Best Movies of 2007

Editor: Piero Scaruffi
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The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.

Foreign movies show sometimes a year later, so if you can't find a title, check last year's ratings.

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7.6 Johnnie To: Mad Detective
7.5 Christian Petzold: Yella
7.4 Carlos Reygadas: Luz Silenciosa/ Silent Light
7.4 Chang-dong Lee: Secret Sunshine
7.4 Nacho Vigalondo: Timecrimes
7.3 Aditya Assarat: Wonderful Town
7.2 Paul Thomas Anderson: There Will Be Blood
7.2 Michelange Quay: Eat, for This Is My Body
7.2 Gus Van Sant: Paranoid Park
7.1 David Fincher: Zodiac
7.1 Lav Diaz: Kagadanan sa banwaan ning mga engkanto/ Death in the Land of Encantos
7.1 Julian Schnabel: Le Scaphandre et le Papillon/ The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
7.1 Javier Ideami: El Cuadro
7.1 Tony Gilroy: Michael Clayton
7.1 Alexander Sokurov: Alexandra
7.1 Luis Piedrahita & Rodrigo Sopena: La Habitacion de Fermat/ Fermat's Room
7.1 Abdullah Oguz: Bliss
7.0 Joanna Hogg: Unrelated
7.0 Rajkumar Hirani: Lage Raho Munna Bhai (2007)
7.0 Semih Kaplanoglu: Yumurta/ Egg
7.0 Abdellatif Kechiche: La Graine et le Mulet
7.0 Masahiro Kobayashi: The Rebirth
7.0 Franck Vestiel: Eden Log (2007)
7.0 Julien Leclercq: Chrysalis
7.0 Koji Wakamatsu: United Red Army
7.0 David Volach: My Father My Lord
7.0 Bela Tarr: The Man From London
7.0 Olivier Assayas: Boarding Gate
7.0 Li Yu: Lost in Beijing
7.0 Pere Portabella: The Silence Before Bach
7.0 Bruce McDonald: The Tracey Fragments
7.0 Gil Kofman: The Memory Thief
7.0 Ken Jacobs: Razzle Dazzle
7.0 Serge Bozon: La France
7.0 Jacques Nolot: Before i Forget
7.0 Claude Chabrol: La Fille Coupee en Deux/ A Girl Cut in Two
7.0 Claude Miller: A Secret
7.0 Avi Nesher: The Secrets
7.0 Sol Tyron: The Living Wake
7.0 Ulrich Seidl: Import Export
7.0 Milcho Manchevski: Shadows
7.0 Bent Hamer: O'Horten
7.0 Cristian Mungiu: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
7.0 Cristian Nemescu: California Dreamin'
7.0 Adrian Sitaru: Pescuit Sportiv
7.0 Stefan Ruzowitzky: Die Faelscher/ The Counterfeiter
7.0 Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne: Dans l'Obscurite'
7.0 Abel Ferrara: Go Go Tales
7.0 Aaron Katz: Quiet City
7.0 James Foley: Perfect Stranger
7.0 Anthony Minghella: Breaking and Entering
7.0 Edgar Wright: Hot Fuzz
7.0 Andrei Zvyagintsev: Izgnanie/ The Banishment
7.0 Naomi Kawase: Mogari No Mari/ The Mourning Forest
7.0 Fatih Akin: Auf der Anderen Seite/ The Edge of Heaven
7.0 Judd Apatow: Knocked Up
7.0 John Dahl: You Kill Me
7.0 Danny Boyle: Sunshine
7.0 Julie Delpy: 2 Days in Paris
7.0 Talia Lugacy: Descent
7.0 Mike Cahill: King of California
7.0 Craig Gillespie: Lars and the Real Girl
7.0 Crispin Hellion Glover: It Is Fine! Everything Is Fine
7.0 Julien Temple: Joe Strummer: The Future Is Unwritten
7.0 Sidney Lumet: Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
7.0 Andrew Wagner: Starting Out in the Evening
7.0 Tamara Jenkins: The Savages
7.0 Ramin Bahrani: Chop Shop
7.0 Quentin Dupieux: Steak
6.9 Noah Baumbach: Margot at the Wedding
6.9 David Cronenberg: Eastern Promises
6.9 Sean Penn: Into the Wild
6.9 Andre Techine: Les Temoins/ The Witnesses
6.9 Deborah Kampmeier: Hounddog
6.9 Gregory Hoblit: Fracture
6.9 Mira Nair: The Namesake
6.9 Azazel Jacobs: The Goodtimeskid and Two Wrenching Departures
6.9 Todd Haynes: I'm Not There
6.9 Brillante Mendoza: Tirador/ Slingshot
6.8 Ridley Scott: American Gangster
6.8 Werner Herzog: Rescue Dawn
6.8 Christopher Zalla: Padre Nuestro
6.8 Dror Shaul: Adama Meshuga'at/ Sweet Mud
6.8 Ariel Rotter: El Otro/ The Other
6.8 Joseph Cedar: Beaufort
6.8 Richard Eyre: Notes on a Scandal
6.8 Anahi Berneri: Encarnacion
6.8 Rodrigo Pla: La Zona
6.8 Joaquin Oristrell: Inconscientes/ Unconscious
6.8 Francis Veber: La Doublure/ The Valet
6.8 Li Yu: Hong Yan/ Dam Street
6.8 Rajnesh Domalpalli: Vanaja
6.8 Ken Loach: The Wind That Shakes The Barley
6.8 George Ratliff: Joshua
6.8 Joel Coen: No Country for Old Men
6.8 Paul Greengrass: The Bourne Ultimatum
6.8 Jeffrey Blitz: Rocket Science
6.8 Greg Mottola: Superbad
6.8 John August: The Nines
6.8 Peter Brosens: Khadak
6.8 Bahman Ghobadi: Half Moon
6.8 Joe Wright: The Atonement
6.8 Raul Ruiz: The Righteous Province/ La Recta Provincia
6.7 Maria Maggenti: Puccini for Beginners
6.7 Wes Anderson: The Darjeeling Limited
6.7 Michael Winterbottom: A Mighty Heart
6.7 Lars von Trier: The Boss of It All
6.7 Quentin Tarantino: Death Proof
6.6 Francis Ford Coppola: Youth Without Youth (2007)
6.6 Chris Smith: The Pool
6.6 Robinson Devor: Zoo
6.6 Francois Ozon: Angel
6.6 Richard Schenkman: The Man from Earth
6.6 Sion Sono: Ekusute/ Exte - Hair Extension
6.5 Wong Kar-wai: My Blueberry Nights
6.5 Wang Quan'an: Tu ya de hun shi/ Tuya's Marriage
6.5 Cao Hamburger: O Ano em Que Meus Pais Sairam de Ferias/ The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
6.5 Peter Greenaway: Nightwatching
6.5 Takashi Miike: Sukyiaki Western Django
6.5 Ken Loach: It's a Free World
6.5 Boaz Yakin: Death in Love
6.5 Lee Isaac Chung: Munyurangabo
6.5 Catherine Breillat: The Last Mistress
6.5 Hou Hsiao-hsien: The Flight of the Red Balloon
6.5 Daoud Aoulad-Syad: Waiting for Pasolini
6.5 Juan Antonio Bayona: El Orfanato/ The Orphanage
6.5 Denzel Washington: The Great Debaters
6.5 Ben Affleck: Gone Baby Gone
6.5 Francis Veber: The valet
6.5 Steve Bendelack: Mr. Bean's Holiday
6.5 Choi Dong Hoon: Tazza The High Rollers
6.5 Adam Rifkin: Look
6.5 Nick Cassavetes: Alpha Dog
6.5 Craig Brewer: Black Snake Moan
6.5 Denis Dercourt: La Tourneuse de Pages/ The Page Turner
6.5 Jasmila Zbanic: Grbavica
6.5 Joel Schumacher: The Number 23
6.5 Justin Swibel: Modern Man
6.5 Lasse Hallstrom: The Hoax
6.5 Michael Polish: The Astronaut Farmer
6.5 Mike Binder: Reign Over Me
6.5 Mike White: Year of the Dog
6.5 Scott Frank: The Lookout
6.5 Vidhu Vinod Chopra: Eklavya/ The Royal Guard
6.5 Emmanuel Bourdieu: Les Amities Malefiques/ Poison Friends
6.5 Katherine Dieckmann: Diggers
6.5 Adrienne Shelly: Waitress
6.5 Joachim Lafosse: Nue-Propriete/ Private Property
6.5 Luc Besson: Angel-A
6.5 Henry Jaglom: Hollywood Dreams
6.5 Rolf de Heer: Ten Canoes
6.5 William Friedkin: Bug
6.5 Jonathan King: Black Sheep
6.5 Barbara Albert: Falling
6.5 Kasi Lemmons: Talk to Me
6.5 Michael Arias: Tekkonkinkreet
6.5 Shane Meadows: This Is England
6.5 Matthew Vaughn: Stardust
6.5 Joe Swanberg: Hannah Takes The Stairs
6.5 Griffin Dunne: Fierce People
6.5 Craig Zobel: Great World of Sound
6.5 Robert Cary: Ira & Abby
6.5 Larry Fessenden: The Last Winter
6.5 Paul Haggis: In the Valley of Elah
6.5 Andrew Dominik: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
6.5 Lynn Hershman Leeson: Strange Culture
6.5 Shekhar Kapur: Elizabeth: The Golden Age
6.5 Joseph Greco: Canvas
6.5 Priyadarshan: Bhool Bhulaiya
6.5 Israel-Adrian Caetano: Chronicle of an Escape
6.5 Jason Reitman: Juno
6.5 Charles Ferguson: The End in Sight
6.5 Gregg Araki: Smiley Face
6.5 Marjane Satrapi: Persepolis
6.5 Brad Bird: Ratatouille
6.4 Steven Soderbergh: Ocean's Thirteen
6.4 Timur Bekmambetov: Day Watch
6.4 David Von Ancken: Seraphim Falls
6.4 Tim Burton: Sweeney Todd
6.3 Mark Fergus: First Snow
6.3 John Jeffcoat: Outsourced
6.3 Francis Lawrence: I Am Legend
6.3 Antonello Grimaldi: Caos Calmo
6.2 Frank Oz: Death at a Funeral
6.2 Julia Loktev: Day Night Day Night
6.2 Juan Carlos Fresnadillo: 28 Weeks Later
6.1 John Sayles: Honeydripper
6.0 John Turturro: Romance & Cigarettes
6.0 Jacques Rivette: Duchess of Langeais
6.0 Takeshi Kitano: Glory to the Filmmaker
6.0 Susannah Grant: Catch and Release
6.0 Mike Nichols: Charlie Wilson's War
6.0 Richard Wong: Colma The Musical
6.0 Geoffrey Wright: Macbeth
6.0 Garry Marshall: Georgia Rule
6.0 Hilary Brougher: Stephanie Daley
6.0 Richard LaGravenese: Freedom Writers
6.0 Gabor Csupo: Bridge to Terabithia
6.0 Amnon Buchbinder: Whole New Thing
6.0 Billy Ray: Breach
6.0 Christian Alvart: Antikoerper/ Antibodies
6.0 DJ Caruso: Disturbia
6.0 Ham Tran: Vuot Song/ Journey From the Fall
6.0 Jafar Panahi: Offside
6.0 Michael Apted: Amazing Grace
6.0 Park Jin-pyo: Geu Nom Moksori/ The Voice of a Murderer
6.0 Rajko Grlic: Karaula/ Border Post
6.0 Susanne Bier: After the Wedding
6.0 Tom Vaughan: Starter for 10
6.0 Tyler Perry: Daddy's Little Girls
6.0 Dalibor Matanic: Volim Te/ I Love You
6.0 Claude Chabrol: Comedy of Power
6.0 Curtis Hanson: Lucky You
6.0 Jay Craven: Disappearances
6.0 Hal Hartley: Fay Grim
6.0 Yukihiko Tsutsumi: Memories of Tomorrow
6.0 Mark Rydell: Even Money
6.0 Manoel de Oliveira: Fifth Empire
6.0 Olivier Dahan: La Vie en Rose
6.0 Adrian Shergold: Pierrepoint
6.0 Mike Akel: Chalk
6.0 Matt Cimber: Miriam
6.0 Andrew Currie: Fido
6.0 Volker Schl”ndorff: Strike
6.0 Michael Moore: Sicko
6.0 Pascale Ferran: Lady Chatterley
6.0 Colin Strause and Greg Strause: Aliens Vs Predator - Requiem
6.0 Valeska Grisebach: Sehnsucht/ Longing
6.0 Mikael Hafstrom: 1408
6.0 Stefan Krohmer: Summer '04'
6.0 Joe Menendez: Ladron Que Roba a Ladr¢n
6.0 Eytan Fox: The Bubble
6.0 Neil Jordan: The Brave One
6.0 Robin Swicord: The Jane Austen Book Club
6.0 Tata Amaral: Antonia
6.0 Barbet Schroeder: Terror's Advocate
6.0 Jeremy Kagan: Golda
6.0 Peter Hedges: Dan in Real Life
6.0 Yoji Yamada: Love and Honor
6.0 Frank Darabont: The Mist
6.0 Frank Cappello: He Was a Quiet Man (2006)
6.0 Francesco Lucente: Badland
6.0 Kevin Lima: Enchanted
6.0 James Strouse: Grace Is Gone
6.0 Guy Ritchie: Revolver
6.0 Stefan Schaefer: Arranged
6.0 Zack Snyder: 300
6.0 Corneliu Porumboiu: East of Bucharest
6.0 Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino: Grindhouse
6.0 Fredi Murer: Vitus
6.0 James Gray: We Own the Night
6.0 Brian De Palma: Redacted
5.9 Woody Allen: Cassandra's Dream
5.9 George Hickenlooper: Factory Girl
5.8 Marc Evans: Snow Cake
5.5 Sylvain White: Stomp the Yard
5.5 Robert Zemeckis: Beowulf
5.5 Rob Reiner: Bucket List
5.5 Marc Forster: The Kite Runner
5.5 Julie Taymor: Across the Universe
5.5 Davis Guggenheim: Gracie
5.5 Bruce Evans: Mr. Brooks
5.5 Anthony Lover: My Brother
5.5 Jake Kasdan: The TV Set
5.5 Michael Lehmann: Because I Said So
5.5 Zoe Cassavetes: Broken English
5.5 Benjamin Cummings and Orson Cummings: If I Didn't Care
5.0 Milos Forman: Goya's Ghosts
5.0 Nikita Michalkov: 12
5.0 Lynn Roth: The Little Traitor
5.0 Paul Schrader: The Walker
5.0 Ang Lee: Lust Caution
5.0 Chris Weitz: The Golden Compass
5.0 Robert Benton: Feast of Love
5.0 Julian Jarrold: Becoming Jane
5.0 Scott Hicks: No Reservations
5.0 Allan Brocka: Boy Culture
5.0 Adam Shankman: Hairspray
5.0 Robert Ben Garant: Balls of Fury
5.0 Andreas Dresen: Summer in Berlin
5.0 Antoine Fuqua: Shooter
5.0 Marc Lawrence: Music and Lyrics
5.0 Mennan Yapo: Premonition
5.0 Michael Landon: The Last Sin Eater
5.0 Michael Sajbel: The Ultimate Gift
5.0 Paul Fox: Everything's Gone Green
5.0 Robert Shaye: The Last Mimzy
5.0 Steve Stockman: Two Weeks
5.0 Stewart Wade: Coffee Date
5.0 Sue Kramer: Gray Matters
5.0 Todd Robinson: Lonely Hearts
5.0 Walt Becker: Wild Hogs
5.0 Will Speck and Josh Gordon: Blades of Glory
5.0 Chris Noonan: Miss Potter
5.0 Chris Rock: I Think I Love My Wife
5.0 Rafal Zielinski: Downtown: A Street Tale
5.0 Lee Tamahori: Next
5.0 Bruce Leddy: Sing Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
5.0 Oren Rudavsky: The Treatment
5.0 Jag Mundhra: Provoked
5.0 Jesse Peretz: The Ex
5.0 Chris Smith: Severance
5.0 Luke Wilson: The Wendell Baker Story
5.0 Michael Corrente: Brooklyn Rules
5.0 Zackary Adler: I'm Reed Fish
5.0 Taika Waititi: Eagle vs Shark
5.0 Lajos Koltai: Evening
5.0 Len Wiseman: Live Free or Die Hard
5.0 Steve Buscemi: Interview
5.0 Patrice Leconte: My Best Friend
5.0 Lee Sang-il: Hula Girls
5.0 Anthony Giacchino: The Camden 28
5.0 Akiva Schaffer: Hot Rod
5.0 David Silverman: The Simpsons Movie
5.0 David Wain: The Ten
5.0 Shari Springer: The Nanny Diaries
5.0 Franc Reyes: Illegal Tender
5.0 Ethan Hawke: The Hottest State
5.0 Rod Lurie: Resurrecting the Champ
5.0 Paul Auster: The Inner Life of Martin Frost
5.0 Jeff Garlin: I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With
5.0 James Mangold: 3:10 to Yuma
5.0 Francois Girard: Silk
5.0 Zabou Breitman: The Man of My Life
5.0 Albert Serra: Quixotic/Honor de Cavalleria
5.0 Joe Nussbaum: Sydney White
5.0 Alfredo DeVilla: Adrift in Manhattan
5.0 Alan White: Broken
5.0 Jake Paltrow: The Good Night
5.0 Kenneth Branagh: Sleuth
5.0 Anton Corbijn: Control
5.0 Gavin Hood: Rendition
5.0 Anthony Hopkins: Slipstream
5.0 Terry George: Reservation Road
5.0 Kirsten Sheridan: August Rush
5.0 David Slade: 30 Days of Night
5.0 Preston Whitmore: This Christmas
5.0 Alison Eastwood: Rails & Ties
5.0 Robert Redford: Lions for Lambs
5.0 Michael Schroeder: Man In The Chair
5.0 Gene Rhee: The Trouble With Romance
5.0 Dagur Kari: The Good Heart
4.9 Michael Katleman: Primeval
4.5 Brian Robbins: Norbit
4.5 Eric Rohmer: Romance of Astree and Celadon
4.5 Russell Mulcahy: Resident Evil - Extinction
4.5 Michael Bay: Transformers
4.5 Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters
4.5 Todd Holland: Firehouse Dog
4.5 Barry Strugatz: From Other Worlds
4.5 Jonathan Kasdan: In the Land of Women
4.5 Scott Wiper: The Condemned
4.5 Dylan McCormick: Four Lane Highway
4.5 Sam Raimi: Spider-Man 3
4.5 Eli Roth: Hostel Part II
4.5 Tom Shaydak: Evan Almighty
4.5 Dennis Dugan: I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
4.5 Chris Sivertson: I Know Who Killed Me
4.5 Leon Ichaso: El Cantante
4.5 Justin Theroux: Dedication
4.5 Peter and Bobby Farrelly: The Heartbreak Kid
4.5 Chris Gorak: Right at Your Door
4.5 James Wan: Death Sentence
4.5 Monty Lapica: Self-Medicated
4.5 Craig Gillespie: Mr Woodcock
4.5 Menno Meyjes: Martian Child
4.5 Ash Christian: Fat Girls
4.5 Pratibha Parmar: Nina's Heavenly Delights
4.0 Mike Newell: Love in the Time of Cholera
4.0 Zach Helm: Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium
4.0 Simon Smith: Bee Movie
4.0 Andrew Fleming: Nancy Drew
4.0 Peter Berg: The Kingdom
4.0 Christopher Cain: September Dawn
4.0 David Yates: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
4.0 Philip Haas: The Situation
4.0 Gore Verbinski: Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End
4.0 Joe Carnahan: Smokin' Aces
4.0 Nimrod Antal: Vacancy
4.0 Leonardo Ricagni: Goodbye Momo
4.0 Les Mayfield: Code Name The Cleaner
4.0 Bennett Davlin: Memory
4.0 Kevin Munroe: TMNT
4.0 Marcus Nispel: Pathfinder
4.0 Peter Webber: Hannibal Rising
4.0 Steve Carr: Are We Done Yet?
4.0 Mark Brown: The Salon
4.0 Chris Miller: Shrek the Third
4.0 Michael Caleo: The Last Time
4.0 Matthew Levin: The Boy Who Cried Nitch
4.0 Laurent Tirard: Moliere
4.0 Sean McNamara: Bratz
4.0 Brett Ratner: Rush Hour 3
4.0 Richard Shepard: The Hunting Party
4.0 Bob Odenkirk: The Brothers Solomon
4.0 Adam Green: Hatchet
4.0 Troy Christian and Robert Schrock: Naked Boys Singing
4.0 Tom Hill: Alvin and the Chipmunks
3.5 Mark Helfrich: Good Luck Chuck
3.5 Xavier Gens: Hitman
3.5 David Dobkin: Fred Claus
3.5 Oliver Hirschbiegel: The Invasion
3.5 Rod Hardy: December Boys
3.0 Stephen Anderson: Meet the Robinsons
3.0 Rob Zombie: Halloween
3.0 Stephen Hopkins: The Reaping
3.0 Ken Kwapis: License to Wed
3.0 Doug Lefler: The Last Legion
3.0 Michael Davis: Shoot 'Em Up
3.0 Joby Harold: Awake