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Ratings: 10=best rock album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan
A Perfect Circle Thirteenth Step (Virgin) grunge 6/10
Acid Mothers Temple Magical Powers From Mars (Important) psych-rock 5/10
Ryan Adams Rock N Roll (Lost Highway) songwriter 4/10
Aerogramme Sleep And Release (Matador) post-rock 7/10
Aesop Rock Bazooka Tooth (Def Jux) rap 7/10
AFI Sing the Sorrow (DreamWorks) hardcore 6/10
Aislers Set How I Learned To Write Backwards (Slumberland) retro-pop 6/10
Alaska Emotions (B-Girl) post-rock 6/10
American Analog Set Promise Of Love (Tiger Style) slocore 6/10
Andrew W.K. The Wolf (Island) metal 5/10
Angels of Light Everything Is Good Here Please Come Home (Young God) songwriter 7/10
Animal Collective Here Comes The Indian (Paw) avant-rock 7/10
Aphex Twin 26 Mixes For Cash (Warp) techno 4/10
Appalachian Death Ride Hobo's Codebook (Anyway) roots-rock 7/10
Appliance Are You Earthed (Mute) post-rock 6/10
Arab Strap Monday at the Hug And Pint (Matador) alt-rock 6/10
Arcana Inner Pale Sun (Cold Meat Industry) gothic 6/10
Autechre Draft 7.30 (Warp) glitch 6/10
Azita Enantiodromia (Drag City) songwriter 6/10
Azure Ray Hold on Love (Saddle Creek) folk-pop 5/10
Baptist Generals No Silver No Gold (Subpop) alt-country 6/10
Bardo Pond On the Ellipse (All Tomorrow Parties) psych-rock 5/10
Basement Jaxx Kish Kash (Astralwerks) dance 5/10
Steffen Basho-Junghans Rivers and Bridges (Strange Attractors) instrumental 6/10
Bassholes Out In The Treetops (Dead Canary) garage-rock 6/10
Beck Sea Change (DGC) songwriter 6/10
Belle and Sebastian Dear Catastrophe Waitress (Rough Trade) pop 6/10
Bettie Serveert Log 22 (Parasol) alt-rock 6/10
Beulah Yoko (Velocette) pop 5/10
Biohazard Kill or Be Killed (Sanctuary) metal 4/10
Birdsongs of the Mesozoic The Iridium COntroversy (Cuneiform) prog-rock 6/10
Frank Black Show Me Your Tears (Spin Art) songwriter 5/10
Black Box Recorder Passionoia (One Little Indian) psych-rock 4/10
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Take Them On On Your Own (Virgin) noise-pop 5/10
Kevin Blechdom Bitches Without Britches (Chicks on Speed) songwriter 7/10
Blink 182 Blink-182 (Geffen) punk-pop 5/10
Blithe Sons We Walk The Young Earth (Family Vineyard) psych-folk 7/10
David Bowie Reality (Columbia) glam 4/10
Brother JT Hang In There Baby (Drag City) Genre 5/10
Blood Brothers Burn Piano Island Burn (ArtistDirect) hardcore 7/10
Bonnie Prince Billy Master And Everyone (Drag City) songwriter 6/10
Books The Lemon of Pink (Tomlab) electronica 7/10
Bottle Rockets Blue Sky (Sanctuary) alt-country 4/10
Boxhead Ensemble Quartets (Atavistic) alt-rock 6/10
Brad Welcome To Discovery Park (Redline) grunge 6/10
Brassy Gettin' Wise (Beggars Group) hip-hop 6/10
Brian Jonestown Massacre And This is Our Music (Tee Pee) psych-pop 6/10
British Sea Power The Decline Of (Rough Trade) retro-pop 6/10
Broadcast Haha Sound (Warp) futurism 6/10
Brokeback Looks At The Bird (Thrill Jockey) post-rock 5/10
Buzzcocks Buzzcocks (Merge) punk-pop 4/10
David Byrne Lead Us Not into Temptation (Thrill Jockey) soundtrack 5/10
Cakekitchen How Can You Be So Blind (Hausmusik) alt-rock 5/10
John Cale Hobosapiens (EMI) songwriter 7/10
Calexico Feast of Wire (Quarterstick) post-rock 7/10
Califone Quicksand / Cradlesnakes (Thrill Jockey) roots-rock 6/10
Calla Televise (Arena Rock) psych-rock 6/10
Ralph Carney This is (BlackBeauty) prog-rock 7/10
Cat Power You Are Free (Matador) songwriter 7/10
Nick Cave Nocturama (Mute) songwriter 6/10
Central Falls Love And Easy Living (Truckstop) folk-rock 6/10
Cerberus Shoal Chaiming the Knoblessone (North East Indie) prog-rock 6/10
Cerberus Shoal The Vim And Vigor Of (North East Indie) prog-rock 5/10
Charalambides Unknown Spin (Kranky) avantgarde 6/10
Cheer-Accident Introducing Lemon (Skin Graft) prog-rock 6/10
Vic Chesnutt Silver Lake (New West) songwriter 6/10
Chesterfield Kings Mindbending Sounds (Sundazed) psych-pop 6/10
Cinematic Orchestra Man With A Movie Camera (Ninja Tune) trip-hop 5/10
Clear Horizon Clear Horizon (Kranky) songwriter 5/10
Clearlake Cedars (Domino) alt-rock 6/10
Clientele The Violet Hour (Merge) pop 7/10
Cobra Verde Easy Listening (Muscletone) alt-rock 5/10
Colour Haze Los Sounds De Krauts (Elektrohasch) stoner 7/10
Console Reset the Preset (EMI) post-rock 5/10
Constantines Shine A Light (Subpop) alt-rock 5/10
Elvis Costello North (Deutsche Gramaphon) songwriter 5/10
Crack Pipes Snakes In My Veins (Emperor Jones) garage 5/10
Cracker Countryside (Cooking Vinyl) roots-rock 4/10
Cradle Of Filth Damnation And A Day (Sony) metal 6/10
Cramps Fiends Of Dope Island (Vengeance) voodoobilly 4/10
Crescent By The Roads And The Fields (Fat Cat) psych-rock 5/10
Criteria En Garde (Initial) post-rock 6/10
Crooked Fingers Red Devil Dawn (Merge) alt-rock 6/10
Rob Crow My Room Is A Mess (Absolutely Kosher) songwriter 5/10
Cul De Sac Death Of The Sun (Strange Attractors) prog-rock 5/10
Cul De Sac Strangler's Wife (Strange Attractors) prog-rock 6/10
Cult of Luna The Beyond (Earache). post-metal 5/10
Czars The Ugly People Vs The Beautiful People (Manifesto) alt-country 7/10
Evan Dando Baby I'm Bored (Setanta) songwriter 5/10
Dandy Warhols Welcome to the Monkey House (Capitol) pop 4/10
Dashboard Confessional A Mark A Mission A Brand A Star (Vagrant) pop 5/10
Daughters Canada Songs (Robotic Empire) noise-rock 6/10
Dead C The Damned (Starlight Furniture) noise 5/10
Dead Meadow Shivering King And Others (Ba Da Ding) stoner 5/10
Death Cab For Cutie Transatlanticism (Barsuk) post-rock 5/10
Decembrists Her Majesty (Kill Rock Stars) emocore 6/10
Deerhoof Apple O' (Kill Rock Stars) Genre 6/10
Deftones Deftones (Maverick) metal 5/10
Ani DiFranco Evolve (Righteous Babe) songwriter 6/10
Dirtbombs Dangerous Magical Noise (In The Red) garage-rock 6/10
Dirty Three She Has No Strings Apollo (Touch & Go) instrumental 6/10
Bob Drake 13 Songs And A Thing (ReR) prog-rock 6/10
Dream Theater Train of Thought (Elektra) metal 5/10
Dropkick Murphys Blackout (Hellcat) hardcore 5/10
East River Pipe Garbageheads On Endless Stun (Merge) songwriter 6/10
Echoboy Giraffe (Mute) pop 5/10
Eels Shootenanny (Dreamworks) lo-fi pop 6/10
Mark Eitzel Ugly American (Thirsty Ear) songwriter 6/10
El Guapo Fake French (Dischord) post-rock 4/10
Electric Company It's Hard To Be A Baby (Tigerbeat6) electronica 4/10
Matt Elliott The Mess We Made (2003) (label) songwriter 6/10
Brian Eno Bell Studies for The Clock of The Long Now (Opal) ambient 6/10
Enon Hocus Pocus (Touch & Go) alt-rock 6/10
Entropic Advance Monkey With A Gun (Symbolic Insight) electronica 6/10
Envy A Dead Sinking Story (Sinzai) screamo 7/10
Erase Errata At Crystal Palace (Troubleman) funk-punk 6/10
Explosions In The Sky The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place (Temporary Residence) psych-rock 5/10
Fall The Real New Fall LP (Action) alt-rock 6/10
Fiel Garvey Leave Me Out Of This (Words Music) pop 6/10
Figgs Slow Charm (Hearbox) alt-rock 5/10
Firewater The Man on the Burning Tightrope (Jetset) alt-rock 6/10
Flying Luttenbachers Systems Emerge From Complete Disorder (Trouble Man Unlimited) prog-rock 6/10
Folk Implosion The New Folk Implosion (BMG) lo-fi pop 4/10
Fred Frith Rivers And Tides (Winter & Winter) prog-rock 6/10
Fountains of Wayne Welcome Interstate Managers (S-curve) pop 5/10
Four Tet Rounds (Domino) techno 6/10
Fruit Bats Mouthfuls (Subpop) songwriter 6/10
Fugs Final CD - Part 1 (Artemis) agit-prop 6/10
Alistair Galbraith Radiant (Emperor Jones) avantgarde 6/10
Howe Gelb Listener (Thrill Jockey) alt-rock 4/10
Howe Gelb Listener (Thrill Jockey) songwriter 4/10
Lutz Glandien Lost in Rooms - A Virtualectric Story (ReR) avant-rock 6/10
Go-Betweens Bright Yellow Bright Orange (Jetset) pop 5/10
Goldfish (Barbara Gogan) Dust (Lulu) avantgarde 6/10
Goldfrapp Black Cherry (Mute) trip-hop 4/10
Gorky's Zygotic Mynci Sleep/Holiday (Sanctuary) prog-rock 4/10
Grand Ulena Gateway To Dignity (Family Vineyard) post-rock 5/10
Grandaddy Sumday (V2) alt-rock 5/10
Antye Greie-Fuchs Westernization Completed (Orthlorng Musork) avant-pop 6/10
Growing The Sky's Run Into The Sea (Kranky) avantgarde 5/10
Guided By Voices Pipe Dreams Of Instant Prince Whippet (Recordhead) alt-pop 4/10
Guided By Voices Earthquake Glue (Matador) power-pop 6/10
Guitar Wolf UFO Romantics (Narnack) punk-rock 4/10
Hafler Trio Cleave - 9 Great Openings (Nextera) industrial 6/10
Neil Hagerty The Howling Hex (Drag City) songwriter 6/10
Keiji Haino Mazu Wa Iro O Nakuso Ka (PSF) abstract 5/10
Keiji Haino C'est Parfait (Turtles' Dream) avantgarde 7/10
Handsome Family Singing Bones (Carrot Top) alt-rock 6/10
Ed Harcourt From Every Sphere (Heavenly) songwriter 6/10
Ben Harper Diamonds on the Inside (Virgin) alt-rock 5/10
Sean Hayes Alabama Chicken (Snailblue) songwriter 6/10
Heads Under Sided (Sweet Nothing) psych-rock 6/10
Hellacopters By The Grace Of God (Universal) garage-rock 4/10
Karl Hendricks Trio The Jerks Win Again (Merge) alt-rock 6/10
Joe Henry Tiny Voices (Anti-) songwriter 6/10
Her Space Holiday The Young Machines (Mush) songwriter 5/10
Matthew Herbert Goodbye Swingtime (Accidental) songwriter 5/10
Kristin Hersh The Grotto (4AD) songwriter 6/10
Hidden Cameras The Smell of Our Own (Rough Trade) pop 6/10
High Llamas Beet Maize & Corn (Drag City) pop 5/10
Him Many In High Places Are Not Well (Bubblecore) post-rock 4/10
Robyn Hitchcock Luxor (PAF) songwriter 4/10
Holopaw Holopaw (Subpop) roots-rock 6/10
Earl Howard Strong Force (Mutable) avantgarde 7/10
Howard Hello Don't Drink His Blood (Temporary Residence) post-rock 6/10
Ill Ease The Exorcist (Beggars Group) songwriter 5/10
In Out It Dito And Other Gestures (Emperor Jones) alt-rock 5/10
In The Nursery Praxis (ITN) dark 5/10
Jackie-o Motherfucker Change (Textile) post-rock 6/10
Jane's Addiction Strays (Capitol) hard-rock 5/10
Jayhawks Rainy Day Music (American) roots-rock 5/10
Jewel 0304 (Atlantic) songwriter 4/10
Joan Of Arc So Much Staying Alive And Lovelessness (Jade Tree) post-rock 6/10
Daniel Johnston Fear Yourself (Gammon) songwriter 7/10
Rickie Lee Jones The Evening of My Best Day (V2) songwriter 5/10
Damien Jurado Where Shall You Take Me (Secretly Canadian) songwriter 6/10
Kayo Dot Choirs of the Eye (Tzadik) post-rock 7/10
Khanate Things Viral (Southern Lord) super-doom 7/10
Kid 606 Kill Sound Before Sound Kills You (Ipecac) dance 5/10
Carla KihlStedt 2 Foot Yard (Tzadik) songwriter 6/10
Killing Joke Killing Joke (Zuma) alt-rock 6/10
Kills Keep on Your Mean Side (Rough Trade) blues-punk 5/10
Kingsbury Manx Aztec Discipline (Overcoat) pop 5/10
Kinski Airs Above Your Station (Subpop) psych-rock 6/10
Knotworking The Garden Below (One Mad Son) songwriter 6/10
Thomas Koner Zyklop (Mille Plateaux) ambient 6/10
Kopernik Kopernik (Eastern Developments) instrumental 7/10
Kraftwerk Tour De France Soundtracks (Astralwerks) synth-pop 4/10
Pete Krebs I Know It By Heart (Cavity Search) songwriter 4/10
DJ Krush The Message At The Depth (Sony) hip hop 5/10
Ladybug Transistor The Ladybug Transistor (Merge) pop 4/10
Ladytron 604 (Emperor Norton) synth-pop 4/10
Laibach Wat (Mute) alt-rock 4/10
Laika Wherever I Am I Am What Is Missing (Too Pure) alt-rock 5/10
Lamb Between Darkness and Wonder (Mercury) trip-hop 6/10
Landing Passages Through (K) ambient 6/10
Daniel Lanois Shine (Anti) songwriter 4/10
Legendary Pink Dots All The King's Horses (SPV) pop 5/10
Legendary Pink Dots All The King's Men (ROIR) pop 5/10
Lenola Sharks & Flames (Homesleep) alt-rock 6/10
Ted Leo Hearts of Oak (Lookout) songwriter 6/10
Less Than Jake Anthem (Warner) ska-punk 4/10
Alan Licht A New York Minute (XI) avantgarde 6/10
Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow (Load) noise 6/10
Lilys Precollection (Manifesto) alt-rock 4/10
Lithops Scrypt (Sonig) avant-rock 6/10
Litium Short Stories (Twist & Shout) roots-rock 6/10
Bob Log III Log Bomb (Fat Possum) songwriter 6/10
Lonesome Organist Forms And Follies (Thrill Jockey) songwriter 6/10
Loop Guru Bathtime (Hypnotic) electronica 5/10
Loose Fur Loose Fur (Drag City) avant-pop 6/10
Los Straitjackets Supersonic GUitars in 3D (Yep Roc) surf 6/10
Madonna American Life (Warner) dance 4/10
Magic Carpathians Project Euscorpius Carpathicus (Obuh) world-music 6/10
Stephen Malkmus Pig Lib (Matador) songwriter 6/10
Mandible Chatter Of Foreign Lands and People (Release) avantgarde 6/10
Manishevitz City Life (Jagjaguar) power-pop 6/10
Manitoba Up In Flames (Leaf) electronica` 7/10
Marilyn Manson The Golden Age of Grotesque (Interscope) metal 5/10
Maquiladora What the Day Was Dreaming (Darla) psych-rock 6/10
Mars Volta De-loused In The Comatorium (Universal) prog-rock 7/10
Massive Attack 100th Window (Virgin) trip-hop 5/10
Matmos The Civil War (Matador) glitch 6/10
Dave Matthews Some Devil (RCA) prog-rock 4/10
Sarah McLachlan Afterglow (Arista) songwriter 6/10
Meeting Places Find Yourself Along the Way (Words Music) psych-rock 6/10
Melt-Banana Cell-scape (A-Zap) noise 5/10
Microphones Mount Eerie (K) pop 7/10
Microstoria Invisible Architecture #1 (Audiosphere) post-rock 5/10
Mindflayer Take Your Skin Off (Bulb) noise 6/10
Ministry Animositisomina (Sanctuary) industrial 6/10
Minus 5 Down With Wilco (YepRoc) pop 5/10
Mogwai Happy Songs For Happy People (Matador) post-rock 6/10
Motorpsycho In The Fishtank (Konkurrent) prog-rock 5/10
Mountain Goats Tallahassee (4AD) alt-rock 6/10
Moistboyz III (Ipecac) alt-rock 4/10
Mojave 3 Spoon and Rafter (Matador) alt-rock 6/10
Momus Oskar Tennis Champion (American Patchwork) songwriter 4/10
Van Morrison What's Wrong With This Picture? (Blue Note) songwriter 5/10
Movietone The Sand and the Stars (Drag City) slocore 5/10
Mu-ziq Bilious Paths (Planet-Mu) techno 5/10
Dad Is Dying The Engine Of Commerce (Vital Cog) songwriter 5/10
Nina Nastasia Run To Ruin (Touch & Go) songwriter 6/10
Nebula Atomic Ritual (Sweet Nothing) grunge 4/10
Neurosis Neurosis & Jarboe (Neurot) industrial 5/10
New Pornographers Electric Version (Matador) pop 6/10
New Wet Kojak This Is The Glamorous (Beggars) alt-rock 5/10
Harris Newman Non-Sequiturs (Strange Attractors) instrumental 6/10
Phill Niblock Touch Food (Touch) avantgarde 7/10
No-Man Together We're Strangers (Kscope) prog-rock 7.5/10
NOFX The War On Terrorism (Epitaph) punk-pop 4/10
Nurse With Wound Salt Marie Celeste (United Dairies) industrial 5/10
Of album The Infant Paths (Jewelled Antler) avant-rock 6/10
Offspring Splinter (Sony) hardcore 4/10
1 Mile North Minor Shadows (Ba Da Ding) electronica 5/10
Oneida Each One Teach One (Jagjaguwar) alt-rock 7/10
Pelt Pearls From The River (VHF) alt-rock 6/10
Pennywise From the Ashes (Epitaph) punk-pop 5/10
Pernice Brothers Yours Mine & Ours (Ashmont) alt-country 6/10
Liz Phair Liz Phair (Capitol) songwriter 5/10
Placebo Sleeping with Ghosts (Astralwerks) dance 4/10
Planet Earth Blackout (Jive) rap-metal 4/10
Plaid Spokes (Warp) techno 5/10
Plastic Crimewave Sound Flashing Open (Eclipse, 2003) stoner 7/10
Plastikman Closer (Mute) techno 5/10
Pleasure Forever Alter (Subpop) alt-rock 6/10
+/- You Are Here (Teenbeat) alt-rock 5/10
Pole Pole (Mute) dub 5/10
Robert Pollard Motel of Fools (Fading Captain) songwriter 4/10
Iggy Pop Skull Ring (Virgin) songwriter 4/10
Postal Service Give Up (Subpop) synth-pop 5/10
Pram Dark Island (Domino) prog-rock 6/10
Pretty Girls Make Graves The New Romance (Matador) punk-pop 5/10
Primordial Undermind Thin Shells of Revolution (Emperor Jones) psych 5/10
Quasi Hot Shit (Touch and Go) Genre 5/10
Quintron Are You Ready For An Organ Solo (31G) alt-rock 5/10
Rachels Systems Layers (Quarterstick) prog-rock 6/10
Radiohead Hail To The Thief (Capitol) Brit-pop 5/10
Rainer Maria Long Knives Drawn (Polyvinyl) emo 5/10
Rancid Indestructible (Hellcat) hardcore 6/10
Rapture Echoes (Universal) funk-punk 7/10
Lou Reed The Raven (Sire) songwriter 4/10
Robert Rich Temple of the Invisible (Soundscape) electronica 6/10
Alasdair Roberts Farewell Sorrow (Drag City) songwriter 6/10
Dean Roberts Be Mine Tonight (Kranky) slocore 6/10
Science Group Spoors (ReR) prog-rock 6/10
Sea And Cake One Bedroom (Thrill Jockey) post-rock 5/10
Sense Field Living Outside (Nettwerk) pop 4/10
Set Fire To Flames Telegraphs In Negative (Alien8) avant-rock 6/10
Shakatura Galactivation (Cyberoctave) trip-hop 5/10
Shins Chutes Too Narrow (Subpop) pop 5/10
Shipping News Three-Four (Touch & Go) post-rock 5/10
Sick Of It All Life On The Ropes (Fat Wreck) hardcore 5/10
Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band, This Is Our Punk (Constellation) avant-rock 5/10
Six Organs of Admittance Compathia (Holy Mountain) psych-rock 5/10
Six Organs of Admittance For Octavio Paz (Time-Lag) psych-rock 6/10
Skullflower Exquisite Fucking Boredom (Tumult) doom 6/10
Smog Supper (Drag City) songwriter 7/10
Songs: Ohia The Magnolia Electric Company (Secretly Canadian) songwriter 6/10
Sons & Daughters Love the Cup (Ba Da Ding) folk-rock 7/10
Spiritualized Amazing Grace Sanctuary (Spaceman) psych-rock 4/10
Spring Heel Jack Live (Thirsty Ear) jazz 7/10
Tobin Sprout Lost Planets And Phantom Voices (Luna) songwriter 5/10
Staind 14 Shades of Grey (East West) metal 4/10
Stereophonics You Gotta Go There (V2) pop 4/10
Sting Sacred Love (A&M) pop 4/10
Strokes Room On Fire (Rough Trade) alt-rock 5/10
Joe Strummer Streetcore (Hellcat) alt-rock 5/10
Subarachnoid Space Also Rising (Strange Attractors) psych-rock 6/10
Sun Kil Moon Ghosts Of The Great Highway (Jetset) alt-rock 6/10
Sundial Zen for Sale (Acme) psych-pop 5/10
Super Furry Animals Phantom Power (XL) pop 6/10
Supersuckers Motherfuckers Be Trippin' (Mid-Fi) hardcore 5/10
Surface of Eceon Dragyyn (Strange Attractors) prog-rock 6/10
Swell Whenever You're Ready (Beggars Group) folk-rock 5/10
Swimming Pool Q's Royal Academy of Reality (Bar None) power-pop 6/10
David Sylvian Blemish (Samadhi Sound) songwriter 6/10
Nobukazu Takemura 10th (Thrill Jockey) electronica 5/10
Tall Dwarfs The Sky Above The Mud Below (Carrot Top) pop 5/10
Jim Tenor Higher Planes (Kitty) dance-pop 5/10
Terminal 4 When I'm Falling (Truckstop) post-rock 6/10
Terre Thaemlitz Lovebomb (Mille Plateaux) ambient 5/10
Thee Speaking Canaries Get Out Alive: The Last Type Story (Scat) alt-rock 5/10
Therapy High Anxiety (Spitfire) metal 4/10
Thermals More Parts Per Million (Subpop) garage-rock 5/10
Thinking Plague A History of Madness (Cuneiform) Genre 6/10
Rosie Thomas Only With Laughter Can You Win (Subpop) songwriter 7/10
Richard Thompson The Old Kit Bag (Cooking Vinyl) songwriter 6/10
Throwing Muses Throwing Muses (4AD) alt-rock 5/10
Thuja All Strange Beasts Of The Past (Emperor Jones) avant-rock 5/10
Tied + Tickled Trio Observing Systems (Morr) post-rock 6/10
Tindesticks Waiting For The Present (Beggars Banquet) pop 5/10
Tosca Dehli9 (K7) trip-hop 6/10
Town & Country 5 (Thrill Jockey) avant-rock 5/10
Travis 12 Memories (Epic) pop 4/10
Tricky Vulnerable (Anti) dance 4/10
Trumans Water You're In The Line Of Fire (Homesleep) alt-rock 4/10
Tsurubami Gekkyukekkaichi (Strange Attractors) acid-rock 6/10
Scott Tuma The River 1 2 3 4 (Truckstop) instrumental 6/10
Two Lone Swordsmen Peppered with Spastic Magic (Rotters Golf Club) glitch 4/10
Type O Negative Life Is Killing Me (Roadrunner) metal 6/10
Ui Answers (Southern) post-rock 6/10
Unto Ashes Empty Into White (Projekt) gothic 4/10
U.S. Maple Purple On Time (Drag City) post-rock 5/10
Mika Vainio Sokeiden Maassa Yksisilmainen On Kuningas (Touch) glitch 5/10
Luke Vibert YosepH (Warp) dance 4/10
Vril Effigies in Cork (ReR) instrumental 6/10
Rufus Wainwright Want One (DreamWorks) songwriter 7/10
Ween Quebec (Sanctuary) alt-rock 4/10
Paul Westerberg Come Feel Me Tremble (Vagrant) songwriter 4/10
Wheat Per Second (Aware) pop 5/10
White Stripes Elephant (V2) blues-rock 6/10
Willard Grant Conspiracy Regard The End (Glitterhouse) alt-rock 5/10
Lucinda Williams World Without Tears (Lost Highway) songwriter 6/10
Wire Send (Pinkflag) alt-rock 5/10
Hawksley Workman Delicious Wolves (Ba Da Bing) songwriter 6/10
Wrens Meadowlands (Absolutely Kosher) emocore 6/10
Robert Wyatt Solar Flares Burn For You (Cuneiform) prog-rock 5/10
Robert Wyatt Cuckooland (Hannibal) songwriter 6/10
Steve Wynn Static Transmission (Blue Rose) songwriter 5/10
Xiu Xiu A Promise (5RC) alt-rock 7/10
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Fever To Tell (Interscope) garage-rock 5/10
Yo La Tengo Summer Sun (Matador) alt-rock 6/10
Neil Young Greendale (Reprise) songwriter 5/10
Richard Youngs Airs of the Ear (Jagjaguwar) folk 6/10
Warren Zevon The Wind (Artemis) songwriter 6/10
Ratings: 10=best album ever; 9=masterpiece; 8=buy it now; 7=buy it eventually; 6=buy it if you are a fan

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