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Recensioni del 1995

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Reviews of 1995 albums

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Artist Album Title (Label) Genre Rat. ©
18th Dye Tribute To A Bus (Matador) Genre 7/10
2 Foot Flame 2 Foot Flame (Matador) Genre 5/10
5ive Style Self-titled (SubPop) Genre 7/10
9-Iron Make-out King (Safe House) power-pop 6/10
A Guy Called Gerald Black Street Technology (Juice Box) Genre 7/10
A Handful Of Dust Now Gods Stand Up For Bastards (Corpus Hermeticum) Genre 6/10
A House Wide Eyed And Ignorant (Radioactive) Genre 5/10
A.F.I. Answer That And Stay Fashionable (Nitro) Genre 5/10
ACDC Ballbreaker (EastWest) Genre 4/10
Adam Ant Wonderful (Capitol) pop 3/10
Aimee Mann I'm With Stupid (Geffen) songwriter 6/10
Aints Shelf Life Unlimited (Hot) Genre 6/10
Air Liquide The Increased Difficulty Of Concentration (Smile) Genre 8/10
Air Miami Me Me Me (Teenbeat) Genre 6/10
Alan Vega New Raceion (label) electro-billy 4/10
Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill (Maverick) Genre 8/10
Alcohol Funnycar Weasels (C/Z) Genre 4/10
Alec Empire Low On Ice (Mille Plateaux) techno 6/10
Alice Donut Pure Acid Park (Alternative Tentacles) alt rock 5/10
Alice In Chains Alice In Chains (Columbia) Genre 6/10
All Pummel (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Allison Cameron Raw Sangudo (Experimental Intermedia) Genre /10
Alison Statton Maple Snow (Vinyl Japan) songwriter 4/10
Alloy Orchestra Lonesome (Accurate) instrumental 6/10
aMiniature Murk Time Cruiser (Restless) Genre 5/10
Amps Pacer (4AD) Genre 6/10
An Emotional Fish Sloper (ZYX, 1995 - Pure, 1996) pop 4/10
Anathema The Silent Enigma (Peaceville) doom-metal 6/10
Andy Summers Synaesthesia (CMP) Genre 6/10
Angel Corpus Christi White Courtesy Phone (Almo Sounds) songwriter 6/10
Angel'In Heavy Syrup III (Alchemy) Genre 7/10
Annie Lennox Medusa (Arista) Genre 4/10
Anthrax Stomp 442 (Elektra) speed metal 4/10
Ape Hangers Ultrasounds (A&M) Genre 6/10
Aphex Twin I Care Because You Do (Sire) techno 7/10
Apparatus Apparatus (Reconstriction) Genre 5/10
Apples In Stereo Fun Trick Noisemaker (spinArt) Genre 6/10
Archers Of Loaf Vee Vee (Alias) Genre 7/10
Arecibo Trans Plutonian Transmissions (Atmosphere) Genre 7/10
Arto Lindsay Aggregates 1-26 (Knitting Factory) Genre 5/10
Ashley MacIsaac Hi How Are You Today (A&M) Genre /10
Ashtray Boy Candypants Beach (Ajax) Genre 5/10
Ass Ponys Electric Rock Music (A&M) Genre 6/10
Astral Pilot Electro Acupuncture (Harthouse) techno 6/10
Atari Teenage Riot Delete Yourself (DHR) techno 8/10
Natache Atlas Diaspora (Beggars Banquet) ethno techno 6/10
Atom Heart Interactive Music (Rather Interesting) Genre 5/10
Atom Heart Semiacoustic Nature (Rather Interesting) Genre 5/10
Atom Heart Live In Berlin And Barcelona (Rather Interesting) Genre 5/10
Atomic 61 Purity Of Essence (Cavity Search) Genre 6/10
Atomine Elektrine Elemental Severance (CMI) Genre 6/10
Attrition This Death House (Adventures in Reality, 1982 - Third Mind, 1987 - Projekt) Genre 6/10
Attrition At The Fiftieth Gate (Antler, 1988 - Projekt) Genre 6/10
Attrition A Tricky Business (Contempo, 1991 - Projekt) Genre 6/10
Aube Magnetostriction (God*Factory) Genre 6/10
Aube Wired Trap (Self Abuse Records) Genre 6/10
Aube Ukiyo (Hypnobeat) Genre 6/10
Autechre Amber (Warp) Genre 7/10
Automaton - Bill Laswell Dub Terror Exhaust (Subharmonic) Genre 7/10
Axiom Funk - Bill Laswell Funkcronomicron (Axiom) Genre 5/10
Azonic Halo Skinner's Black Laboratories (Sub Rosa) Genre 6/10
Aztec Camera Frestonia (Reprise) Genre 5/10
Babes In Toyland Nemesisters (Reprise) Genre 5/10
Babyland Who's Sorry Now (Flipside) industrial 5/10
Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys (Jive) pop 4/10
Bad Audio Dynamite F-Punk (Radioactive) Genre 7/10
Bag Bag Of Fear (Lost) psychedelia 5/10
Bailter Space Wammo (Matador) Genre 6/10
Banco De Gaia Last Train To Lhasa (Planet Dog) Genre 7/10
Banco De Gaia Maya (Planet Dog, 1994 - Mammoth) Genre 7/10
Band Of Susans Here Comes Success (Restless) Genre 6/10
Barbie Complex No Brain No Pain (Funky Mushroom) Genre 6/10
Bardo Pond Bufo Alvarius (Drunken Fish) Genre 8/10
Bardo Pond Big Laughing Jym (Compulsiv) Genre 5/10
Barry Black Barry Black (Alias) Genre 8/10
Bats Couchmaster (Mammoth) Genre 6/10
Bazooka Blowhole (SST) jazzcore 6/10
Beastie Boys Aglio And Olio (Grand Royal) funk-rock 5/10
Beastie Boys The In Sound From Way Out (Grand Royal) funk-rock 5/10
Beasts Of Paradise Gathered On The Edge (City Of Tribes) Genre 7/10
Beat Farmers Manyfold (Sector 2) cowpunk 5/10
Beatnik Filmstars Astronaut House (La Di Da) lo-fi 6/10
Beck One Foot In The Grave (K Records) Genre 6/10
Belly King (Sire) Genre 5/10
Ben Folds Five Ben Folds Five (Passenger) Progressive 7/10
Ben Harper Fight For Your Mind (Virgin) songwriter 5/10
Ben Lee Grandpaw Would (Grand Royal) songwriter 6/10
Ben Vaughn Instrumental Stylings (Bar None) Genre 6/10
Ben Vaughn Rambler '65 (Rhino) Genre 6/10
Bernard Butler & David McAlmont The Sound Of (Virgin) Brit-pop 4/10
Bernd Kistenmacher Starting Again (Musique Intemporelle) Genre /10
Beth Custer The Shirt I Slept In (Custer) Genre 6/10
Bethany Curve Mee-eaux (Hypnosigh) gothic 6/10
Better Than Ezra Deluxe (Swell) Genre 7/10
Bettie Serveert Lamprey (Matador) Genre 5/10
Bevis Frond Superseeder (Woronzow) Genre 4/10
Big Country Why The Long Face (Pure) pop 4/10
Bill Laswell Psychonavigation (Subharmonic) Genre 6/10
Bill Laswell Visitation (Subharmonic) Genre 6/10
Bill Laswell Cymatic Scan (Subharmonic) Genre 5/10
Bill Laswell Second Nature (Fax) Genre 6/10
Bill Laswell & Mick Harris Somnifix Flux (Subharmonic) Genre 5/10
Billy Mann Billy Mann (DV8) Genre 4/10
Bionaut Lush Life Electronica (Harvest) techno 6/10
Birdsongs Of The Mesozoic Dancing On A'A (Cuneiform) Genre 6/10
Bitniks Halogram (Rough Trade) Genre 5/10
Bivouac Full Size Boy (Geffen) Genre 6/10
Bjork Post (Elektra) Genre 7/10
Black Grape It's Great When You're Straight (Radioactive) Genre 7/10
Black Lung Depopulation Bomb (Emblem) Genre 5/10
Blackeyed Susans Mouth To Mouth (HiGloss - American, 1996) Genre 6/10
Blacktop I Gotta Baaad Feeling (In The Red) Genre 6/10
Blacktop Up All Night (Au-Go_Go) Genre 5/10
Blast Wire-Stitched Ears (Cuneiform) prog-rock 7/10
Blind Melon Soup (Capitol) Genre 5/10
Blink 182 Budda (Filter) Genre 5/10
Blink 182 They Came To Conquer...Uranus (Grilled Cheese) Genre 6/10
Bloodloss Live My Way (Reprise) Genre 7/10
Blue Aeroplanes Rough Music (Beggars Banquet) Genre 5/10
Blue Mountain Dog Days (Roadrunner) country-rock 6/10
Blue Rodeo Nowhere to Here (Sire) pop5/10
Blunderbuss Conspiracy (Homestead) Genre 6/10
Blur Great Escape (SBK) Genre 5/10
BMX Bandits Gettin' Dirty (Creation) pop 4/10
Boards of Canada Boc Maxima (Warp) electronica 6/10
Bob Weisenberg American Gypsy (Evergreen) Genre /10
Bodeco Callin' All Dogs (Safe House) garage 6/10
Richard Bone Vox Orbita (Quirkworks Laboratory) Genre 7/10
Boo Radleys Wake Up (Columbia) Genre 5/10
Boss Hog Boss Hog (Geffen) Genre 6/10
Boud Deun Fiction And Several Days () Genre 6/10
Bowery Electric Bowery Electric (Kranky) ambient 6/10
Braid Frankie Welfare Boy Age Five (Divot) hardcore 6/10
Branch Manager Branch Manager (Dischord) hardcore 6/10
Brian Jonestown Massacre Methodrone (Bomp) Genre 7/10
Brother JT Holy Ghost Stories (Bedlam) psychedelic 6/10
Bruce Anderson and Dale Sophiea Siamese Stepbrothers (Cuneiform) new wave 5/10
Brujeria Raza Odiada (Roadrunner) grindcore 5/10
Brutal Juice Mutilation (Interscope) acid-metal 6/10
Brute Nine High A Pallet (Capricorn) songwriter 6/10
Buccinator The Great Painter Raphael (Basura) industrial 6/10
Richard Buckner Bloomed (Dejadisc) songwriter 7/10
Buffalo Tom Sleepy Eyed (Beggar's Banquet) Genre 6/10
Bugskull Crock (Pop Secret) Genre 6/10
Bunny Brains Bunny Brains Easter LP (Matador) noise-rock 6/10
Bunnygrant Action Pants (No Life) power-pop 5/10
Burger/ink Burger Industries (Structure) techno 5/10
Butterfly Child Onomatopoeia (Rough Trade) songwriter 6/10
Butthole Surfers P (Capitol) Genre 6/10
Cable Regime Brave New World (Sentrax) Genre 5/10
Cakekitchen Stompin` Thru The Boneyard (Merge) Genre 6/10
Candlebox Lucy (Maverick) grunge 4/10
Capercaillie To The Moon (Green Linnet) Genre /10
Cardigans Life (Polydor) trip-pop 6/10
Cardinal Self-titled (Flydaddy) Genre 7/10
Carl Craig Landcruising (Planet E) techno 7/10
Carter And The Unstoppable Sex Machine Worry Bomb (Chrysalis) Genre 6/10
Caspar Brötzmann Home (Thirsty Year) Genre 6/10
Cast All Change (Polydor) Genre 5/10
Cat Power Dear Sir (Runt) Genre 6/10
Cathedral Carnival Bizarre (Earache) Genre 6/10
Catherine Wheel Happy Days (Fontana) Genre 6/10
Caulfields Whirligig (A&M) Genre 5/10
Caustic Resin Fly Me To The Moon (C/Z) psychedelic 6/10
Charalambides Market Square (Siltbreeze) psychedelic 7/10
Charlatans Self-titled (MCA) Genre 4/10
Chavez Gone Glimmering (Matador) punk-pop 6/10
Cheater Slicks Don't Like You (In The Red) garage-punk 5/10
Chemical Brothers Exit Planet Dust (Junior Boy's Own - Astralwerks) Genre 7/10
Chesterfield Kings Let's Go Get Stoned (Mirror) garage-rock 5/10
Chokebore Anything Near Water (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 7/10
Chris And Carla Life Full Of Holes (Glitterhouse) Genre 5/10
Chris Cacavas Dwarf Star (Normal) psychedelic 4/10
Chris Connelly Shipwreck (Wax Trax) Genre 7/10
Chris Isaak Forever Blue (Reprise) Genre 7/10
Chris Knox Songs For You And Me (Flying Nun) Genre 6/10
Chris Mars Tenterhooks (Bar None) songwriter 5/10
Chris Snidow From The Foundation Of The World (Snidow) Genre /10
Chris Spheeris and Paul Voudouris Europa (Epiphany) Genre /10
Christ Analogue The Texture Ov Despise (Manifest) Genre 5/10
Chrome Cranks Dead Cool (Crypt) garage-rock 6/10
Chuck Prophet Feast Of Hearts (China) Genre 5/10
Chumbawamba Swinging With Raymond (One Little Indian) Genre 5/10
CIV Set Your Goals (Lava) Genre 6/10
Claire Voyant Claire Voyant (Nocturne) Genre 6/10
Clawhammer Thank The Holder Uppers (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Clay People The Iron Icon (Cargo) Genre 6/10
Clean Modern Rock (Flying Nun, 1994 - Summershine) Genre 5/10
Nels Cline Trio Ground (Krown Pocket) instrumental 6/10
Clutch Clutch (East West) Genre 5/10
Coal Porters Los London (Prima) country-rock 5/10
Coldcut Journeys By DJ (Music Unites) Genre 5/10
Collective Soul Collective Soul (Atlantic) Genre 6/10
Combine Norfolk, VA (Caroline) Genre 5/10
Conrad Praetzel En-Trance (Paleo) Genre /10
Controlled Bleeding Dub Songs From A Shallow Grave (Dossier) ambient dub 6/10
Cornershop Woman's Gotta Have It (Warner Bros) Genre 7/10
Corrs Forgiven Not Forgotten (Atlantic) folk-rock 4/10
Crabs Jackpot (K) lo-fi pop 5/10
Crash Worship Triplemania II (Charnel Music) Genre 7/10
Crawlspace The Exquisite Fucking Beauty (Majora) Genre 6/10
Cruel Sea Three Legged Dog (Red Eye) Genre 5/10
Cul De Sac I Don't Want To Go To Bed (Nuf Sed) Genre 7/10
Current 93 Inmost Light (Durtro) Genre 5/10
D.R.I. Full Speed Ahead (Rotten) Genre 5/10
Jeff Dahl Bliss (Triple X) hardcore 5/10
Dambuilders Ruby Red (EastWest) Genre 6/10
Damon & Naomi The Wondrous World (Subpop) Genre 6/10
Dan Zanes Cool Down Time (Private) Genre 6/10
Dance Hall Crasher Lockjaw (510) Genre 7/10
Dancing French Liberals Of '48 Powerline (Broken Rekids) punk-rock 6/10
Dandy Warhols Dandys Rules OK (Tim/Kerr - Capitol, 1996) Genre 7/10
Danielson Famile A Prayer For Every Hour (Tooth & Nail) lo-fi pop 6/10
Daryll-Ann Seabourne West (Vernon Yard) alt-rock 6/10
Dash Rip Rock Get You Some Of Me (Sector 2) roots-rock 5/10
David Holmes This Film's Crap (Go Beat) techno 5/10
David Kilgour First Steps And False Alarms (Ajax) Genre 5/10
David Torn and Bebo Baldan Earthbeat (Materiali Sonori) Genre /10
Dead C White House (Siltbreeze) Genre 8/10
Dead Fucking Last Proud To Be (Epitaph) Genre 4/10
Dead Milkmen Stoney's Extra Strout (Restless) punk-rock 4/10
Dead Voices On Air Hafted Maul (Invisible) Genre 5/10
Dead Voices On Air New Worlds Machine (Hypnotic) Genre 7/10
Death Symbolic (Roadrunner) death metal 6/10
Death In June Rose Clouds Of Holocaust (NER) Genre 6/10
Deep Forest Boheme (Sony) Genre 6/10
Deftones Adrenaline (Maverick) angry metal 6/10
Deicide Once Upon The Cross (Roadrunner) death metal 6/10
Del Amitri Twisted (A&M) melodic rock 4/10
Delerium Karma (Nettwerk) Genre 7/10
Denison-Kimball Three Soul Machine (Quarterstick) Genre 7/10
Dentists Deep Six (EastWest) Genre 4/10
Devin Hill Wayout Lane (Big Deal) songwriter 4/10
DF Sadist School The Visionary Garden (Hyperium) industrial 6/10
Dickies Idjit Savant (Triple X) Genre 5/10
Die Form L'Ame Electrique (Hyperium) industrial 6/10
Die Warzau Engine (Fiction) industrial 5/10
Died Pretty Sold (Citadel) garage-rock 5/10
Ani DiFranco Not A Pretty Girl (Righteous Babe) songwriter 6/10
Dinner Is Ruined Ice Cream Drugs Rubber Goods (Gas Rackett) lo-fi 5/10
Dirty Three Sad And Dangerous (Poon Village - Shock) Genre 7/10
Dishwalla Pet Your Friends (A&M) Genre 5/10
Disjecta 1.0 (Warp) ambient 5/10
Dismemberment Plan ! (DeSoto) power-pop 6/10
Dissolve That That Is (Kranky) Genre 7/10
DJ Cam Underground Vibes (Street Jazz) ambient hip-hop 6/10
DJ Food A Recipe For Disaster (Ninja Tune) Genre 6/10
D.O.A. Black Spot (Essential Noise) hardcore 5/10
Dogbowl Gunsmoke (Shimmy Disc) Genre 5/10
Don Caballero 2 (Touch & Go) Genre 7/10
Down NOLA (Elektra) Genre 5/10
Download Furnace (Cleopatra) Genre 6/10
DQE Jump On It (Making Of Americans) alt-folk 6/10
Dr Nerve Skin (Cuneiform) Genre 6/10
Dragline As My Mind Drifts Off (Womb Tunes) Genre 6/10
Dream Theater A Change Of Seasons (Atco) Genre 6/10
Drill Drill (DV8) Genre 5/10
Drivin'n'Cryin' Wrapped In Sky (DGC) Genre 5/10
Drugstore Drugstore (Go Discs) psych-rock 6/10
Drunken Boat Dressy Hat (Yesha) Genre 4/10
Dub Narcotic Sound System Echoes From The Scene Control Room (K) lo-fi 6/10
Dump I Can Hear Music (Brinkman) lo-fi 5/10
Dunlavy I Ruined America (September Gurls) psychedelic 6/10
Duran Duran Thank You (Capitol) Genre 3/10
Durutti Column Fidelity (Crepuscule) Genre 5/10
Earth Phase 3 (SubPop) Genre 7/10
Earth Crisis Destroy The Machines (Victory) hardcore 6/10
Earth Eighteen Butterfly (Medicine) hard-rock 5/10
East River Pipe Shining Hours (Sarah, 1994 - Merge) Genre 6/10
Eat Static Epsylon (Planet Dog) Genre 6/10
Eat Static Implant (Planet Dog) Genre 8/10
Echobelly On (550 Music) Genre 5/10
Echolyn As The World (Bridge) prog-rock 5/10
Ed Hall La-La-Land (Trance Syndicate) Genre 7/10
Ed Kuepper A King In The Kindness Room (Hot) Genre 5/10
Eden Fire And Rain (Projekt) Genre 8/10
Ednaswap Self-titled (East West) Genre 6/10.
Edsel Auctioneer The Good Time Music Of (Alias) Genre 4/10
Edsel Techniques Of Speed Hypnosis (Relativity) Genre 7/10
Eggs How Do You Like Your Lobster (TeenBeat) Genre 5/10
Elastic Purejoy Elastic Purejoy (World Domination) synth-pop 7/10
Electrafixion Burned (Elektra) Genre 5/10
Electric Company A Pert Cyclic Omen (Onion) electronica 6/10
Electric Frankenstein The Time is Now! (Nesak) garage-rock 7/10
Electric Hellfire Club Kiss The Goat (Cleopatra) industrial 6/10
Electric Wizard Electric Wizard (Rise Above) stoner-rock 7/10
Electronic Eye The Idea Of Justica (Beyond) Genre 5/10
Eleventh Dream Day Ursa Major (Atavistic) Genre 6/10
EMF Cha Cha Cha (EMI) dance 4/10
Engine Kid Angel Wings (Revelation) post-rock 5/10
Enslaved Frost (Osmose) black metal 6/10
Enya The Memory Of Trees (Warner Bros) Genre 7/10
Erasure Erasure (Mute) Genre 6/10
Eric Matthews It's Heavy In Here (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Bob Evans The Bradley Suite (East West) Genre 5/10
Everclear Sparkle And Fade (Capitol) Genre 6/10
Ex Instant (Ex) Genre 7/10
Ex Mudbird Shivers (RecRec) Genre 6/10
Face To Face Big Choice (A&M) punk-pop 5/10
Faith & Disease Fortune His Sleep (Ivy) gothic 6/10
Faith Healers L' (Too Pure) Genre 6/10
Faith No More King For A Day (Slash) Genre 6/10
Fall Cerebral Caustic (Permanent) alt-rock 5/10
Forrest Fang Folklore (Cuneiform) Genre 7/10
Farflung The Raven That Ate The Moon (Flipside) psychedelic 6/10
Fast Forward Same Same (Experimental Intermedia) Genre /10
Fear Factory Demanufacture (Roadrunner) death-metal 8/10
Fibulator Unhammerlike (Silly Bird) avant-rock 6/10
Fig Dish That's What Love Songs Often Do (Polydor) pop 6/10
Fila Brazilia Maim That Tune (Pork) drum'n'bass 6/10
Filter Short Bus (Reprise) Genre 6/10
Finn Finn (Parlophone) Genre 4/10
Flaming Lips Clouds Taste Metallic (WB) Genre 6/10
Flat Duo Jets Introducing (Norton) rockabilly 6/10
Fleshtones Laboratory of Sound (Ichiban) retro-rock 5/10
Flies Inside The Sun An Audience Of Others (Kranky) free-noise 6/10
Flop World Of Today (Frontier) Genre 5/10
Rosie Flores Rockabilly Filly (High TOne) songwriter 5/10
Flowerhead The People's Fuzz (Zoo) Genre 5/10
Fluke Oto (Circa) techno 5/10
Flying Luttenbachers Destroy All Music (UgExplode) Genre 7/10
Flying Saucer Attack Further (Drag City) Genre 7/10
Flying Saucer Attack Chorus (Drag City) Genre 5/10
Foetus Gash (Columbia) Genre 7/10
Sue Foley Big City Blues (Antone's) blues 5/10
Folk Implosion Folk Implosion (Communion) Genre 6/10
Foo Fighters Self-titled (Roswell) Genre 6/10
For Against Mason's California Lunchroom (Rainbow) Genre 5/10
For Love Not Lisa Information Superdriveway (East West) Genre 4/10
Robert Forster I Had A New Girlfriend (Beggars Banquet) Genre 4/10
Franklin Bruno A Bedroom Community (Simple Machines) Genre 5/10
Freakwater Old Paint (Thrill Jockey) Genre 6/10
Freaky Chakra Lowdown Motivator (Astralwerks) techno 7/10
Free Kitten Nice Ass (Kill Rock Stars) Genre 5/10
Friends Of Nina Martinez The Shadow Of Your Smile (Subpop) Genre 7/10
Front Line Assembly Hard Wired (Third Mind) Genre 5/10
Fu Manchu Daredevil (Bong Load Custom) stoner 5/10
Fugazi Red Medicine (Dischord) Genre 8/10
Funki Porcini Hed Phone Sex (Ninja Tune) trip hop 6/10
Fur Fur (Blackout) Genre 6/10
Furry Things The Big Saturday Illusion (Trance) Genre 8/10
Fushitsusha Purple Trap (Blast First) Genre 6/10
Fushitsusha The Caution Appears (Les Disques du Soleil) Genre 6/10
Future Sound Of London ISDN (Astralwerks) Genre 6/10
Fuxa 3 Field Rotation (Che) psych-rock 7/10
Fuzzhead El Saturn (Father Yod) psych 5/10
Fuzzhead High In A Basement (Heliocentric) psych 5/10
F.Y.P. Dance My Dunce (Recess) punk-pop 6/10
Gang Of Four Shrinkwrapped (Castle) Genre 4/10
Garbage Garbage (Almo) Genre 7/10
Gate Golden (IMD) Genre 5/10
Gauge Soothe (label) post-rock 5/10
Gaunt Yeah Me Too (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 6/10
Gavin Friday Shag Tobacco (Island) Genre 5/10
GEM Hexed (Restless) Genre 5/10
Gene Olympian (Polydor) brit-pop 6/10
Geraldine Fibbers Lost Somewhere The Earth And My Home (Virgin) Genre 7/10
Giant Sand Backyard Barbecue Broadcast (Koch) desert rock 7/10
God Bullies Kill The King (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 5/10
God Is My Co-Pilot The History of Music vol. 1 (CD) Genre 7/10
God Is My Co-Pilot Neko No Akubi: Nihon No Fi (CD) Genre 5/10
God Is My Co-Pilot Puss 02 (CD) Genre 5/10
God Lives Underwater Empty (American, 1995) (American) industrial 6/10
Goldie Timeless (Ffrr) Genre 7/10
Goo Goo Dolls A Boy Named Goo (Warner Bros) punk-pop 6/10
Goodness Goodness (Y) grunge 5/10
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Bwyd Time (Ankst) prog-rock 6/10
Gracious Shades Aberkash (21st Circuitry) Genre 6/10
Graham Parker 12 Haunted Episodes (Razor & Tie) Genre 5/10
Grant McLennan Horsebreaker Star (Beggars Banquet) Genre 7/10
Grassy Knoll Self-titled (Nettwerk) Genre 7/10
Wayne Gratz Blue Ridge (Narada) Genre /10
Green Apple Quickstep Reloaded (Medicine) grunge 5/10
Green Day Insomniac (Reprise) punk-pop 5/10
Ground Zero Revolutionary Pekinese Opera (ReR) avantgarde 6/10
Grover My Wild Life (Zero Hour) alt rock 5/10
Guided By Voices Alien Lanes (Matador) Genre 6/10
Gutterball Weasel (Brake Out) roots-rock 6/10
H.P. Zinker Mountains Of Madness (Energy) Genre 6/10
Haco Self-titled (ReR) Genre /10
Hafler Trio How To Reform Mankind (Touch) Genre 5/10
Keiji Haino Suite Reverberation (Purple Trap) Genre 5/10
Keiji Haino Tenshi No Gijinka/ Imitator Of Angels (Tzadik) Genre 5/10
Keiji Haino I Said (Tzadik) Genre 7/10
Keiji Haino The Third Heart (Purple Trap) Genre 5/10
Keiji Haino The Book Of Eternity Set Aflame (Forced Exposure) Genre 6/10
Keiji Haino Forest Of Spirits (Purple Trap) avant-rock 5/10
Keiji Haino Saying I Love You (Blast First) avant-rock 5/10
Keiji Haino A Challenge To Fate (Disques Du Soleil) avant-rock 5/10
Hair And Skin Trading Co Psychedelische Musique (Freek) Genre 5/10
Half Japanese Hot (Safe House) Genre 6/10
Halo Benders Don't Tell Me Now (K) Genre 5/10
Hardkiss Delusions Of Grandeur (Hardkiss) techno 7/10
Hardship Post Somebody Spoke (SubPop) Genre 5/10
Harmony Rockets Paralyzed Mind of The Archangel Void (Big Cat) psychedelic 6/10
Hayden Everything I Long For (Outpost) songwriter 4/10
Hazel Are You Going To Eat That (SubPop) Genre 5/10
Health & Happiness Show Instant Living (Bar None) alt-country 5/10
Heavenly Music Corporation Lunar Phase (Silent) electronica 6/10
Heavy Vegetable Frisbie (Cargo) hardcore 6/10
Helios Creed Planet X (Amphetamine Reptile) psychedelic 5/10
Helios Creed Cosmic Assault (Cleopatra) psychedelic 5/10
Helium Dirt Of Luck (Matador) Genre 7/10
Karl Hendricks Trio A Gesture Of Kindness (Fiasco) Genre 5/10
Herbalizer Remedies (Ninja Tune) trip-hop 5/10
High Llamas Gideon Park (Alpaca) Genre 6/10
Him Egg (Southern) post-rock 6/10
Holiday Holiday (March) pop 4/10
Hollowbodies Lame (Polydor) folk-rock 4/10
Home IX (Relativity) prog-rock 6/10
Hood Cabled Linear Traction (Slumberland) Genre 7/10
Hosemobile Six Foot Hater (Cuneiform) prog-rock 5/10
Hot Monkey Lion (Personal Best) Genre 5/10
Hugh Hopper & Caveman Shoestore Caveman Hughscore (T/K) Genre 6/10
Hum You'd Prefer An Astronaut (RCA) Genre 6/10
Human Drama Songs Of Betrayal (Projekt) Genre 8/10
Hybryds The Ritual Of Rave (Daft) industrial 5/10
Iceburn Poetry Of Fire (Revelation) prog-rock 6/10
Illusion Of Safety From Nothing To Less (Complacency) industrial 5/10
In Slaughter Natives Purgate My Stain (Staalplat) Genre 6/10
Indicate Yona-Kit (Skin Graft) Genre 6/10
Indigo Girls 1200 Curfews (Epic) Genre 5/10
Infiniti Infiniti Compilation (Tresor) techno 6/10
Tetsu Inoue Slow & Low (Fax) ambient 5/10
Tetsu Inoue Cymatic Scan (Fax) ambient 4/10
Ivy Realistic (Seed) folk-pop 6/10
J. Bone Cro Music That Aliens Left Behind> (Womb Tunes) Genre 6/10
Jack Frost Snow Job (Karmic Hit) Genre 5/10
Jackie-O Motherfucker Alchemy (Imp) post-rock 6/10
Jacobites Kiss Of Life (Swamp Room) Genre 4/10
Jacobites Old Scarlett (Glitterhouse) Genre 5/10
Michael Hall Frank Slade's 29th Dream (Dejadisc) songwriter 6/10
Jamie Hoover Coupons Questions And Comments (Black Vinyl) pop 5/10
Jamirocqai Return Of The Space Cowboy (Epic) funk-soul 6/10
Jarboe Sacrificial Cake (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 8/10
Jason & The Scorchers A Blazing Grace (Mammoth) cowpunk 7/10
Jawbreaker Dear You (DGC) pop 4/10
Jayhawks Tomorrow The Green Grass (American) Genre 6/10
Jazz Butcher Illuminate (Creation) Genre 5/10
Jennyanykind Mythic (No 6) Genre 5/10
Jennyanykind Blues Of The Afflicted (No 6) Genre 5/10
Jewel Pieces Of Two (Atlantic) songwriter 6/10
Jim O'Rourke Slow Motion (For 4 Ears) Genre 5/10
Jim O'Rourke Terminal Pharmacy (Tzadik) Genre 6/10
Joe Satriani Joe Satriani (Relativity) instrumental 4/10
John Doe Kissingsohard (Rhino) Genre 5/10
Jon Hassell Sulla Strada (Materiali Sonori) Genre /10
Jonathan Fire Eater Jonathan Fire Eater (Third World Underground) garage-rock 6/10
Joyce Handler Reflections Of Hope (HealingArt) Genre /10
Joykiller Joykiller (Epitaph) Genre 6/10
Simon Joyner Heaven's Gate (Truckstop) songwriter 6/10
Julian Cope 20 Mothers (Echo) Genre 6/10
Juliana Hatfield Only Everything (Mammoth) Genre 7/10
June Of 44 Engine Takes To The Water (Quarterstick) Genre 7/10
Paul K Achilles Heel (Thirsty Ear) alt-blues 6/10
Karp Suplex (K) Genre 6/10
Kate Price Deep Heart's Core (Priceless Productions - Higher Octave, 1997) Genre /10
Kate St John Indescribable Night (Gyroscope) Genre 7/10
Keeler Trapped In The Hi-Fi Zone (Multimood) Genre /10
Tommy Keene Ten Years After (Matador) songwriter 5/10
Mike Keneally Boil That Dust Speck (Immune) prog-rock 6/10
Keiji Haino 21st Century Hard-y Guide-y Man (PSF) Genre 6/10
Kepone Skin (Quarterstick) Genre 6/10
Killdozer God Hears Pleas Of The Innocent (Touch & Go) Genre 5/10
Killing Floor Self-titled (Re-Constriction/Cargo) Genre 6/10
King Black Acid Womb Star Sessions (Cavity Search) psych 7/10
King Crimson Thrak (Virgin) prog-rock 5/10
King Kong Me Hungry (Drag City) Genre 7/10
Kit Watkins Holographic Tapestries (Linden) Genre 5/10
KMFDM Nihil (Wax Trax) Genre 7/10
KMFDM Sin Sex And Salvation (Wax Trax) Genre 6/10
Knapsack Silver Sweepstakes (Alias) Genre 5/10
Kramer Music For Crying (Creativeman Disc) Genre 5/10
Lenny Kravitz The Hard Stuff (Epitaph) hard-rock 6/10
Lenny Kravitz Circus (Virgin) soul-rock 4/10
DJ Krush Meiso (Mo'Wax) trip-hop 5/10
Kustomized The Battle For Space (Matador) alt-rock 5/10
Kyuss And The Circus Leaves Town (Elektra) Genre 5/10
L.S.U. Cash In Chaos () Genre 5/10
Labradford A Stable Reference (Kranky) Genre 7/10
Ladybug Transistor Malborough Farms (Park'n'Ride) pop 6/10
Lanterna Lanterna (Parasol) instrumental 6/10
Larry McMurtry Where'd You Hide The Body (Columbia) songwriter 6/10
Latimer LP Title (World Domination) noise-rock 7/10
Laurent Garnier Shot In The Dark (F Communications) techno 6/10
Laurie Z. Life Between The Lines (Zebra) Genre /10
Lazy Cowgirls Ragged Soul (Crypt) Genre 6/10
Leaether Strip Legacy Of Hate & Lust (Cleopatra) Genre 6/10
Lee Ranaldo & William Hooker Envisioning (Knitting Factory) Genre 5/10
Lee Ranaldo Amarillo Ramp (Starlight Furniture) Genre 5/10
Lee Ranaldo East Jesus (Atavistic) Genre 5/10
Leftfield Leftism (Columbia) techno 6/10
Legendary Pink Dots From Here You'll Watch The World Go By (Staalplaat) Genre 5/10
Less Than Jake Losers Kings (No Idea) Genre 6/10
Letters To Cleo Wholesale Meats And Fish (CherryDisc) power-pop 5/10
Jackie Leven Forbidden Songs Of The Dying West (Cooking Vinyl) songwriter 6/10
Lick Breech (Invisible) Genre 5/10
Lida Husik Joyride (Caroline) Genre 7/10
Life Garden The Hungry Void vol.1 (Agni Music) Genre 5/10
Lightwave Mundus Subterraneus (Hearts Of Space) Genre 8/10
Lilys Eccsame The Photon Band (Spinart) garage-rock 6/10
Linus Pauling Quartet Immortal Classics Chinese Music (Worship Guitars) psychedelic 7/10
Liquorice Listening Cap (4AD) Genre 5/10
Lisa Gerrard The Mirror Pool (4AD) Genre 6/10
Lisa Loeb Tails (Geffen) songwriter 5/10
Lithium Xmas Bad Karma (Lost) psychedelic 5/10
Local H Ham Fisted (Island) grunge 4/10
Long Fin Killie Houdini (Too Pure) dance-pop 6/10
Lloyd Cole Love Story (Capitol) Genre 4/10
Lois Maffeo Bet The Sky (K) songwriter 6/10
Loop Guru Amrita (North South) Genre 7/10
Loop Guru Duniya (Nation, 1994 - Waveform) Genre 7/10
Los Straitjackets The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sound (Upstart) instrumental 6/10
Lost Aaraaff Concert From The Genyasai Festival (Purple Trap) Genre 6/10
Love Battery Straight Freak Ticket (Atlas) grunge 5/10
Love 666 American Revolution (Amphetamine Reptile) hardcore 7/10
Low Pop Suicide The Death Of Excellence (World Domination) Genre 6/10
Low Long Division (Vernon Yard) Genre 8/10
Lubricated Goat Forces You Don't Understand (PCP) Genre 8/10
Lull Cold Summer (Sentras) Genre 6/10
Luna Penthouse (Elektra) Genre 6/10
Lunachicks Jerk Of All Trades (Go-Kart) heavy-metal 5/10
Lycia The Burning Circle And Then Dust (Projekt) Genre 8/10
Lycia Live (Projekt) Genre 6/10
Lydia Tomkiw Incorporated (Widely Distributed) synth-pop 5/10
Machines Of Loving Grace Gilt (Atlantic) industrial 5/10
Mad Season Above (Columbia) grunge 6/10
Mad Scene Sealight (Flying Nun) Genre 6/10
Maeror Tri Myein (ND) ambient 7/10
Magic Hour Will They Turn You On (Twisted Village) psychedelic 7/10
Magic Mushroom Band Magic (Magick Eye) Genre 5/10
Magick Heads Before We Go Under (Flying Nun) Genre 7/10
Magnetic Fields Get Lost (Merge) Genre 7/10
Makers All Night Riot (Estrus) garage-rock 6/10
Man Or Astroman Intravenous TV Continuum (One Louder) Genre 6/10
Man Or Astroman Live Transmissions (Homo Habilis) Genre 6/10
Mandible Chatter Grace (Manifold) industrial 6/10
Marble Orchard Adventures In Mutation (September Gurls) garage-rock 6/10
Marc Almond Treasure Box (Mercury) Genre 5/10
Mark Burgess Paradyning (Dead Dead Good) songwriter 4/10
Mariah Carey Daydream (Columbia) soul-pop 5/10
Marilyn Manson Smells Like Children (Interscope) Genre 6/10
Masters Of Psychedelic Ambience MU (Rather Interesting) Genre 6/10
Matthew Sweet 100% Fun (Zoo/BMG) Genre 6/10
Max Factory Tudor City (Ecstatic Yod) Genre 6/10
McCrackins What Came First (Shredder) Genre 6/10
Meat Puppets No Joke (London) Genre 5/10
Mecca Normal Sitting On Snaps (Matador) foxcore 5/10
Medicine Her Highness (American) Genre 6/10
Mega City Four Soulscraper (Fire) Genre 5/10
Melissa Etheridge Your Little Secret (Island) Genre 5/10
Melt-Banana Speak Squeak Creak (Charnel) noise-pop 6/10
Melting Euphoria Upon The Solar Winds (Cleopatra) Genre 5/10
Menswear Nuisance (London) Genre 4/10
Mephisto Walz Thalia (Cleopatra) gothic 6/10
Natalie Merchant Tigerlily (Elektra) Genre 7/10
Mercury Rev See You On The Other Side (Columbia) Genre 7/10
Mermen A Glorious Lethal Euphoria (Toadophile) Genre 7/10
Michael Aston Why Me Why This Why Not (Triple X) Genre 5/10
Michael Brook Dream (Real World) ambient 5/10
Mick Karn The Tooth Mother (CMP) Genre 6/10
Microstoria Init Ding (Thrill Jockey) ambient 6/10
Mike Gira Drainland (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 7/10
Mike Gunn Coduth (Worship Guitars) psychedelic 6/10
Mike Knott Fluid () Genre 5/10
Mike Knott Strip Cycle (Tooth and Nail) Genre 5/10
Mike Scott Bring 'Em All In (Chrysalis) songwriter 5/10
Mike Watt Ball-Hog Or Tugboat (Sony) Genre 7/10
Milk Cult Bruce Lee Marcin Gaye (ZK) industrial 5/10
Mind Funk People Who Fell From The Sky (Music For Nations) funk-metal 4/10
Miriodor Elastic Juggling (Cuneiform) Genre 6/10
Misery Loves Co Misery Loves Co (Earache) gothic 6/10
Mistakes Mistakes (Immune) prog-rock 6/10
MK Ultra Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (Artichoke) pop 4/10
Mo Boma Myths Of The Near Future II (Extreme) Genre 6/10
Moby Everything Is Wrong (Elektra) Genre 6/10
Model 500 Deep Space (R&S) techno 7/10
Model 500 Classics (R&S) techno 7/10
Model Rockets Hilux (Lucky) Genre 5/10
Mold Reject (Funky Mushroom) Genre 5/10
Molly Half Head Dunce (Columbia) alt rock 6/10
Mommyheads Bingham's Hole (Dot Dot Dash) Genre 4/10
Momus Philosophy (Cherry Red) Genre 6/10
Money Mark Keyboard Repair (Mo' Wax) funk 6/10
Moniek Darge and Gottfried-Willem Raes Logos Works (Experimental Intermedia) Genre /10
Mono Men Ten Cool Ones (Estrus) garage 5/10
Monster Magnet Dopes To Infinity (A&M) Genre 6/10
Moonpools And Caterpillars Lucky Dumpling (EastWest) Genre 6/10
Thurston Moore Psychic Hearts (Geffen) Genre 6/10
Morbid Angel Domination (Earache) death metal 4/10
Morning Glories Fully Loaded (Cargo) grunge 4/10
Morphine Yes (Rykodisc) Genre 7/10
Mother May I Splitsville (Chaos) Genre 5/10
Mount Shasta Who's The Hottie (Skin Graft) noise-rock 6/10
Mountain Goat Sweden (Shrimper) Genre 7/10
Mouse On Mars Iaora Tahiti (Too Pure) Genre 7/10
Mr Bungle Disco Volante (WB) Genre 5/10
Mr T Experience And The Women Who Love Them (Lookout) punk-pop 5/10
Mudhoney My Brother The Cow (Reprise) Genre 6/10
Mudwimin Mysteries Of Inner Beauty (Broken) Genre 6/10
Muffs Blonder And Blonder (Reprise) Genre 7/10
Muslimgauze Gun Aramaic (Staalplaat) Genre 4/10
Muslimgauze Izlamaphobia (Staalplaat) Genre 4/10
Muslimgauze Maroon (Staalplaat) Genre 4/10
Muslimgauze Salaam Alekum Bastard (Staalplaat) Genre 4/10
Muslimgauze Silknoose (Daft) Genre 4/10
Mu-Ziq In Pine Effect (Virgin) Genre 7/10
My Dad Is Dead For Richer For Poorer (Trance Syndicate) Genre 7/10
My Dying Bride The Angel & The Dark River (Peaceville) Genre 7/10
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult Hit & Run Holiday (Interscope) Genre 5/10
Nectarine #9 Saint Jack (Postcard) Genre 6/10
Ned's Atomic Dustbin Brainbloodvolume (Columbia) Genre 5/10
Bob Neill Green Machine (Astralwerks) illbient 6/10
New Mind Zero To The Bone (Offbeat) Genre 5/10
New Wet Kojak Self-titled (Touch & Go) Genre 7/10
Nice Candypants Beach (Ajax) pop 4/10
Nick Didkovsky Skin (Cuneiform) Genre 5/10
Nightmares On Wax Smokers Delight (Wax Trax) trip-hop 6/10
Nightstick Blotter (Relapse) stoner 6/10
Nitzer Ebb Big Hit (Mute) Genre 5/10
Nixons Foma (MCA 1995) Genre 5/10
No Doubt Tragic Kingdom (Trauma) Ska-punk 6/10
No Means No The Worldhood Of The World (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 6/10
No Use For A Name Leche Con Carne (Fat Wreck) hardcore 6/10
Nocturnal Emissions Imaginary Time (Staalplat) Genre 5/10
Noise Therapy Vol. 1, No. 1 (Magnetized) Genre 5/10
Nonplace Urban Field NUF Said (Incoming) Genre 5/10
Nothing Painted Blue Future Of Communications (Scat) Genre 5/10
Heather Nova Oyster (Big Cat) songwriter 6/10
Numb Christmeister Bliss (Metropolis) Genre 7/10
Number One Cup Possum Trot Plan (Flydaddy) power-pop 6/10
O Yuki Conjugate Equator (Staalplaat) Genre 6/10
Oasis Morning Glory (Sony) Genre 5/10
Oblivians Soul Food (Crypt) Genre 6/10
Old 97's Wreck Your Life (Bloodshot) country-pop 5/10
Orange 9mm Driver Not Included (East West) Genre 6/10
Orb Orbus Terrarum (Island) Genre 6/10
Ordo Equilibrio Reaping The Fallen (Cold Meat) gothic 7/10
Original Sins Turn You On (Bedlam) garage-rock 5/10
Joan Osborne Relish (BMG) songwriter 6/10
Overpass Manhattan (Smells Like) Genre 6/10
Ozric Tentacles Become The Other (Dovetails) Genre 5/10
P.J. Harvey To Bring You My Love (Island) Genre 6/10
Pablo's Eye You Love Chinese Food (Extreme) Genre 7/10
Pain Teens Beasts Of Dreams (Trance Syndicate) Genre 7/10
Painkiller Execution Ground (Subharmonic) jazz-core 6/10
Painkiller Rituals (Toy's Factory) jazz-core 5/10
Palace Brothers Viva Last Blues (Drag City) Genre 6/10
Paleface Raw (Shimmy Disc) Genre 6/10
Panasonic Vakio (Blast First) electronica 7/10
Pansy Division Pileup (Lookout) power-pop 4/10
Papas Fritas Papas Fritas (Minty Fresh) power-pop 6/10
Paradise Lost Draconian Times (Music For Nations) Genre 4/10
Andrea Parkins Cast Iron Fact (Knitting Factory) instrumental 6/10
Pastels Mobile Safari (Domino) Genre 6/10
Paul Weller Stanley Road (Go Discs) Genre 5/10
Pavement Wowee Zowee (Matador) Genre 5/10
Paw Death To Traitors (A&M) Genre 6/10
Peach II (Caroline) grunge 4/10
Peach Cobbler Georgia Peach (Ajax) prog-blues 5/10
Pelt Brown Cyclopedia (Radioactive Rat) psychedelic 7/10
Penelope Houston Karmal Apple (Normal) songwriter 5/10
Penelope Houston Silk Purse (Normal) songwriter 4/10
Pennywise About Time (Epitaph) Genre 5/10
Pere Ubu Ray Gun Suitcase (Tim Kerr) Genre 7/10
Perfume Tree A Lifetime Away (Zulu) dream-pop 6/10
Peter Murphy Cascade (Beggars Banquet) Genre 6/10
PGR The Morning Book of Serpents (Silent) industrial 6/10
Phil Krauth Cold Morning (Teenbeat) Genre 6/10
Phish A Live One (Elektra) Genre 8/10
Picasso Trigger Bipolar Cowboy (Alias) Genre 6/10
Pieters, Stapleton & Russell Last Glass (Corpus Hermeticum) improvised 6/10
Pig Sinsation (Victor) industrial 6/10
Pigface Feels Like Heaven (Invisible) Genre 5/10
Pineal Ventana Living Soil (Half Baked) noise-rock 6/10
Pipe Six Days Till Bellus (Jesus Christ) Genre 6/10
Pitchblende Gygax (Cargo) Genre 6/10
Pizzicato Five A Quiet Couple (Sony) Genre 5/10
Pizzicato Five The Sound Of Music (Atlantic) Genre 5/10
Placebo Manipulated Mind Control (Ausfahrt) Genre 6/10
Plug Rebuilt Kev (Rising High) Genre 5/10
Pluto Shoehorse Emerging (Rastacan) experimental 7/10
Poe Hello (Atlantic) Genre 5/10
Pogues Pogue Mahone (Warner - Mesa, 1996) Genre 4/10
Poi Dog Pondering Pomegranate (Pomegranate) folk-pop 6/10
Polara Self-titled (Clean) Genre 7/10
Pooh Sticks Optimistic Fool (Seed) Genre 6/10
Poole Alaska Days (Spinart) pop 5/10
Pop Sickle Under The Influences (C/Z) Genre 5/10
Portastatic Slow Note From A Sinking Ship (Merge) Genre 6/10
Poster Children Junior Citizen (Sire) Genre 6/10
Pram Sargasso Sea (Too Pure) Genre 8/10
Praxis - Bill Laswell Metatron (Subharmonic) Genre 5/10
Presidents Of The United States Self-titled (Columbia) Genre 6/10
Prick Prick (Interscope) Genre 7/10
Primordial Undermind Yet More Wonders Of The Invisible World (September Gurls) psychedelic 6/10
Primus Tales From The Punchbowl (Interscope) Genre 7/10
Prodigy Music For The Jilted Generation (XL) Genre 6/10
Project Pitchfork Alpha/Omega (Candyland) Genre 5/10
Prolapse Backsaturday (Lissy's) noise-rock 7/10
Psychic Warriors Ov Gaia Record Of Breaks (Kk) Genre 5/10
Psychopomps 666 Nights In Hell (Cleopatra) Genre 6/10
Psyclone Rangers The Devil May Care (World Domination) garage-rock 6/10
Pulp Different Class (Island) Genre 6/10
Pursuit of Happiness Where's the Bone? (Iron) Genre 5/10
Quasi Early Recordings (Up) pop 6/10
Queers Move Back Home (Lookout) punk-pop 5/10
Quicksand Manic Compression (Island) Genre 6/10
Rachel's Handwriting (Touch & Go) Genre 7/10
Rachel's Music For Egon Schiele (Quarterstick) Genre 7/10
Radial Spangle Syrup Macrame (Beggars Banquet) Genre 6/10
Radiohead The Bends (Capitol) Genre 6/10
Railroad Jerk One Track Mind (Matador) Genre 6/10
Raison d'Etre Within The Depths Of Silence And Phormations (Cold Meat Industry) Genre 7/10
Rake The Art Ensemble Of Rake (VHF) Genre 8/10
Ramones Adios Amigos (Radioactive) Genre 5/10
Rancid And Out Come The Wolves (Epitaph) Genre 6/10
Rapoon The Kirghiz Light (Staalplaat) Genre 7/10
Red Aunts #1 Chicken (Epitaph) Genre 8/10
Red Hot Chili Peppers One Hot Minute (Warner Bros) funk-rock 5/10
Red House Painters Ocean Beach (4AD) Genre 8/10
Red Red Meat Bunny Gets Paid (SubPop) Genre 7/10
Red Snapper Reeled & Skinned (Warp) trip-hop 7/10
Reef Replenish (Sony) hard-rock 5/10
Refrigerator How You Continue Dreaming (Communion) alt-rock 6/10
Rembrandts LP (EastWest) Genre 6/10
Rentals Return Of The Rentals (Maverick) punk-pop 6/10
Residents Hunters (Milan) new wave 5/10
Reverb Sleep Fish Dream (MMG) gothic 7/10
Rex Rex (Southern) post-rock 6/10
Rheostatics Introducing Happiness (Sire) Genre 6/10
Rhonda Larson Free As A Bird (Ventus) Genre /10
Marc Ribot Don't Blame Me (Japan) progressive 5/10
Rich Kids On LSD Riches To Rags (Epitaph) Genre 5/10
Robert Rich Yearning (Hearts Of Space) Genre 6/10
Robert Rich Stalker (Hearts Of Space) Genre 7/10
Jonathan Richman You Must Ask The Heart (Rounder) Genre 4/10
Rocket From The Crypt Scream Dracula Scream (Interscope) Genre 6/10
Rockers Hi-Fi Rockers To Rockers (Gee Street) trip-hop 6/10
Roger Miller Elemental Guitar (SST) Genre 5/10
Roger Miller Unfold (SST) progr-rock 4/10
Rosa Mota Wishful Sinking (Mute) Genre 7/10
Rosetta Stone The Tyranny Of Inaction (Cleopatra) gothic 4/10
Roughage Yen For Noise (Scratch) industrial 6/10
Roy Montgomery Scenes From The South Island (Drunken Fish) Genre 7/10
Royal Trux Thank You (Virgin) Genre 5/10
Ruby Salt Peter (Creation) Genre 6/10
Ruins Hyderomastgroningen (Tzadik) Genre 7/10
Ruins Saisoro (Tzadik) Genre6/10
Running With Scissors Ordinary Leper (Instant) pop 5/10
Sacrilicious When You Wish Upon A Star (Frontier) Genre 5/10
Walter Salas-Humara Radar (Watermelon) songwriter 5/10
Sandoz Every Man Got Dreaming (Touch) Genre 5/10
Satan's Pilgrims At Home With Satan's Pilgrims (Empty) surf 7/10
Satan's Pilgrims Soul Pilgrim (Empty) surf 6/10
Saturnine Wreck At Pillar Point (Dirt) Genre 7/10
Scanner Spore (New Electronica) electronica 5/10
Scarce Deadsexy (A&M) grunge 8/10
Scenic Incident At Cima (Independent) Genre 7/10
Scorn Gyral (Earache) Genre 6/10
Screeching Weasel How To Make Enemies (Lookout) Genre 6/10
Scud Mountain Boys Dance The Night Away (Chunk) Genre 6/10
Scud Mountain Boys Pine Box (Chunk) Genre 6/10
Sea And Cake Nassau (Thrill Jockey) prog-rock 6/10
Sea And Cake The Biz (Thrill Jockey) prog-rock 5/10
Seam Are You Driving Me Crazy? (Touch & Go) Genre 7/10
Season To Risk In A Perfect World (Sony) Genre 5/10
Sea Saw And The Head Popped Off (Fruit Tree) Genre 6/10
Seaweed Spanaway (Hollywood) Genre 7/10
Second Nature Second Nature (Fax) Genre 5/10
Seven Mary Three American Standard (Atlantic) grunge 5/10
7Seconds The Music The Message (Epic) punk-pop 4/10
Ron Sexsmith Ron Sexsmith (Atlantic) songwriter 7/10
SF Seals Truth Walks In Sleepy Shadows (Matador) Genre 6/10
Shame Idols I Got Time (Frontier) Genre 6/10
Shamen Axis Mutatis (Epic) Genre 5/10
Shatterproof Slip It Under The Door (MCA) Genre 5/10
Shed Seven Change Giver (Polydor) Brit-pop 5/10
Shelter Mantra (Roadrunner) Genre 6/10
Shinjuku Thief The Witch Hunter (Dorobo) Genre 7/10
Jane Siberry Maria (Reprise) Genre 6/10
Silos Heater (Checkered Past) alt-country 4/10
Silverchair Frogstomp (Epic) 4/10
Simple Minds Good News From The Next World (Virgin) pop 4/10
Simply Red Life (East West) Genre 4/10
Sincola What The Nothinghead Said (Caroline) alt-rock 7/10
Single Cell Orchestra Dead Vent 7 (Reflective) techno 6/10
Sinister Six Nobody Rides For Free (Bag Of Hammers) garage-rock 7/10
Sister Machine Gun Burn (Wax Trax) Genre 5/10
Six Finger Satellite Severe Exposure (SubPop) Genre 8/10
Sixteen Deluxe Backfeedmagnetbabe (Trance Syndicate) Genre 7/10
Skinny Puppy Process (American) Genre 5/10
Skunk Anansie Paranoid And Sunburnt (One Little Indian) Genre 6/10
Skylab #1 (Astralwerks) Genre 8/10
Slant 6 Inzombia (Dischord) hardcore 6/10
Slash It's Five O'Clock Somewhere (Geffen) heavy metal 4/10
Slayer (American) speedmetal 6/10
Sleater-Kinney Call The Doctor (Chainsaw) Genre 7/10
Sleeper Smart (Indolent/Arista) Genre 7/10
Slipstream Slipstream (Che) Brit-pop 5/10
Slipstream Side Effects (Che) Brit-pop 5/10
Slowdive Pygmalion (Creation) Genre 6/10
Slug The Three Man Themes (PCP) noise-rock 7/10
Small 23 Silver Gleaming Death Machine (Alias) punk-pop 5/10
Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness (Virgin) Genre 7/10
Smears Like Hell (Cargo) riot-grrrls 5/10
Elliott Smith Elliott Smith (Kill Rock Stars) songwriter 7/10
Kendra Smith Five Ways Of Disappearing (4AD) Genre 6/10
Smith & Mighty Bass Is Maternal (More Rockers) trip-hop 4/10
Smog Wild Love (Drag City) Genre 8/10
Smoke Another Reason To Fast (Long Play) Genre 5/10
Smoking Popes Born To Quit (Capitol) Genre 5/10
Smugglers Selling The Sizzle (Mint) punk-rock 5/10
SMP Stalemate (Reconstriction/Cargo) Genre 7/10
SNFU The One Voted Most Likely To Succeed (Epitaph) Genre 6/10
Snog Dear Valued Customer (Polygram, 1994 - Machinery) Genre 6/10
Softies It's Love (K) power-pop 6/10
Sol Invictus In The Rain (Tursa) Genre 4/10
Jill Sobule Jill Sobule (Atlantic) songwriter 6/10
Some More Crime Fuzzy Sets (ZZO) Genre 5/10
Some Velvet Sidewalk Whirlpool (K) Genre 7/10
Son Volt Trace (Warner) Genre 6/10
Sonic Youth Washing Machine (Geffen) Genre 7/10
Soul Asylum Let Your Dim Light Shine (Columbia) Genre 5/10
Soul Junk 1952 (Homestead) Genre 7/10
Southern Culture On The Skids Dirt Track Date (Geffen) Genre 6/10
Spaceheads Spaceheads (Dark Beloved Cloud) prog-rock 8/10
Spacehog Resident Alien (Sire) Brit-pop 5/10
Spahn Ranch Coiled One (Cleopatra) industrial 6/10
Spain The Blue Moods Of Spain (Restless) slo-core 6/10
Spare Snare Spare Snare (Prospective) pop 5/10
Sparklehorse Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot (Capitol) Genre 7/10
Spatula Medium Planers and Matchers (Jesus Christ) prog-rock 6/10
Spearhead Home (Capitol) Genre 5/10
Spectrum Highs Lows And Heavenly Blows (Silvertone) Genre 5/10
Specula Erupt (Scat) Genre 6/10
Speed The Plough Marina (East Side Digital) folk-rock 6/10
Speedball Do Unto Others Then Split (Energy) garage-rock 6/10
Spiritualized Pure Phase (Dedicated) Genre 7/10
Spitters Give (Funky Mushroom) Genre 6.5/10
Splatter From Hell To Eternity (Sector 2) garage-rock 6/10
Spongetones Textural Drone Thing (Black Vinyl) pop 4/10
Spring Heel Jack There Are Strings (Rough Trade) jungle 6/10
Squirrel Nut Zippers Inevitable (Mammoth) Genre 5/10
Stan Ridgway Work The Dumb Oracle (IRS) Genre 5/10
Stanford Prison Experiment The Gato Hunch (Chrome Gods) post-hardcore 6/10
Starfish Stellar Sonic Solutions (Trance) Genre 7/10
Starflyer 59 Starflyer 59 (Tooth & Nail) shoegaze 5/10
Stars Of The Lid Music For Nitrous Oxide (Sedimental) Genre 6/10
Steel Pole Bath Tub Scars From Falling Down (Slash) Genre 6/10
Stephen Kent Landing (City Of Tribes) Genre 6/10
Stereo Total Oh Ah (Bungalow) Genre 6/10
Steril Transmission Pervous (Offbeat) Genre 8/10
Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana Well Of Souls (Projekt) Genre 8/10
St Johnny Let It Come Down (Geffen) noise-rock 5/10
Steve Roach Kiva (Hearts Of Space) Genre 7/10
Stranglmartin For The Sake Of Argument (Safe House) Genre 6/10
Streetcleaners Pomona Queen (Rotten) Genre 5/10
ST 37 Glare (Helter Skelter) psychedelic 7/10
Stuart Moxham Fine Tuning (Feel Good All Over) pop 4/10
Suddenly Tammy We Get There When We Do (Warner Bros) folk-pop 5/10
Sufi Life's Rising (Caroline) trip hop 4/10
Sugar Plant Hiding Place (Pop Narcotic) Genre 6/10
Sugar Ray Brownies And Lemonade (Atlantic) funk-metal 6/10
Sun City Girls Apna Desh 78 (Deep Eddy Grammaphone) psychedelic 5/10
Sun Dial Acid Yantra (Beggars Banquet) Genre 6/10
Sunny Day Real Estate LP2 (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Super Deluxe Famous (Tim Kerr) power-pop 6/10
Super Friendz Mock Up Scale Down (Murderecords) power-pop 5/10
Superchunk Incidental Music (Merge) Genre 5/10
Superchunk Here Where The Strings Come In (Merge) Genre 6/10
Supergrass I Should Coco (Parlophone) Brit-pop 7/10
Supernova Ages 3 And Up (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 6/10
Supersuckers Sacrilicious (SubPop) Genre 6/10
Swales What's His Name (Bar None) folk-pop 5/10
Swallow 3-D Stereo Trouble (Zero Hour) dream-pop 6/10
Swans The Great Annihilator (Young God) Genre 6/10
Sweat Engine Multiple Insertions (Vinyl Communications) Genre 5/10
Swervedriver Ejector Seat Reservation (Creation) Genre 6/10
Switchblade Symphony Serpentine Gallery (Cleopatra) goth rock 6/10
Synaestesia Desideratum (Hypnotic) Genre 6/10
Synaestesia Embody (Cleopatra) Genre 6/10
System 7 Fire And Water (Astralwerks) Genre 6/10
T Power The Self Evident Truth Of An Intuitive Mind (Sour) jungle 6/10
Tad Infrared Ridinghood (East West) Genre 4/10
Tar Over And Out (Touch And Go) Genre 6/10
Tara Key Ear And Echo (Homestead) folk 5/10
Tarnation Gentle Creatures (4AD) Genre 6/10
Techno Animal Re-Entry (Virgin) Genre 8/10
Teenage Fanclub Grand Prix (DGC) Genre 5/10
Television Personalities I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod (Overground) psychedelic6/10
Temple Of Bon Matin Thunder Feedback And Confusion (Siltbreeze) acid-rock 6/10
Jimi Tenor Europa (Sahko) techno/kitsch 4/10
Terminal Sect Thehumansconditioned (None Of The Above) industrial 6/10
Terre Thaemlitz Soil (Instinct) ambient 6/10
Test Dept Totality (KK) Genre 5/10
Thanatos An Embassy To Gaius (Projekt) Genre 7/10
That Dog Totally Crushed Out (Geffen) foxcore 6/10
THD Outside In (Hard) industrial 6/10
Thee Speaking Canaries Songs For The Terrestrially Challenged (Scat) Genre 7/10
Thela Thela (Ecstatic Peace) avant-rock 6/10
Therapy? Infernal Love (A&M) Genre 5/10
These Animal Men Come On Join The High Society (Hirise) Genre 4/10
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 I Hope It Lands (Accomodators) Genre /10
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Twin Smooth Snouts (Starlight Furniture Company) Genre 5/10
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 Wormed By Leonard (Thwart) Genre 6/10
Third Eye Foundation Semtex (Linda's Strange Vacation) Genre 5/10
13 Engines Conquistador (EMI) power-pop 5/10
Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments Bait And Switch (Onion) Genre 6/10
311 (Capricorn) funk-rock 5/10
Throwing Muses University (Sire) Genre 7/10
Thundering Lizards Eyeball Sandwich (Wagon Train) Genre 6/10
Thurston Moore Klangfarbenmelodie (Corpus Hermeticum) Genre 6/10
Tanita Tikaram Lovers In The City (East West) Genre 6/10
Tilt Til It Kills (Fat Wreck Chords) Genre 6/10
Timbuk 3 A Hundred Love Letters (High Street) roots-rock 5/10
Tindersticks Self-titled (Rough Trade) Genre 7/10
Tinfed Bureau Of The Glorious (Primitech) Genre 5/10
Eric Tingstad and Nancy Rumbel Pastorale (Narada) Genre /10
Toenut Information (Mute) Genre 7/10
Total Chaos Patriotic Shock (Epitaph) Genre 5/10
Tracy Chapman New Beginning (Elektra) songwriter 4/10
Tracy Lords 1000 Fires (Radioactive) Genre 5/10
Trailside Rangers The Great Divide (Funky Mushroom) Genre 5/10
Trance Mission Meanwhile (City Of Tribes) Genre 8/10
Trance To The Sun Bloom Flowers Bloom (Tess) Genre 6/10
Trance Augury (Charnel) Genre 7/10
Trance To The Sun Venomous Eve (Ambulancia) gothic 6/10
Trauma Construct (Machinery) Genre 6/10
Tribe 8 Fist City (Alternative Tentacles) riot-grrrls 5/10
Tribes Of Neurot Silver Blood Transmission (Release) Genre 6/10
Tricky Maxinquaye (Island) Genre 6/10
Tripping Daisy Elastic Firecracker (Island) Genre 6/10
Trisha Yearwood Thinkin' About You (MCA) Genre 5/10
Truly Fast Stories (Capitol) Genre 6/10
Trumans Waters Milktrain To Paydirt (Homestead) Genre 7/10
Tulku Transcendence (Triloka) ethno trance 6/10
Tuscadero Pink Album (Teen Beat) alt-rock 6/10
TUU All Our Ancestors (Waveform) Genre 7/10
24-7 Spyz 6 (Enemy) Genre 4/10
Two Lone Swordsmen The Fifth Mission (Emissions Audio Output) techno 6/10
Ugly Kid Joe Menace To Sobriety (Mercury) hard-rock 4/10
Ui Sidelong (Southern) Genre 7/10
Ultra Bide` God Is God (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 7/10
Ultramarine Bel Air (Blanco Y Negro) ambient house 5/10
Uncle Joe's Big Ol' Driver Chick Rock (Cargo) Genre 5/10
Uncle Wiggly Non-Stuff (Hemiola) psych-rock 5/10
Underground Lovers Dream It Down (Polydor) Genre 7/10
Unsane Scattered Smothered And Covered (Amphetamine Reptile) Genre 5/10
Unwound The Future Of What (Kill Rock Stars) Genre 7/10
Unwound Unwound (Punk In My Vitamins) Genre 6/10
Urban Dance Squad Persona Non Grata (Virgin) funk-metal 4/10
Urge Overkill Exit The Dragon (Geffen) Genre 5/10
U.S. Maple Long Hair In Three Stages (Skin Graft) avant-rock 7.5/10
Uz Isme Doma Pohadky ze Zapotrebi/Fairytales from Needland (Skoda) prog-rock 6/10
Vacant Lot Shake Well (Shake) punk-pop 5/10
Steve Vai Alien Love Secrets (Relativity) prog-rock 6/10
Vajra Tusgaru (PSF) Genre 6/10
Vampire Rodents Clockseed (Re-Constriction) Genre 8/10
Vandalias Mach V (Big Deal) power-pop 5/10
Varnaline Man Of Sin (Zero Hour) country-pop 5/10
Vegetarian Meat Let's Pet (No 6) lo-fi pop 6/10
Versus Dead Leaves (Teen Beat) Genre 7/10
Verve A Northern Soul (Vernon Yard) Genre 5/10
Vic Chestnutt Is The Actor Happy (Caroline) Genre 6/10
Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana Well Of Souls (Projekt) Genre 8/10
Viva Saturn Brightside (Restless) Genre 6/10
Vocokesh Smile And Point At The Mountain (Drag City) Genre 6/10
Susan Voelz Summer Crashing (Pravda) songwriter 6/10
Voice Of Eye The Hungry Void (Cyclotron) ambient 6/10
Voivod Negatron (Mausoleum) Genre 4/10
Volapuk Le Feu Du Tigre (Cuneiform) Genre 6/10
Voluptuous Horror The Anti-Naturalists (Triple X) noise-rock 5/10
Voodoo Gearshift It's About Time (Your Name Here) Genre 5/10
Voodoo Glow Skulls Firme (Epitaph) Genre 6/10
Vulgar Boatmen Opposite Sex (East West) alt rock 6/10
W.O.O. Wootopia (Funky Mushroom) Genre 6/10
Waco Bros To The Last Dead Cowboy (Bloodshot) Genre 4/10
Wagon Christ Throbbing Pouch (Rising High) Genre 7/10
Wake Ooloo What About It (Pravda) Genre 5/10
Scott Walker Tilt (Fontana) songwriter 7/10
Wallmen Variety Showcase (Bar None) psych-rock 7/10
Wayne Rogers All Good Works (Twisted Village) psychedelic 5/10
Towa Wei Future Listening (Elektra) techno 6/10
Well Water Rites (Worldwater) Genre 5/10
Steve Westfield Reject Me... First (Glitterhouse) hard-rock 5/10
Whale We Care (Virgin) dance 6/10
Whelm Whelm (Touch) Genre 5/10
Whipping Boy Heartworm (Columbia) Genre 7/10
Whiskeytown Faithless Street (Mood Food) alt-country 5/10
White Zombies Astro-Creep: 2000 (Geffen) heavy metal 6/10
Chris Whitley Din Of Ecstasy (Columbia) songwriter 6/10
Wilco A.M. (Reprise) Genre 5/10
Wildhearts P.H.U.Q. (Mushroom) power-pop 6/10
Willy Porter Dog Eared Dream (Private) Genre 5/10
Windy & Carl Portal (Ba Da Bing) Genre 8/10
Wingtip Sloat Chewyfoot (VHF) lo-fi pop 7/10
Witch Hazel Landlocked (Flydaddy) Genre 8/10
Jah Wobble Spinner (All Saints) Genre 5/10
Wolfgang Press Funky Little Demons (4AD) Genre 5/10
Wondermints Wondermints (Toy's Factory) pop 7/10
Woob 1194 (Instinct) Genre 7/10
:Wumpscut: Bunkertor 7 (Beton Kopf Media) industrial 7/10
Yazoo Fingers And Thumbs (Mute) Genre 4/10
Yo La Tengo Electr-O-Pura (Matador) Genre 7/10
Young Gods

Only Heaven

(Play It Again Sam) industrial 5/10
Azita Youssefi Music For Scattered Brains (label) prog-rock 6/10
Zeke Super Sound Racer (IFA) Genre 6/10
Zen Guerrilla Creature Double Feature (Compulsiv) Genre 6/10
Zeni Geva Freedom Bondage (Alternative Tentacles) Genre 5/10
Rob Zombie Hellbilly Deluxe (Geffen) heavy metal 5/10
Zoviet France Digilogue (Soleilmoon) industrial 5/10

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