) Genre 8/10
Gits Frenching The Bully (C/Z) Genre 7/10
Gobblehoof Freezer Burn (New Alliance) Genre 6/10
God And Texas History Volume One (Rave) Genre 7/10
God Possession (Virgin) Genre 6/10
God Is My Co-Pilot I Am Not This Body (Making Of Americans) Genre 7/10
God Is My Co-Pilot Speed Yr Trip (Making Of Americans) Genre 6/10
God's Favorite Band In Through The Out House (Twin Tone) noise-rock 4/10
Godflesh Pure (Earache) Genre 8/10
Gories Outta Here (Crypt) Genre 5/10
Graham Parker Burning Questions (Capitol) Genre 5/10
Green Day Kerplunk (Lookout) Genre 6/10
Green On Red Too Much Fun (China) Genre 5/10
Green Pop Tarts (Futurist) Genre 7/10
Grifters So Happy Together (Sonic Noise) Genre 8/10
Ground Zero Ground-Zero (God Mountain) avantgarde 6/10
Guided By Voices Propeller (Rockathon) Genre 7/10
Guttermouth Full Length (Dr Strange) Genre 5/10
Gwar America Must Be Destroyed (Metal Blade) Genre 5/10
H.P. Zinker Perseverance (Roughneck) Genre 5/10
Hafler Trio The Mastery Of Money (Touch 1992) Genre 6/10
Keiji Haino Affection (PSF) avant-rock 5/10
Hair And Skin Trading Co Jo In Nine G Hell (Situation Two) Genre 6/10
Half Japanese Fire In The Sky (Paperhouse) Genre 6/10
Happy Mondays Yes Please (Factory) Genre 5/10
Heavenly Le Jardin De Heavenly (Sarah) Genre 7/10
Richard Hell Dim Stars (Caroline) Genre 6/10
Helmet Meantime (Interscope) Genre 6/10
Karl Hendricks Trio Buick Elektra (Peas Kor) Genre 5/10
Hieronymus Firebrain Hieronymus Firebrain (Delta) alt-rock 6/10
High Llamas: Santa Barbara (Alpaca) Genre 6/10
High Rise Dispersion (PSF) acid-rock 7/10
Hilt Journey To The Centre Of The Bowl (Nettwerk) Genre 5/10
House Of Love Babe Rainbow (Fontana) Genre 5/10
Humpers Journey To The Center Of Your Wallet (Sympathy) Genre 5/10
Humpers Positively Sick On 4th Street (Sympathy) Genre 5/10
Hunters And Collectors Cut (White Label) Genre 6/10
Hybryds The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (Daft) industrial 5/10
Hybryds Music For Rituals (Artware) industrial 6/10
Hypnolovewheel Angel Food (Alias) Genre 6/10
Ian McCulloch Mysterio (East West) Genre 4/10
Iceburn Firon (Victory) Genre 6/10
Illusion Of Safety Historical (Staalplaat) Genre 5/10
Illusion Of Safety Inside Agitator (Complacency) Genre 5/10
Immortal Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (Osmose) dark metal 6/10
In Slaughter Natives Enter The New World (Cold Meat Industry) Genre 6/10
In Slaughter Natives Sacrosants Bleed (Cold Meat Industry) Genre 6/10
In The Nursery Duality (Third Mind) Genre 5/10
Indigo Girls Rites Of Passage (Epic) Genre 5/10
Inspiral Carpet Revenge Of The Goldfish (Mute) Genre 5/10
Intermix Intermix (Third Mind) Genre 7/10
Intermix Phaze Two (Third Mind) Genre 6/10
Inxs Welcome To Wherever You Are (Atlantic) Genre 5/10
Iris Dement Infamous Angel (Philo - WB, 1993) Genre 6/10
Irresistible Force Flying High (Rising High) Genre 7/10
Jacob's Mouse No Fish Shop Parking (Blithering Idiot) Genre 7/10
James Seven (Fontana) Genre 5/10
Michael Hall Love Is Murder (Safe House) songwriter 6/10
Jarboe Thirteen Masks (Sky) Genre 8/10
Jawbox Novelty (Dischord) Genre 6/10
Jawbreaker Bivouac (Communion) Genre 5/10
Jayhawks Hollywood Town Hall (Def American) Genre 7/10
Jazz Butcher Condition Blue (Creation) Genre 5/10
Jesus And Mary Chain Honey's Dad (Blanco Y Negro) Genre 6/10
Jesus Lizard Liar (Touch & Go) Genre 8/10
Jim O'Rourke Disengage (Staalplaat) Genre 6/10
Jim O'Rourke Tomorrow Knows Where You Live (Victo) Genre 5/10
Jody Grind Lefty's Deceiver (DB) Genre 6/10
Joe Henry Short Man's Room (Mammoth) Genre 6/10
Joe Satriani The Extremist (Combat) instrumental 4/10
John Wesley Harding Why We Fight (Sire) Genre 5/10
John Zorn with Painkiller Buried Secrets (Earache) Genre /10
Jon Spencer Blues Experience Crypt Style (Caroline) Genre 8/10
Daniel Johnston Artistic Vice (Shimmy Disc) Genre 7/10
Jules Shear Great Puzzle (Polydor) Genre 5/10
Julian Cope Jehovahkill (Island) Genre 6/10
Juliana Hatfield Hey Babe (Mammoth) Genre 8/10
Paul K The Killer in the Rain (SilenZ) alt-blues 6/10
Kate St John & Roger Eno The Familiar (All Saints) Genre 6/10
Keith Leblanc Time Traveller (Blanc) Genre 6/10
Kendra Smith Guild Of Temporal Adventurers (Babalon Production) Genre 7/10
Kid Rock Polyfuze Method (Continuum) rap-metal 6/10
King Missile Happy Hour (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
King's X King's X (Atlantic) hard-rock 4/10
Kit Watkins A Different View (Linden) Genre 4/10
Kit Watkins Thought Tones (Linden) Genre 6/10
Kit Watkins Wet Dark And Low (Linden) Genre 6/10
Kitchens Of Distinction The Death Of Cool (One Little Indian) Genre 6/10
KMFDM Money (Wax Trax) Genre 6/10
KMFDM Naive (Wax Trax) Genre 7/10
Thomas Koner Teimo (Barooni) ambient 6/10
Kramer & Daevid Allen Who's Afraid (Shimmy Disc) Genre 6/10
Ed Kuepper Black Ticket Day (Hot) Genre 5/10
Kyuss Blues For The Red Sun (Dali) Genre 8/10
L.S.U. The Grape Prophet () Genre 5/10
L7 Bricks Are Heavy (Slash) Genre 8/10
La Banda Del Lago Cuestions De Tiempo (Nova Era) Genre /10
Lagwagon Duh (Fat Wreck) popcore 5/10
Laibach Kapital (Mute) Genre 5/10
Larry McMurtry Candyland (Columbia) songwriter 7/10
Lassigue Bendthaus Cloned (Contempo - Kk, 1994) Genre 5/10
Leaether Strip Solitary Confinement (Zoth Ommog) Genre 6/10
Leatherface Minx (Roughneck) punk-rock 6/10
Leaving Trains The Lump In My Forehead (SST) Genre 5/10
Legendary Pink Dots Shadow Weaver (Play It Again Sam) Genre 6/10
Legion False Dawn (Hyperium) industrial 5/10
Lemonheads It's A Shame About Ray (Atlantic) Genre 7/10
Levitation Need For Not (Capitol) Genre 5/10
Lida Husik Your Bag (Shimmy Disc) Genre 8/10
Life Sex And Death The Silent Majority (Reprise) Genre 6/10
Lightning Seeds Sense (MCA) Genre 6/10
Lilys In The Presence Of Nothing (Spinart) garage-rock 7/10
Liquor Giants You're Always Welcome (Lucky) roots-rock 5/10
Lois Maffeo Butterfly Kiss (K Records) Genre 6/10
Loreena McKennitt The Visit (Quinlan Road) Genre 6/10
Los Lobos Kiko (Slash) Genre 6/10
Love Battery Dayglo (SubPop) Genre 7/10
Love Child Witchcraft (Homestead) Genre 7/10
Love Is Colder Than Death Mental Traveller (Hyperium) Genre 6/10
Love On Ice Nude (Interscope) Genre 5/10
Love Spirals Downwards Idylls (Projekt) Genre 7/10
Lull Dreamt About Dreaming (Sentrax Prod) Genre 6/10
Luna Lunapark (Elektra) Genre 6/10
Lunachicks Binge And Purge (Safe House) Genre 6/10
Lungfish Talking Songs For Walking (Dischord) Genre 5/10
Lury Lech A Bite In The Common Sense (Hyades Arts) Genre /10
Lush Spooky (4AD) Genre 6/10
Lustmord The Monstrous Soul (Side Effects) Genre 6/10
Madonna Erotica (Maverick) Genre 6/10
Magic Mushroom Band Rehash (Magick Eye) Genre 5/10
Magnetic Fields The Wayward Bus (PoPuP) Genre 8/10
Magnolias Off The Hook (Alias) Genre 6/10
Main Hydra-Calm (Situation Two) Genre 6/10
Mandible Chatter Serenade For Anton (Russell) industrial 6/10
Manic Street Preachers Generation Terrorists (Columbia) Genre 6/10
Marc Ribot Requiem For What's His Name (Crepuscule) Genre 6/10
Marty Willson-Piper Spirit Level (Rykodisc) Genre 6/10
Mary's Danish American Standard (Morgan Creek) Genre 5/10
Material Issue Destination Universe (Mercury) Genre 6/10
Meat Beat Manifesto Satyricon (Mute) Genre 5/10
Mecca Normal Dovetail (K) foxcore 5/10
Medicine Shot Forth Self Living (Def American) Genre 7/10
Mega City Four Sebastopol Road (Big Life) Genre 6/10
Megadeth Countdown To Extinction (Capitol) Genre 6/10
Mekons I Love (Quarterstick) Genre 6/10
Melissa Etheridge Never Enough (Island) Genre 5/10
Melvins Melvins (Boner) Genre 7/10
Mentallo & The Fixer No Rest For The Wicked (Simbiose) Genre 6/10
Michael Brook Cobalt Blue (4AD) ambient 7/10
Mighty Lemon Drop Ricochet (Sire) psychedelic 4/10
Mighty Mighty Bosstones More Noise And Other Disturbances (Taang) Genre 5/10
Mike Gunn Durban Poison (Double Naught) psychedelic 6/10
Mike Knott Screaming Brittle Siren () Genre 5/10
Milk Cult Love God (Boner) industrial 6/10
Roger Miller How The West Was Won (SST) progr-rock 5/10
Ministry Psalm 69 (Sire) Genre 6/10
Miranda Sex Garden Suspiria (Mute) Genre 6/10
Mo Boma Jijimuge (Extreme) Genre 7/10
Moby Moby (Instinct) techno 7/10
Momus Voyager (Creation) Genre 5/10
Monkeywrench Clean As A Broke-Dick Dog (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Monks Of Doom Forgery (IRS) Genre 5/10
Mono Men Wrecker (Estrus) garage 7/10
Moonshake Eva Luna (Too Pure) Genre 8/10
Morphine Good (Accurate) Genre 9/10
Morrissey Your Arsenal (Sire) Genre 6/10
Motorpsycho Soothing Songs for Ruth (Voices of Wonder) Genre 6/10
Mr T Experience Milk Milk Lemonade (Lookout) Genre 6/10
Mudwimin Skiz (Big Dog) Genre 6/10
Mummies Play Their Own Records (Estrus) garage-rock 7/10
Mummies Never Been Caught (Telstar) garage-rock 7/10
Murder Inc self-titled (Invisible) Genre 6/10
Murmurs Who Are We (Murmurs) Genre 6/10
Muslimgauze Zul'm (Extreme) Genre 4/10
Muslimgauze Zul'M (Extreme) Genre 4/10
My Dad Is Dead Out Of Sight Out Of Mind (Scat) Genre 6/10
My Dying Bride As The Flowers Wither (Peaceville) Genre 6/10
My Sister's Machine Diva (Caroline) Genre 6/10
Napalm Death Utopia Banished (Earache) Genre 6/10
Nation Of Ulysses Plays Pretty For Baby (Dischord) Genre 8/10
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Are You Normal (Sony) Genre 4/10
Nels Cline Trio Silencer (Enja) instrumental 6/10
Neneh Cherry Homebrew (Virgin) Genre 5/10
Neurosis Souls At Zero (Sympathy) Genre 7/10
New Bad Things Freewheel (Candy Ass) alt-rock 7/10
New Fast Automatic Daffodils Body Exit Mind (Mute) rave 5/10
New Radiant Storm King My Little Bastard Soul (Cargo) noise-rock 5/10
Nimrod Grandson Of Ham (Scratch) Genre 6/10
Nine Inch Nails Broken (Interscope) industrial 6/10
No Doubt No Doubt (Interscope) Ska-punk 6/10
No Use For A Name Don't Miss The Train (Fat Wreck) hardcore 4/10
Nocturnal Emissions Voice Of Babes (Earthly Delights) Genre 5/10
No-Man Lovesighs (One Little Indian) Genre 5/10
Nurse With Wound Thunder Perfect Mind (United Diaries) Genre 6/10
Ocean Color Scene Ocean Colour Scene (Fontana) Genre 5/10
Of Cabbages And Kings Hunter's Moon (Triple X) Genre 7/10
Offspring Ignition (Epitaph) Genre 7/10
Orb U.F.Orb (Big Life) Genre 8/10
Original Sins Out There (Psonik) Genre 6/10
Overpass Overpass (New Alliance) Genre 7/10
Overwhelming Colorfast Overwhelming Colorfast (Relativity) punk-pop 5/10
Oyster Band Deserters (Rykodisc) Genre 5/10
P.J. Harvey Dry (Too Pure) Genre 6/10
Pain Teens Stimulation Festival (Trance Syndicate) Genre 8/10
Pale Saints In Ribbons (4AD) Genre 7/10
Pantera Vulgar Display Of Power (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Paradise Lost Shades Of God (Music For Nations) Genre 5/10
Paul Roland Strychnine (New Rose) Genre 4/10
Paul Weller self-titled (Go Disc) Genre 5/10
Pavement Slanted And Enchanted (Matador) Genre 6/10
Perfume Tree Dust (Zulu) dream-pop 6/10
Peter Case Six Pack Of Love (Geffen) Genre 6/10
Peter Himmelman Flown This Acid World (Epic) Genre 5/10
Peter Murphy Holy Smoke (Beggars Banquet) Genre 6/10
PGR The Chemical Bride (Silent) industrial 6/10
Phish A Picture Of Nectar (Elektra) Genre 8/10
Piero Milesi The Nuclear Observatory Of Mr Namof (Cuneiform) Genre /10
Pigface Fook (Invisible) Genre 7/10
Pizzicato Five Miss Pizzicato Five Superstar (Columbia) Genre 5/10
Pizzicato Five Pizzicato Free soul (Columbia) Genre 4/10
Pizzicato Five Sweet Pizzicato Five (Columbia) Genre 4/10
Placebo Galleries Of Pain (Danse Macabre) Genre 6/10
Poi Dog Pondering Volo Volo (Columbia) Genre 5/10
Polvo Cor-Crane Secret (Merge) Genre 8/10
Polygon Window Surfing On Sinewaves (Warp - Wax Trax, 1993) Genre 6/10
Pop Will Eat Itself The Looks Of The Lifestyle (RCA) Genre 5/10
Porcupine Tree On The Sunday Of Life (Delerium) Genre 7/10
Porn Orchard Name Your Regions (C/Z) Genre 5/10
Poster Children Tool Of Man (Sire) Genre 6/10
Praxis - Bill Laswell Transmutation (Axiom) Genre 7/10
Pressure Drop Upset (Boombastic) trip-hop 5/10
Pressurehed Infadrone (Cleopatra) Genre 6/10
Prodigy Experience (Elektra) Genre 7/10
Project Pitchfork Entities (Hypnobeat) Genre 7/10
Project Pitchfork Lam` Bras (Hypnobeat) Genre 6/10
Psychic TV Direction Of Travel (Temple) Genre 5/10
Psychic Warriors Ov Gaia Ov Biospheres And Sacred Grooves (Kk) Genre 7/10
Rage Against The Machine self-titled (Epic) Genre 7/10
Railroad Jerk Raise The Plow (Matador) Genre 6/10
Ramones Mondo Bizarro (Sire) Genre 6/10
Rapoon Dream Circle (DOVEntertainment) Genre 7/10
Rats Of Unusual Size Id, Ego, Superego & Burns Ltd (Skreamin' Skull) Genre 6/10
Recoil Bloodline (Mute) synth-pop 4/10
Red House Painters Down Colorful Hill (4AD) folk-rock 9/10
Red Red Meat self-titled (Perishable) Genre 7/10
Rein Sanction Mariposa (SubPop) noise-pop 4/10
R.E.M. Automatic For The People (Warner Bros) Genre 5/10
Rembrandts Untitled (Atco) power-pop 5/10
Jonathan Richman I, Jonathan (Rounder) Genre 4/10
Ride Going Blank Again (Creation) Genre 5/10
Ridgway Stan Songs That Made This Country Great (IRS) Genre /10
Robert Carty Natural Wonder (CrO2) Genre /10
Robin Frederick How Far How Fast (Higher Octave) Genre /10
Robin Holcomb Rockabye (Elektra) Genre 7/10
Rollins Band End Of Silence (Imago) Genre 7/10
Sam Rosenthal & Vidna Obmana Terrace Of Memories (Projekt) gothic 6/10
Rosetta Stone Adrenaline (Cleopatra) gothic 5/10
Royal Trux Royal Trux (Drag City) Genre 7/10
Ruins Burning Stone (Shimmy Disc) Genre7/10
Russ Tolman Road Movie (New Rose) Genre 5/10
Sad And Lonelys Sad And Lonelys (Super Electro) Genre 5/10
Santana Milagro (Polygram) latin-rock 6/10
Santi Vega & Eva Gancedo Audiovisual Works (Lektronic Soundscapes) Genre /10
Scanner Scanner 1 (Ash) electronica 6/10
Scatterbrain Scamboogery (Elektra) Genre 6/10
Schramms Rock Paper Scissors Dynamite (Okra) country-rock 6/10
Scorn Vae Solis (Earache) Genre 8/10
Scott Kempner Tenement Angels (Razor Edge) Genre 6/10
Screaming Trees Sweet Oblivion (Epic) Genre 7/10
Screeching Weasel Wiggie (Lookout) Genre 6/10
Seaweed Weak (Subpop) Genre 6/10
Seers Peace Crazies (Cherry Red) Genre 5/10
Senseless Things The First Too Many (Epic) punk-pop 5/10
Sepultura Arise (Roadrunner) Genre 7/10
Seven Year Bitch Sick 'Em (C/Z) Genre 6/10
Shadow Project Dreams For The Dying (Triple X) Genre 6/10
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet Dim The Lights Chill The Ham (Cargo) Genre 8/10
Shamen Boss Drum (One Little Indian) Genre 6/10
Shelter Quest For Certainty (Equal Vision) Genre 6/10
Shinjuku Thief Bloody Tourist (Extreme) Genre 8/10
Michelle Shocked Arkansas Traveler (Mercury) Genre 6/10
Shriekback Sacred City (World Domination) Genre 5/10
Shrimp Boat Duende (Bar/None) prog-rock 7/10
Shudder To Think Get Your Goat (Dischord) Genre 7/10
Sick Of It All Just Look Around (Relativity) Genre 6/10
Silkworm L'Ajre (Temporary Freedom) Genre 7/10
Silos Hasta La Victoria (Watermelon) roots-rock 5/10
Silverfish Organ Fan (Creation) Genre 7/10
Simon Bonney Forever (Mute) Genre 6/10
Sinead O'Connor Am I Not Your Girl (Chrysalis) Genre 4/10
Sister Double Happiness Heart And Mind (Reprise) Genre 6/10
Sister Machine Gun Sins Of The Flesh (Wax Trax) Genre 7/10
Skinny Puppy Last Rights (Nettwerk) Genre 6/10
Skrew Burning In Water Drowning In Flame (Metal Blade) Genre 7/10
Sleep Volume One (Very Small) stoner 6/10
Sloppy Wrenchbody Even In Hell (Kk) Genre 5/10
Slovenly Highway to Hanno's (SST) Genre 8/10
Smog Forgotten Foundation (Drag City) Genre 7/10
Smugglers Atlanta Whiskey Flats (Popllama) punk-rock 5/10
Snatches Of Pink Bent With Pray (Caroline) Genre 5/10
Snog Lies Inc (Machinery) Genre 7/10
Social Distortion Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell (Epic) Genre 5/10
Sol Invictus & Steve Stapleton Revenge Of The Selfish Shellfish (Tursa) Genre 4/10
Sol Invictus King & Queen (Tursa) Genre 4/10
Some More Crime Code Opera (ZZO) Genre 5/10
Some Velvet Sidewalk Avalanche (K) Genre 6/10
Sonic Youth Dirty (DGC) Genre 7/10
Sophie Hawkins Tongues And Tails (Columbia) songwriter 6/10
Soul Asylum: Grave Dancers Union (Columbia) Genre 6/10
Souled American Sonny (Rough Trade) folk 6/10
Soup Dragons Hotwired (Polygram) Genre 5/10
Spiritualized Lazer Guided Melodies (Dedicated) Genre 7/10
Sprinkler More Boy Less Friend (Subpop) Genre 6/10
Starlings Valid (Anxious) lo-fi pop 6/10
Steppes Atomic Cossack (Voxx) Genre 4/10
Stereolab Switched On (Too Pure - Slumberland) Genre 7/10
Stereolab Peng (Too Pure) Genre 6/10
Steroid Maximus Gondwanaland (Big Cat) Genre 7/10
Steve Roach & Robert Rich Soma (Hearts of Space) Genre 7/10
Steve Roach World's Edge (Fortuna) Genre 8/10
Steve Wynn Dazzling Display (Rhino) Genre 5/10
Stray Cats Choo Choo Hot Fish (JRS) Genre 5/10
ST 37 Invisible College (Over And Out) psychedelic 6/10
Stuart Moxham Signal Path (Feel Good All Over) pop 4/10
Sublime 40 Oz To Freedom (Skunk) Genre 7/10
Sugar Copper Blue (Rykodisc) Genre 7/10
Sugarcubes Stick Around For Joy (One Little Indian) Genre 5/10
Suicidal Tendencies The Art Of Rebellion (Epic) Genre 5/10
Suicide Why Be Blue (Enemy) Genre 6/10
Sun City Girls Eye Mohini (Majora) Genre 6/10
Sun Dial Reflecter (Ufo) Genre 7/10
Sundays Blind (Parlophone) Genre 5/10
Superchunk On The Mouth (Matador) Genre 5/10
Supersuckers The Smoke Of Hell (SubPop) Genre 7/10
Suzanne Vega 99.9 F (A&M) Genre 5/10
Swing Out Sister Get In Touch With Yourself (Mercury) pop-jazz 4/10
Swirlies What To Do About Them (Taang) Genre 6/10
System 7 777 (Caroline - Big Life, 1993) Genre 7/10
Tall Dwarfs Weeville (Flying Nun, 1990 - Homestead) Genre 6/10
Tanita Tikaram Eleven Kinds Of Loneliness (EastWest) Genre 5/10
Tear Garden The Last Man To Fly (Nettwerk) Genre 5/10
Tel Basta Tel Basta (Delta) Genre 5/10
Telescopes self-titled (Creation) Genre 4/10
Television Television (Capitol) Genre 7/10
Terminal Cheesecake Pearlesque Kings Of The Jewhose (World Serpent) Genre7/10
Terminals Touch (Raffmond) garage-rock 7/10
Terra From Fire To Life (CNIM) Genre /10
Terror Against Terror Psychological Warfare Technology System (Dark Vinyl) Genre 5/10
Testament The Ritual (Atlantic) heavy metal 6/10
The The Dusk (Epic) Genre 6/10
Thelonious Monk Beautiful Mess (Capitol) roots-rock 5/10
Therapy? Nurse (A&M) Genre 7/10
These Immortal Souls I'm Never Gonna Die Again (Mute) Genre 6/10
They Might Be Giants Apollo 18 (Elektra) Genre 6/10
Think Three Like The Idea (Caroline) Genre 7/10
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Mother Of All Saints (Matador) Genre 8/10
Thomas Dolby Astronauts And Heretics (Giant) Genre 5/10
Richard Thompson Sweet Talker (Capitol) songwriter 5/10
Three Mile Pilot Na Vucca Do Lupu (Negative Pulse) alt-rock 7/10
360's Supernatural (Link) power-pop 5/10
Hydroponic (What Have You) funk-rock 5/10
Throw That Beat In The Garbage Can The Cool Album (Electrola) pop 5/10
Throwing Muses Red Heaven (Sire) Genre 6/10
Thurston Moore & William Hooker self-titled (Ecstatic Peace) Genre 6/10
Tina & The B-Side Movement Young Americans (TinaTunes) Genre 6/10
Tiny Lights Stop The Sun (Dr Dream) Genre 7/10
Toiling Midgets Son (Matador) Genre 6/10
Tom Verlaine Warm and Cool (Rykodisc) Genre 7/10
Tone Dogs The Early Middle Years (Soleilmoon) Genre 6/10
Too Much Joy Mutiny (Giant) pop 5/10
Tori Amos Little Earthquakes (EastWest) Genre 7/10
Tracy Chapman Matters Of The Heart (Elektra) Genre 4/10
Tragically Hip Fully Completely (MCA) roots-rock 5/10
Trash Can School Sick Jokes And Wet Dreams (Sympathy) Genre 6/10
Tripping Daisy Bill (Dragon Street - Island, 1993) Genre 7/10
Trisha Yearwood Hearts In Armor (MCA) Genre 5/10
Trumans Waters Of Thick Tum (Justice My Eye) Genre 7/10
TV Personalities Closer To God (Seed) psychedelic 6/10
Ugly Kid Joe America's Least Wanted (Stardog) hard-rock 5/10
Ultra Vivid Scene Rev (4AD) Genre 5/10
Ultramarine Every Man And Woman Is A Star (Dali) Genre 7/10
Uncle Tupelo March 16-20 (Rockville) Genre 7/10
Unrest Imperial f.f.r.r. (Teen Beat) Genre 8/10
U.S. Saucer My Company Is Misery (Amarillo) alt-country 5/10
Uz Isme Doma Nemilovany Svet/Unloved World (Skoda) prog-rock 6/10
Vacant Lot Because They Can (Shake) punk-pop 6/10
Vampire Rodents Premonition (VR Productions) Genre 8/10
Vanessa Daou Head Music (Columbia) songwriter 4/10
Vanilla Trainwreck Sounding to Try Like You (Mammoth) Genre 5/10
Velvet Crush In The Presence Of Greatness (Ringers Lactate) power-pop 6/10
Vermonster The Holy Sound Of American Pipe (Twisted Village) psychedelic 5/10
Vertigo Ventriloquist (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre5/10
Victim's Family The Germ (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 5/10
Vidna Obmana Shadowing In Sorrow (Decade Collection) Genre 6/10
Village Of Savoonga Village Of Savoonga (Hausmusik) post-rock 6/10
Viva Saturn Soundmind (Spirit) Genre 5/10
Susan Voelz 13 Ribs (Pravda) songwriter 6/10
Voice Of Destruction Steamroller Tactics (Cleopatra) industrial 6/10
Voodoo Gearshift Gluegoat (C/Z) Genre 5/10
Vulgar Boatmen Please Panic (Caroline) alt rock 7/10
Wallflowers Wallflowers (Virgin) roots-rock 6/10
Walt Mink Miss Happiness (Caroline) Genre 6/10
Warrior Soul Salutations from the Ghetto Nation (Geffen) Genre 5/10
Wayne Rogers Ego River (Twisted Village) psychedelic 6/10
Weathermen Global 851 (Mute) Genre 5/10
Wedding Present Hit Parade (BMG) Genre 6/10
Ween Pond (Shimmy Disc) Genre 7/10
Whipping Boy Submarine (Liquid) Genre 5/10
White Zombies La Sexorcisto (Geffen) heavy metal 7/10
Xorcist Damned Souls (21st Circuitry) Genre 6/10
X-Tal Everything Crashed (Alias) Genre 6/10
XTC Nonsuch (Virgin) Genre 5/10
Yard Sale Turtle (Triple X) Genre 5/10
Yeht Mae Anatomy (Zoth Ommog) industrial 5/10
Yo La Tengo May I Sing With Me (Alias) Genre 8/10
Young Fresh Fellows It's Low Beat Time (Frontier) Genre 7/10
Young Gods TV Sky (Play It Again Sam) Genre 6/10
Richard Youngs Ceaucescu (Forced Exposure) post-rock 5/10
Zeni Geva Total Castration (Public Bath) Genre 7/10
Zodiac Mindwarp Hoodlum Thunder (Musidisc) Genre 5/10
Zulu's Petals When No One's Looking (Twin Tone) Genre 6/10

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