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Best Movies of 2001

Editor: Piero Scaruffi
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The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.

Foreign movies show sometimes a year later, so if you can't find a title, check last year's ratings.

I film che sono appena usciti in America sono indicati con una

Special section: The 2001 Film Festivals

Best of Sundance:
Christopher Nolan: Memento
Bahman Farman-Ara: Smell of Camphor, Perfume of Jasmin
Richard Linklater: Waking Life
Jonathan Glazer: Sexy Beast
Michael Haneke: Code Unbekannt/ Cone Inconnu/ Code Unknown
Best of Venezia:
Mira Nair: Monsoon Wedding
Goran Paskaljevic: How Harry Became a Tree
Ulrich Seidl: Hundstage
Babak Payami: Secret Ballot
Best of Cannes:
Tsai Ming-Liang: What Time Is It There?
Shohei Imamura: Lukewarm Water Under a Red Bridge
Manoel de Oliveira: I'm Going Home
Michael Haneke: La Pianiste
Abel Ferrara: R Xmas
Joel Coen: The Man Who Wasn't There
Nanni Moretti: La Stanza Del Figlio
Claire Denis: Trouble Every Day
Ermanno Olmi: Il mestiere delle armi
Raoul Ruiz: Les Mes Fortes
Best of New York:
David Lynch: Mulholland Drive
Majid Majidi: Baran
Laurent Cantel: Time Out
Jacques Rivette: Va Savoir/ Who Knows?
Todd Solondz: Storytelling
Alfonso Cuaron: Y Tu Mama Tambien

Best of Toronto:
Robert Glinski: Hi Tereska
Rose Troche: The Safety of Objects
Stanley Kwan: Lan Yu
Guillermo del Toro: The Devil's Backbone

Ratings for the 2001 season


7.7 David Lynch: Mulholland Drive
7.6 Sion Sono: Jisatsu Sakuru/ Suicide Club
7.5 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: Intacto
7.5 Tsai Ming-Liang: What Time Is It There?
7.4 Lav Diaz: Batang West Side (2001)
7.4 Jean-Pierre Jeunet: Amelie
7.3 Jacques Audiard: Sur mes Levres/ Read My Lips (2001)
7.2 Takashi Miike: Ichi the Killer
7.2 Cristi Puiu: Marfa si Banii/ Stuff and Dough
7.1 Laurent Cantet: L'Emploi du Temps/ Time Out
7.1 Jessica Hausner: Lovely Rita (2001)
7.1 Terry Zwigoff: Ghost World
7.1 Francois Ozon: Under the Sand
7.1 Guillermo del Toro: The Devil's Backbone
7.1 Mike Figgis: Hotel
7.0 Wes Anderson: The Royal Tenenbaums
7.0 Lucrecia Martel: La Cienaga
7.0 Todd Field: In The Bedroom
7.0 Kiyoshi Kurosawa: Pulse
7.0 Wang Xiaoshuai: Shiqi sui de dan che/ Beijing Bicycle
7.0 Ray Lawrence: Lantana
7.0 Richard Linklater: Waking Life
7.0 Frieder Schlach: Otomo
7.0 Alfonso Cuaron: Solo con Tu Pareja
7.0 Robert Guediguian: The Town Is Quiet/ La Ville Est Tranquille
7.0 Mira Nair: Monsoon Wedding
7.0 Robert Glinski: Hi Tereska
7.0 Kinji Fukasaku: Under the Fluttering Military Flag
7.0 Jonathan Nossiter: Signs and Wonders
7.0 Michael Haneke: La Pianiste
7.0 Richard Kelly: Donnie Darko
7.0 Bertha Bay-Sa Pan: Face
7.0 Michael Haneke: Cone Inconnu/ Code Unknown
7.0 Manoel de Oliveira: I'm Going Home
7.0 Hou Hsiao-hsien: Millennium Mambo
7.0 Takashi Miike: Visitor Q
SO SO...:

6.9 Takashi Miike: Araburu Tamashii-tachi/ Agitator
6.9 Shohei Imamura: Lukewarm Water Under a Red Bridge
6.9 Aleksandr Sokurov: Taurus (2001), 6.9/10
6.9 Milcho Manchevski: Dust
6.9 Eliseo Subiela: El Lado Oscuro del Corazon/ Dark Side of Heart II
6.9 Rod Pulido: The Flip Side
6.9 Jonathan Glazer: Sexy BEast
6.9 Fatih Akin: In July
6.9 John Cameron Mitchell: Hedwig And The Angry Inch
6.9 John Herzfeld: 15 Minutes
6.9 Sharon Maguire: Bridget Jones's Diary
6.9 Ben Hopkins: Simon Magus
6.9 David Mirkin: Heartbreakers
6.9 Richard Dutcher: Brigham City
6.9 David Mamet: Heist
6.9 Jacques Rivette: Va Savoir/ Who Knows?
6.9 Todd Solondz: Storytelling
6.9 Hirokazu Kore-eda: Distance
6.9 Robert Rodriguez: Spy Kids
6.8 Richard Linklater: Tape
6.8 Tsui Hark: The Legend of Zu
6.8 Shunji Iwai: All About Lily Chou-Chou
6.8 Juna Carlos Cremata Malberti: Nada
6.8 Hayao Miyazaki: Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi/ Spirited Away
6.8 Fabian Bielinsky: Nueve Reinas/ Nine Queens
6.8 Walter Salles: Behind the Sun
6.8 Alfonso Cuaron: Y Tu Mama Tambien
6.8 Nanni Moretti: La Stanza Del Figlio
6.8 Catherine Breillat: Fat Girl
6.8 Majid Majidi: Baran
6.8 Jafar Pahani: The Circle
6.8 Rose Troche: The Safety of Objects
6.8 Ben Stiller: Zoolander
6.8 Martin Koolhoven: AmnesiA
6.8 Stanley Kwan: Lan Yu
6.8 Takeshi Kitano: Brother
6.8 Christophe Gans: Brotherhood Of The Wolf
6.8 Reza Parsa: Before the Storm
6.8 Guy Ritchie: Snatch
6.8 Michael Winterbottom: The Claim
6.8 Maggie Greenwald: Songcatcher
6.8 Barbet Schroeder: Our Lady of the Assassins
6.8 Hassan Yektapanah: Djomeh
6.8 Francis Veber: The Closet
6.8 Pete Docter: Monsters Inc
6.8 Farrelly Brothers: Shallow Hal
6.8 Hughes Brothers: From Hell
6.8 Danis Tanovic: No Man's Land
6.8 Mark Forster: Monster's Ball
6.8 Steven Soderbergh: Ocean's Eleven
6.7 John Singleton: Baby Boy
6.7 Scott Reynolds: When Strangers Appear
6.7 Bernard Rapp: A Matter of Taste
6.7 JeanLuc Godard: Eloge De L'amour/ In Praise of Love
6.7 Alejandro Amen bar: The Others
6.7 Joel Coen: The Man Who Wasn't There
6.7 Dominic Sena: Swordfish
6.7 Thomas Bezucha: Big Eden
6.7 Dominic Anciano & Ray Burdis: Love Honour And Obey
6.6 Patrice Leconte: The Widow Of St Pierre
6.6 Takashi Miike: The Happiness of the Katakuris
6.6 John Fawcett: Ginger Snaps
6.6 Jamie Thraves: The Low Down
6.6 Larry Clark : Bully
6.6 Jan Sverak: Dark Blue World
6.6 Jan Schuette: The Farewell
6.6 Robert Altman: Gosford Park
6.6 David Wain: Wet Hot American Summer
6.5 Sean Penn: The Pledge
6.5 Eric Rohmer: The Lady And The Duke
6.5 Claire Denis: Trouble Every Day
6.5 Zhang Yimou: The Road Home
6.5 Amos Kollek: Bridget
6.5 Constantinos Giannaris: One Day In August/ Dekanpentavgoustos
6.5 Ron Howard: A Beautiful Mind
6.5 Yoshiaki Kawajiri: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
6.5 Wayne Wang: The Center Of The World
6.5 Kristian Levring: The King Is Alive
6.5 Jennifer Leigh: The Anniversary Party
6.5 Ken Loach: Bread And Roses
6.5 Sam Weisman: What's the Worst That Could Happen
6.5 Mike Aransky: Everything Moves ALone
6.5 Catherine Breillat: A Real Young Girl
6.5 Jacques Doillon: Petit Freres
6.5 Andrucha Waddington: Me You Them
6.5 Wim Wenders: Million Dollar Hotel
6.5 Alex Winter: Fever
6.5 Francine McDougall: Sugar & Spice
6.5 Pawel Pawlikowski: Last Resort
6.5 James Ivory: The Golden Bowl
6.5 Jim McKay: Our Song
6.5 Jon Favreau: Made
6.5 Brad Anderson: Session 9
6.5 Amir Bar-Lev: Fighter
6.5 Yongyoot Thongkongtoon: The Iron Ladies
6.5 John Dahl: Joy Ride
6.5 Michael Cuesta: LIE
6.5 Antoine Fuqua: Training Day
6.5 Brian Robbins: Hardball
6.5 Peter Chelsom: Serendipity
6.5 Rod Lurie: The Last Castle
6.5 Marcelo Pineyro: Plata Quamada/ Burnt Money
6.5 Penny Marshall: Riding In Cars With Boys
6.5 Laurent Firode: Happenstance
6.5 Campbell Scott: Final
6.5 Jan Svankmajer: Little Otik
6.5 Irwin Winkler: Life as a House
6.5 Richard Eyre: Iris

6.4 Eva Gardos: An American Rhapsody
6.4 Goran Paskaljevic: How Harry Became a Tree
6.4 Patrick Stettner: The Business Of Strangers
6.4 Stephen Friars: Liam
6.4 Scott Hicks: Hearts in Atlantis
6.4 Peter Jackson: The Lord Of The Rings
6.3 Christopher Hanson: Scrapple
6.3 Tim Blake Nelson: O
6.3 Kevin Smith: Jay And Silent Bob Strike Again
6.3 Barry Levinson: Bandits
6.2 Brad Anderson: Happy Accidents
6.1 Henrique Goldman: Princesa
6.1 Cameron Crowe: Vanilla Sky
6.0 Steven Spielberg: A.I.
6.0 Chuck Workman: House on a Hill
6.0 Jag Mundhra: Sandstorm
6.0 David Kane: Born Romantic
6.0 Lloyd Kaufman: Citizen Toxie
6.0 Daniel Cohen: Diamond Men
6.0 Bob Giraldi: Dinner Rush
6.0 Joel Hershman: Greenfingers
6.0 Tim Burton: Planet Of The Apes
6.0 Silvio Soldini: Bread And Tulips
6.0 Michael Polish: Jackpot
6.0 Louis CK: Pootie Tang
6.0 Rob Cohen: The Fast and the Furious
6.0 Bill Eagles: Beautiful Creatures
6.0 Olivier Ducastel: Adventures Or Felix
6.0 Joel Hopkins: Jump Tomorrow
6.0 Lea Pool: Lost And Delirious
6.0 Sally Potter: The Man WHo Cried
6.0 Luke Greenfield: The Animal
6.0 Sydney Macartney: A Love Divided
6.0 NAdia Tass: Amy
6.0 Elise McCredie: Strange Fits Of Passion
6.0 Peter Chelsom: Town and Country
6.0 Shinji Aoyama: Eureka
6.0 Henry Selick: Monkeybone
6.0 Marleen Gorris: The Luzhin Defense
6.0 Dominik Moll: With A Friend Like Harry
6.0 Peter Howitt: Antitrust
6.0 Henry Bromell: Panic
6.0 Barak Goodman: Scottsboro
6.0 Ridley Scott: Hannibal
6.0 Demian Lichtenstein: 3,000 Miles To Graceland
6.0 Ben Stassen: Haunted Castle
6.0 Kasi Lemmons: The Caveman's Valentine
6.0 Joe Mantegna: Lakeboat
6.0 JB Rogers: Say It Isn't So
6.0 Gary Hardwick: The Brothers
6.0 Jonathan Parker: Bartleby
6.0 Dalibor Matanic: The Cashier Wants To Go To The Seaside
6.0 Jean-Jacques Annaud: Enemy At The Gates
6.0 Agnes Jaoui: The Taste Of Others
6.0 Ted Demme: Blow
6.0 Ann Hu: Shadow Magic
6.0 Tom Green: Freddy Got Fingered
6.0 John Boorman: The Tailor Of Panama
6.0 Julien Temple: Pandaemonium
6.0 Garry Marshall: The Princess Diaries
6.0 Colin NUtley: Under The Sun
6.0 J. B. Rogers: American Pie 2
6.0 Scott McGehee and David Siegel: Deep End
6.0 Andrew Adamson: Shrek
6.0 Lukas Moodysson: Together
6.0 Victor Salva: Jeepers Creepers
6.0 Michael Cuesta: L.I.E.
6.0 Mark Brown: Two Can Play That Game
6.0 Tony Gatlif: Vengo
6.0 Edward Burns: Sidewalks of New York
6.0 Michael Radford: Dancing At the Blue Iguana
6.0 Carl seaton: One Week
6.0 Neal Slavin: Focus
6.0 Patrik-Ian Polk: Punks
6.0 Seth Zvi Rosenfeld: King of the Jungle
6.0 Marc Forster: Everything Put Together
6.0 Patrice Chereau: Intimacy
6.0 Leon Ichaso: Pinero
6.0 Frank Darabont: The Majestic
6.0 Lasse Hallstrom: The Shipping News
6.0 James Mangold: Kate And Leopold
6.0 Michael Mann: Ali
6.0 Ridley Scott: Black Hawk Down
6.0 Gregor Jordan: Buffalo Soldiers

5.9 Gore Verbinski: The Mexican
5.9 Pat O'Connor: Sweet November
5.9 Griffin Dunne: Lisa Picard Is Famous
5.9 Krutin Patel: Behind Enemy Lines
5.8 Richard Rich: The Trumpet of the Swan
5.8 Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly: Osmosis Jones
5.8 Harold Becker: Domestic Disturbances
5.7 Harold Zwart: One Night At McCool's
5.6 John Carpenter: Ghost Of Mars
5.5 Jule Gilfillan: Restless
5.5 Michael Bay: Pearl Harbor
5.5 Luis Mandoki: Angel Eyes
5.5 Cesc Gay: Nico and Dani
5.5 Jonathan Nossiter: Signs And Wonders
5.5 Sande Zeig: The Girl
5.5 James Ryan: The Young Girl and the Monsoon
5.5 Ivan Reitman: Evolution
5.5 Blair Hayes: Bubbly Boy
5.5 Mar¡a Ripoll: Tortilla Soup
5.5 Woody Allen: The Curse Of The Jade Scorpion
5.5 Moufida Tlatli: The Season of Men
5.5 Jacob Kornbluth: Haiku Tunnel
5.5 Oxide And Danny Pang: Bangkok Dangerous
5.5 Gil Junger: Black Knight
5.5 Scott Gill: Porn Star
5.4 Brett Ratner: Rush Hour 2
5.2 Thomas Carter: Save The Last Dance
5.2 Chuck Sheetz: Recess
5.2 Joe Roth: American Sweethearts
5.0 Sebastien Lifshiyz: Come Undone
5.0 Richard Blackburn: Lemora Lady Dracula
5.0 John Stockwell: Crazy Beautiful
5.0 Mathieu Kassovitz: The Crimson Rivers
5.0 Anne DeSalvo: The Amati Girls
5.0 Bruce Beresford: Bride Of The Wind
5.0 Adam Marcus: Let It Snow
5.0 Gary Trousdale: Atlantis
5.0 Amos Kollek: Fast Food Fast Women
5.0 Zack Winestine: States of Control
5.0 David Gordon Green: George Washington
5.0 Neil Turitz: Two Ninas
5.0 Adam Shankman: The Wedding Planner
5.0 Bret Stern: R2PC
5.0 Vic Sarin: Left Behind
5.0 Chris Weitz & Paul Weitz: Down To Earth
5.0 Peter Askin: Company Man
5.0 Christopher Livingston: Hit And Runway
5.0 Kieron Walsh: When Brendan Met Trudy
5.0 Piyush Dunker Pandya: American Desi
5.0 Lee Tamahori: Along Came A Spider
5.0 Michael Sergio: Under Hellgate Bridge
5.0 Brian Helgeland: A Knight's Tale
5.0 Renny Harlin: Driven
5.0 Yim Ho: Pavilion Of Women
5.0 Stavrus Kazantzidis: Russian Doll
5.0 Chris Nahon: Kiss Of the Dragon
5.0 Julie Davis: The Travails of Gay Men Fixed Up by Friends
5.0 Cory McAbee: The American Astronaut
5.0 Andre Techine: Loin
5.0 Sophie Fillieres: Ouch
5.0 Eric Bross: On The Line
5.0 Iain Softley: K-Pax
5.0 James Wong: The One
5.0 Chris Columbus: Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone
5.0 Richard Glatzer: The Fluffer
5.0 Tony Scott: Spy Game
5.0 David Atkins: Novocaine
5.0 Matthew Tabak: Auggie Rose
5.0 Charles Shyer: The Affair of the Necklace
5.0 Mohsen Makhmalbaf: Kandahar
5.0 Ernest Dickerson: Bones
5.0 D.J. Pooh: The Wash
5.0 John Pasquin: Joe Somebody
5.0 Jessie Nelson: I Am Sam
5.0 Gillian Armstrong: Charlotte Gray

4.5 Simon West: Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
4.5 Geoff Cunningham: Rocky Road
4.5 Shanti Guy: Texas Night Train
4.5 Steve Carr: Dr Dolittle 2
4.5 Adam Brooks: Invisible Circus
4.5 Mark Waters: Head Over Heels
4.5 Tony Goldwyn: Someone Like You
4.5 Eric Stanze: Ice From The Sun
4.5 Patrick Hasson: Waiting
4.5 Frank Oz: The Score
4.0 George Gallo: Double Take
4.0 Vondie Curtis Hall: Glitter
4.0 Paul Leaf: God Sex & Apple Pie
4.0 Dana Lustig: Kill Me Later
4.0 Jonas McCord: The Body
4.0 Dennis Dugan: Saving Silverman
4.0 John Whitesell: See Spot Run
4.0 Simon Wincer: Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles
4.0 Stephen Sommers: The Mummy Returns
4.0 Robert Luketic: Legally Blonde
4.0 Joshua Warren: Inbred Rednecks
4.0 Robert Luketic: Legally Blonde
4.0 Rob Pritts: Corky Romano
4.0 Jonathan Teplitzky: Better Than Sex
4.0 Steve Beck: 13 Ghosts
4.0 Brendan and Emmett Malloy: Out Cold
4.0 Linda Yellen: The Simian Line
4.0 Rob Morrow: Maze
4.0 Joel Gallen: Not Another Teen Movie
4.0 Jesse Dylan: How High
3.5 Mike Tollin: Summer Catch

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