Best Films of 2023

Selected by Piero Scaruffi
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The following list averages the opinions of my favorite critics plus mine.

Foreign movies show sometimes a year later, so if you can't find a title, check last year's ratings.

Special section: The 2023 Film Festivals

Sundance (jan):
Celine Song: Past Lives
William Oldroyd: Eileen
Christopher Murray: Sorcery
C.J. Obasi: Mami Wata

Berlin (feb):
Celine Song: Past Lives
Tina Satter: Reality
Ivan Sen: Limbo
Lila Aviles: Totem
Ilker Catak: The Teacherís Lounge
Angela Schanelec: Music
Cannes (may):
Martin Scorsese: Killers of the Flower Moon
Rodrigo Moreno: Los Delincuentes/ The Delinquents
Justine Triet: Anatomie d'une Chute/ Anatomy of a Fall
Pham Thien An: Inside The Yellow Cocoon Shell
Jonathan Glazer: The Zone of Interest
Thomas Cailley: The Animal Kingdom
Lisandro Alonso: Eureka
Kanu Behl: Agra
Chang-hoon Kim: Hwaran/ Hopeless
Ilya Povolotsky: Grace
Just Philippot: Acide
Molly Manning Walker: How to Have Sex
Kleber Mendonca Filho: Retratos Fantasmas/ Pictures Of Ghosts
Kamal Lazraq: Les Meutes/ Hounds
Geng Zihan: A Song Sung Blue
Pablo Berger: Robot Dreams
Venezia (aug):
Yorgos Lanthimos: Poor Things
Ryusuke Hamaguchi: Aku Wa Sonzai Shinai/ Evil Does Not Exist
Agnieszka Holland: Zielona Granica/ The Green Border
Goran Stolevski: Housekeeping For Beginners
Michel Franco: Memory
Bertrand Bonello: La Bete/ The Beast
Karan Tejpal: Stolen
Victor Iriarte: Sobre Todo De Noche/ Foremost By Night
Bradley Cooper: Maestro
David Fincher: The Killer
Luna Carmoon: Hoard
Moin Hussain: Sky Peals
Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir: Ser Ser Salhi/ City Of Wind
Mohamed Ben Attia: Oura El Jbel/ Behind The Mountains
Tommaso Santambrogio: Los Oceanos Son Los Verdaderos Continentes/ The Oceans Are the Real Continents
Stephane Brize': Hors-Saison
New York (oct):
Director: Title

Locarno (aug):
Mantagheye bohrani/ Critical Zone by Ali Ahmadzadeh
Stepne by Maryna Vroda
Hao jiu bu jian/ Dreaming & Dying by Nelson Yeo
Katharina Huber: Ein schoener Ort/ A Good Place
Camping du Lac by Eleonore Saintagnan
Toronto (sep):
Alexander Payne: The Holdovers
Robin Campillo: Red Island
Gareth Edwards : he Creator
Cord Jefferson: American Fiction
Azazel Jacobs: His Three Daughters
Ilger Catak: The Teacher's Lounge
Jayant Digambar Somalkar: A Match
Viggo Mortensen: The Dead Donít Hurt

Ratings for the 2023 season


7.4 Radu Jude: Do Not Expect Too Much From the End of the World

7.3 Yorgos Lanthimos: Poor Things

7.3 Alexander Payne: The Holdovers

7.2 Robin Campillo: Red Island
7.2 Ryusuke Hamaguchi: Aku Wa Sonzai Shinai/ Evil Does Not Exist
7.2 Agnieszka Holland: Zielona Granica/ The Green Border
7.2 Goran Stolevski: Housekeeping For Beginners
7.2 Adele Lim: Joy Ride
7.2 Martin Scorsese: Killers of the Flower Moon
7.2 Noora Niasari: Shayda
7.1 Stefan Arsenijevic: As Far as I Can Walk
7.1 Ali Ahmadzadeh: Mantagheye bohrani/ Critical Zone
7.1 Rodrigo Moreno: Los Delincuentes/ The Delinquents
7.1 Justine Triet: Anatomie d'une Chute/ Anatomy of a Fall
7.1 Pham Thien An: Inside The Yellow Cocoon Shell
7.1 Zachary Wigon: Sanctuary
7.1 Ann Oren: Piaffe
7.1 Michel Franco: Memory
7.1 Bertrand Bonello: La Bete/ The Beast
7.1 Karan Tejpal: Stolen
7.1 Victor Iriarte: Sobre Todo De Noche/ Foremost By Night
7.1 Bradley Cooper: Maestro
7.1 Gareth Edwards : The Creator
7.1 Tina Satter: Reality
7.1 Babak Jalali: Fremont
7.0 Cord Jefferson: American Fiction
7.0 C.J. Obasi: Mami Wata
7.0 Ilger Catak: The Teacher's Lounge
7.0 Jayant Digambar Somalkar: A Match
7.0 Viggo Mortensen: The Dead Donít Hurt
7.0 Luna Carmoon: Hoard
7.0 Moin Hussain: Sky Peals
7.0 Lkhagvadulam Purev-Ochir: Ser Ser Salhi/ City Of Wind
7.0 Mohamed Ben Attia: Oura El Jbel/ Behind The Mountains
7.0 Tommaso Santambrogio: Los Oceanos Son Los Verdaderos Continentes/ The Oceans Are the Real Continents
7.0 Stephane Brize': Hors-Saison
7.0 Andrew Haigh: All of Us Strangers (2023)
7.0 Ellie Foumbi: Our Father the Devil
7.0 Adele Lim: Joy Ride
7.0 Alice Winocour: Paris Memories
7.0 Thomas Cailley: The Animal Kingdom
7.0 Lisandro Alonso: Eureka
7.0 Kanu Behl: Agra
7.0 Chang-hoon Kim: Hwaran/ Hopeless
7.0 Ilya Povolotsky: Grace
7.0 Just Philippot: Acide
7.0 Molly Manning Walker: How to Have Sex
7.0 Kleber Mendonca Filho: Retratos Fantasmas/ Pictures Of Ghosts
7.0 Kenya Barris: You People
7.0 Sung-hyun Byun: Kill Boksoon
7.0 Benjamin Caron: Sharper
7.0 Raine Allen-Miller: Rye Lane
7.0 Emily Atef: Irgendwann Werden wir uns alles Erzaehlen/ One day Weíll Tell Each Other Everything (2023)
7.0 Colin West: Linoleum
7.0 Celine Song: Past Lives
7.0 William Oldroyd: Eileen
7.0 Teodora Ana Mihai: La Civil
7.0 Welby Ings: Punch
7.0 Nida Manzoor: Polite Society
7.0 Cyril Schaublin: Unrest
7.0 Manuela Martelli: Chile '76
7.0 Charlie Day: Foolís Paradise
7.0 Alice Troughton: The Lesson
7.0 Li Ruijun: Yon ru Chenyan/ Return to Dust
7.0 Danny Philippou & Michael Philippou: Talk to Me
7.0 Riley Keough & Gina Gammell: War Pony
7.0 Thomas Hardiman: Medusa Deluxe
7.0 Laura Moss: Birth/Rebirth
7.0 Thomas Salvador: The Mountain
7.0 Soda Jerk: Hello Dankness
7.0 Clement Virgo: Brother
7.0 Anna Kendrick: Woman of the Hour
7.0 Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov: Bratan
7.0 Ari Aster: Dream Scenario
7.0 Rodrigo Moreno: The Delinquents
7.0 Raven Jackson: All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt
7.0 Christos Nikou: Fingernails
SO SO...:

6.9 Azazel Jacobs: His Three Daughters
6.9 Jonathan Glazer: The Zone of Interest
6.9 Peter Sohn: Elemental
6.9 Brandon Cronenberg: Infinity Pool
6.9 Pete Ohs: Jethica
6.9 Christian Petzold: Afire
6.9 Maryna Vroda: Stepne
6.9 Nelson Yeo: Hao Jiu Bu Jian/ Dreaming & Dying
6.9 Katharina Huber: Ein schoener Ort/ A Good Place
6.9 Eleonore Saintagnan: Camping du Lac
6.9 Rodrigo Reyes: Sanson and Me
6.9 Daniel Goldhaber: How to Blow Up a Pipeline
6.9 Kamal Lazraq: Les Meutes/ Hounds
6.9 Geng Zihan: A Song Sung Blue
6.9 Pablo Berger: Robot Dreams
6.9 Marco Bellocchio: Rapito/ Kidnapped
6.9 Alice Rohrwacher: La Chimera
6.9 Tim Story: The Blackening
6.9 Kaveh Nabatian: Sin La Habana
6.9 Mel Eslyn: Biosphere
6.9 Mikhael Hers: The Passengers of the Night
6.9 Sammi Cohen: You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah
6.9 Bill & Turner Ross: Gasoline Rainbow
6.9 Guy Nattiv & Zar Amir Ebrahimi: Tatami
6.9 Adrien Beau: Le Vourdalak
6.9 Pablo Larrain: El Conde
6.9 Raven Jackson: All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt
6.8 Matteo Garrone: Io Capitano
6.8 Anna Hints: Smoke Sauna Sisterhood
6.8 Charlotte Regan: Scrapper
6.8 Jennifer Reeder: Perpetrator
6.8 Nuri Bilge Ceylan: About Dry Grasses
6.8 Mohamed Kordofani Goodbye Julia
6.8 Wei Shujun: Only the River Flows
6.8 Todd Haynes: May December
6.8 Almodovar: Strange Way of Life
6.8 Hirokazu Kore-eda: Monster
6.8 Ken Loach: The Old Oak
6.8 Jean-Bernard Marlin: Salem
6.8 Miles Warren: Bruiser
6.8 A.V. Rockwell: A Thousand and One
6.5 Roger Ross Williams: Cassandro
6.8 Ivan Sen: Limbo
6.8 Lila Aviles: Totem
6.8 Ilker Catak: The Teacherís Lounge
6.8 Jo„o Canijo: Bad Living
6.8 Ethan Eng: Therapy Dogs
6.8 Chris McKay: Renfield
6.8 Shekhar Kapur: Whats Love Got to Do With It?
6.8 Kyle Patrick Alvarez: Crater
6.8 Charlotte Le Bon: Falcon Lake
6.8 David Pastor & Alex Pastor: Bird Box Barcelona
6.8 Sophie Kargman: Susie Searches
6.8 Juel Taylor: They Cloned Tyrone Review: Theres Only One John Boyega
6.8 Celine Devaux: Everybody Loves Jeanne
6.8 Corine Shawi: Perhaps What I Fear Does Not Exist
6.8 Craig Gillespie: Dumb Money
6.8 Cristian Mungiu: R.M.N.
6.8 Thea Sharrock: Wicked Little Letters
6.8 Sebastien Marnier: The Origin of Evil
6.8 James Kienitz Wilkins: Still Film
6.8 Emily Atef: More Than Ever
6.8 Kenneth Dagatan: In My Motherís Skin
6.7 Demian Rugna: When Evil Lurks
6.7 Christopher Nolan: Oppenheimer
6.7 Molly Gordon & Nick Lieberman: Lakota Nation vs. United States
6.7 Kelly Reichardt: Showing Up
6.7 Victor Erice: Close Your Eyes
6.7 Aki Kaurismaki: Kuolleet Lehdet/ Fallen Leaves
6.7 Christopher Murray: Sorcery
6.7 Craig Boreham: Lonesome
6.7 Kavich Neang: White Building
6.7 Nick Bruno and Troy Quane: Nimona
6.7 Eric Gravel: Full Time
6.7 Sofia Coppola: Priscilla
6.7 Saverio Costanzo: Finalmente LíAlba/ Finally Dawn
6.7 Gabor Reisz: Explanation For Everything
6.7 John Carney: Flora and Son
6.7 The Venture Bros - Radiant Is the Blood of the Baboon Heart
6.7 Chloe Domont: Fair Play
6.7 Sheila Hayman: Fanny
6.7 Linh Tran: Waiting for the Light to Change
6.6 Robert Kolodny: The Featherweight
6.6 David Fincher: The Killer
6.6 Afef Ben Mahmoud & Khalil Benkirane: Backstage
6.6 Jingyi Shao: Chang Can Dunk
6.6 Angela Schanelec: Music
6.6 Zhang Lu: The Shadowless Tower
6.6 Frances OConnor: Emily
6.6 6.6 David Yates: Pain Hustlers
6.6 Night Shyamalan: Knock at the Cabin
6.6 Cory Finley: Landscape With Invisible Hand
6.6 Kevin Heffernan: Quasi
6.6 Kelly Fremon Craig: Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret
6.6 Mary Harron: Daliland
6.6 Victor Garcia: The Communion Girl
6.6 Kitty Green: The Royal Hotel
6.6 Bradley Cooper: Maestro
6.5 Ridley Scott: Napoleon
6.5 Christine Dallaire-Dupont: Katak - The Brave Beluga
6.5 Tae-hwa Eom: Concrete Utopia
6.5 Meredith Hama-Brown: Seagrass
6.5 Henri Pardo: Kanaval
6.5 Sophie Dupuis: Solo
6.5 Minhal Baig: We Grown Now
6.5 Tarsem Singh Dhandwar: Dear Jassi
6.5 Mahalia Belo: The End We Start From
6.5 Kristoffer Borgli: Dream Scenario
6.5 Niclas Larsson: Mother Couch
6.5 Greg Kwedar: Sing Sing
6.5 Nicole Holofcener: You Hurt My Feelings
6.5 Pietro Marcello: Scarlet
6.5 Elijah Bynum: Magazine Dreams
6.5 Frederic Tellier: LíAbbe' Pierre - A Century Of Devotion
6.5 Alexis Jacknow: Clock
6.5 Dana Gonzales: Centurion - The Dancing Stallion
6.5 Makoto Shinkai: Suzume
6.5 Jon Baird: Tetris
6.5 Laura Moss: Birth/Rebirth
6.5 Ira Sachs: Passages
6.5 C.J. Obasi: Mami Wata
6.5 Raven Jackson: All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt
6.5 Jake van Wagoner: Aliens Abducted My Parents and Now I Feel Kinda Left Out
6.5 Sophie Barthes: The Pod Generation
6.5 Nida Manzoor: Polite Society
6.5 Erica Tremblay: Fancy Dance
6.5 Siddharth Anand: Pathaan
6.5 Christopher Landon: We Have a Ghost
6.5 Michael Jordan: Creed III
6.5 Anthony Shim: Riceboy Sleeps
6.5 Jalmari Helander: Sisu
6.5 Lillah Halla: Power Alley
6.5 Abel Ferrara: Padre Pio
6.5 Savanah Leaf: Earth Mama
6.5 Christopher McQuarrie: Mission Impossible ó Dead Reckoning Part One
6.5 Greta Gerwig: Barbie
6.5 Randall Park: Shortcomings
6.5 Jeff Rowe & Kyler Spears: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Mutant Mayhem
6.5 Josh Greenbaum: Strays
6.5 Julien Chheng & Jean-Christophe Roger: Ernest & Celestine - A Trip to Gibberitia
6.5 Jared Lapidus: Office Race
6.5 Fien Troch: Holly
6.5 Malgorzata Szumowska: Zobieta Z/ Woman Of
6.5 Selman Nacar: Hesitation Wound
6.5 Chong Keat Aun: Wu Yue Xue/ Snow in Midsummer
6.5 Ariane Louis-Seize: Vampire Humaniste Cherche Suicidaire Consentant
6.5 Delphine Girard: Quitter La Nuit/ Through the Night
6.5 Kyoshi Sugita: Kanata No Uta/ Following the Sound
6.5 Pema Tseden: Zue Bao/ Snow Leopard
6.5 Nehir Tuna: Yurt/ Dormitory
6.5 Lee Hong-Chi: Love Is A Gun
6.5 Albert Pinto': Nowhere
6.5 Bas Devos: Here
6.5 Maryam Keshavarz: The Persian Version
6.5 Jimmy Chin & Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi: Nyad
6.5 George Wolfe: Rustin
6.5 Eli Roth: Thanksgiving
6.4 Nikolaj Arcel: Bastarden
6.4 Vera Belmont: My Fatherís Secrets
6.4 Enrico Maria Artale: El Paraiso
6.4 Erwan Le Duc: No Love Lost
6.4 Jessica Hausner: Club Zero

6.4 Delphine Dologet: All To Play For
6.4 Matthew Saville: Juniper
6.4 Neil Jordan: Marlowe
6.4 Er Cheng: Hidden Blade
6.4 Morrisa Maltz: The Unknown Country
6.4 Oleh Malamuzh & Oleksandra Ruban: Mavka - The Forest Song
6.4 Alejandra Marquez Abella: A Million Miles Away
6.3 Naoyoshi Shiotani: Psycho-Pass - Providence
6.3 Rolf de Heer: The Survival of Kindness
6.3 Elizabeth Banks: Cocaine Bear
6.3 Charles Guard & Thomas Guard: Dead Shot
6.3 Joao Miller Guerra & Filipa Reis: Legua
6.3 Tran Anh Hung: The La Passion de Dodin Bouffant/ Pot-au-Feu
6.3 Stefano Sollima: Adagio
6.3 Pietro Castellitto: Enea
6.3 Ava DuVernay: Origin
6.3 Neil Burger: The Marsh King's Daughter
6.3 Hayao Miyazaki: The Boy and the Heron
6.2 Jack Huston: Day Of The Fight
6.2 Rasmus Sivertsen: Just Super
6.2 Jee-woon Kim: Cobweb
6.2 Karan Johar: Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani
6.2 Wes Anderson: Asteroid City
6.2 Jerome Salle: Kompromat
6.2 Stephen Belber: What We Do Next
6.2 Barnabas Toth: Those Who Remained
6.2 Jamie Sisley: Stay Awake
6.2 Cedric Klapisch: Rise
6.2 Vadim Perelman: Persian Lessons Review: Performing for His Life
6.2 Larry Charles: Dicks the Musical
6.2 Sebastian Silva: Rotting in the Sun
6.2 Garth Davis: Foe
6.2 Adura Onashile: Girl
6.1 Susanna Fogel: Cat Person
6.1 Rebecca Miller: She Came to Me
6.1 Derek Goldman & Jeff Hutchens: Remember This
6.1 Ramata-Toulaye Sy: Banel & Adama
6.0 Anthony Stacchi: The Monkey King
6.0 Valerie Donzelli: Just The Two Of Us
6.0 Tae-gon Kim: Project Silence
6.0 Sangsoo Hong: In Our Day
6.0 Edward Bazalgette: The Last Kingdom - Seven Kings Must Die
6.0 Robert Rodriguez: Hypnotic
6.0 Jason Moore: Shotgun Wedding
6.0 Zhang Yimou: Man Jiang Hong/ Full River Red
6.0 Nicholas Johnson & Will Merrick: Missing
6.0 Kyle Marvin: 80 for Brady
6.0 Rebecca Miller: She Came to Me
6.0 Peyton Reed: Ant-Man and the Wasp - Quantumania
6.0 Eromose: 88
6.0 Tae-joon Kim: Unlocked
6.0 Philippe Garrel: The Plough
6.0 Makoto Shinkai: Suzume
6.0 Giacomo Abbruzzese: Disco Boy
6.0 John Trengove: Manodrome
6.0 Robert Connolly: Blueback
6.0 Florian Sigl: The Magic Flute
6.0 Stephen Frears: The Lost King
6.0 Lea Mysius: The Five Devils
6.0 Ben Affleck: Air
6.0 Tina Gordon: Praise This
6.0 Lee Cronin: Evil Dead Rise
6.0 Ray Romano: Somewhere in Queens
6.0 David Lowery: Peter Pan & Wendy
6.0 Laurel Parmet: The Starling Girl
6.0 Joaquim Dos Santos, Kemp Powers, Justin Thompson: Spider-Man - Across the Spider-Verse
6.0 Idan Haguel: Concerned Citizen
6.0 Eva Longoria: Flamin' Hot
6.0 Daniel Lazo & Eran May-Raz: Sight Extended
6.0 Alice Winocour: Revoir Paris
6.0 Bill Pohlad: Dreamin Wild
6.0 Jerren Lauder: The Inhabitant
6.0 Mark Leonard Winter: The Rooster
6.0 Arvin Chen: Love in Taipei
6.0 Marc Turtletaub: Jules
6.0 Tom Harper: Heart of Stone
6.0 Guy Nattiv: Golda
6.0 Chris Foggin: Bank of Dave
6.0 Mika Gustafson: Paradiset Brinner/ Paradise is Burning
6.0 Michael Mann: Ferrari
6.0 Austin Stark & Joseph Schuman: Coup!
6.0 Timm Kroeger: Die Theorie Von Allem
6.0 Wes Anderson: The Wonderful Story Of Henry Sugar
6.0 William Friedkin: The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial
6.0 Woody Allen: Coup De Chance
6.0 Alan Parroni: Una Sterminata Domenica/ An Endless Sunday
6.0 Harmony Korine: Aggro Dr1ft
6.0 Anais Tellenne: LíHomme DíArgile/ The Dreamer
6.0 Giorgio Diritti: Lubo
6.0 Anna Buryachokva: Nazavzhdy-Nazavzhdy/ Forever Forever
6.0 Celine Rouzet: En Attendant La Nuit
6.0 Olmo Schnabel: Pet Shop Boys
6.0 Richard Linklater: Hit Man
6.0 Shinya Tsukamoto: Hokage/ Shadow Of Fire
6.0 Quentin Dupieux: Daaaaaaali!
6.0 Nara Normande, Tiao: Sem Corac„o/ Heartless
6.0 Jim Capobianco & Pierre-Luc Granjon: The Inventor
6.0 Hayao Miyazaki: The Boy and the Heron
6.0 Ning Hao: The Movie Emperor
6.0 Molly Manning Walker: How to Have Sex
6.0 Maggie Betts: The Burial
6.0 Lukas Moodysson: Tillsammans 99/ Together 99
6.0 Karan Boolani: Thank You For Coming
6.0 James Hawes: One Life
6.0 Ellen Kuras: Lee
6.0 Klaus Haro: My Sailor My Love
6.0 Luis De Filippis: Something You Said Last Night
6.0 Bishal Dutta: It Lives Inside
6.0 Aristotle Torres: Story Ave
6.0 Eddie Alcazar: Divinity
6.0 Jessica Yu: Quiz Lady

5.9 Guy Ritchie: Operation Fortune - Ruse de Guerre
5.8 Ari Aster: Beau Is Afraid
5.8 Sam Esmail: Leave the World Behind
5.8 Anthony Chen: The Breaking Ice
5.8 Amanda Nell Eu: Tiger Stripes
5.8 Bomani Story: The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Review: Death Transforms Her
5.8 Ted Geoghegan: Brooklyn 45
5.8 Anthony Mandler: Surrounded
5.8 Justin Lerner: Cadejo Blanco
5.8 Aitch Alberto: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
5.8 Cedric Kahn: Making Of
5.8 Micaela Ramazzotti: Felicitŗ
5.8 Alix Delaporte: Vivants/ On the Pulse
5.8 Richie Adams: The Road Dance
5.7 Stefanie Kolk: Melk
5.7 Anurag Kashyap: Kennedy
5.7 Thaddeus O'Sullivan: The Miracle Club
5.7 Walt Dohrn & Tim Heitz: Trolls Band Together
5.6 James Mangold: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
5.6 James Mangold: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
5.6 Angel Manuel Soto: Blue Beetle
5.6 Elise Girard: Sidonie Au Japon
5.6 Gabe Polsky: Butcher's Crossing
5.5 Luc Besson: Dogman
5.5 Mariana & Santiago Arriaga: A Cielo Abierto/ Upon Open Sky
5.5 Alejandro Monteverde: Sound of Freedom
5.5 Maiwenn Le Besco: Jeanne du Barry
5.5 Maiwenn Le Besco: Jeanne du Barry
5.5 Cecilia Miniucchi: Life Upside Down
5.5 Philippe LeGuay: The Man in the Basement
5.5 Tal Granit & Sharon Maymon: My Happy Ending
5.5 Michael Maren: A Little White Lie
5.5 Timothy Scott Bogart: Spinning Gold
5.5 Rob Savage: The Boogeyman
5.5 Micheal Keaton: Knox Goes Away
5.5 Ladj Ly: Les Indesirables
5.5 Kevin Greutert: Saw X
5.5 Amat Escalante: Lost in the Night
5.4 Sean King O'Grady: The Mill
5.3 Catherine Breillat: Last Summer
5.3 John Francis Daley & Jonathan Goldstein: Dungeons & Dragons - Honor Among Thieves
5.3 Matthew Lopez: Red, White & Royal Blue
5.2 Clay Tatum: The Civil Dead
5.2 Daina Reid: Run Rabbit Run
5.2 Benjamin Millepied: Carmen
5.2 David Gordon Green: The Exorcist - Believer
5.1 Daniel Antebi: God's Time
5.0 Bobby Farrelly: Champions
5.0 Ethan Hawke: Wildcat
5.0 Kenneth Branagh: A Haunting in Venice
5.0 Gene Stupnitsky: No Hard Feelings
5.0 Alain Guiraudie: Nobody's Hero
5.0 Todor Chapkanov: Black Lotus
5.0 Daina Reid: Run Rabbit Run
5.0 Ben Wheatley: Meg 2- The Trench
5.0 Nick Cassavetes: God Is a Bullet
5.0 Takeshi Kitano: Kubi
5.0 Anna Novion: Margueriteís Theorem
5.0 Nanni Moretti: A Brighter Tomorrow
5.0 Alex Lutz: Strangers by Night
5.0 Karim Ainouz: Firebrand
5.0 Catherine Corsini: Homecoming
5.0 Jean-Stephane Sauvaire: Black Flies
5.0 Chad Stahelski: John Wick Chapter 4
5.0 Dave Franco: Somebody I Used to Know
5.0 Sandrine Kiberlain: A Radiant Girl
5.0 Jonas Cuaron: Chupa
5.0 Guy Ritchie: The Covenant
5.0 Stephen Williams: Chevalier
5.0 George Tillman: Big George Foreman
5.0 Mark Slutsky & Sarah Watts: You Can Live Forever
5.0 Peter Atencio: The Machine
5.0 Chris Robinson: Shooting Stars
5.0 Steven Caple: Transformers - Rise of the Beasts
5.0 Marc Fitoussi: Two Tickets to Greece
5.0 Sophie Barthes: The Pod Generation
5.0 Cory Finley: Landscape With Invisible Hand
5.0 Antoine Barraud: Madeleine Collins
5.0 Olivier Dahan: Simone Woman of the Century
5.0 Emma Seligman: Bottoms
5.0 Luana Bajrami: Bota Jone
5.0 Edoardo De Angelis: Comandante
5.0 Roman Polanski: The Palace
5.0 Robert Lorenz: In The Land Of Saints And Sinners
5.0 Daniela Goggi: El Rapto/ The Rescue
5.0 Liliana Cavani: Líordine Del Tempo
5.0 Sebastien Vanicek: Vermin
5.0 Luca Barbareschi: The Penitent Ė A Rational Man
5.0 Zacharias Mavroeidis: To Kalokairi Tis Karmen/ The Summer with Carmen
5.0 J.A. Bayona: La Sociedad De La Nieve/ Society of the Snow
5.0 Michael Jai White: Outlaw Johnny Black
5.0 Taika Waititi: Next Goal Wins
5.0 Chris Pine: Poolman
5.0 Anand Tucker: The Critic
5.0 Nicol Paone: The Kill Room
5.0 Grant Singer : Reptile
5.0 Christopher Zalla: Radical
5.0 Melanie Laurent: Wingwomen
5.0 Francis Lawrence: The Hunger Games - The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes

4.9 Aline Brosh McKenna: Your Place or Mine
4.8 Neill Blomkamp: Gran Turismo
4.8 Jamie Payne: Luther - The Fallen Sun
4.8 Kristin Gore & Damian Kulash: The Beanie Bubble
4.8 Steven Luke: Come Out Fighting
4.8 Cal Brunker PAW Patrol - The Mighty Movie
4.7 Zach Braff: A Good Person
4.7 Kirk DeMicco & Faryn Pearl: Ruby Gillman Teenage Kraken
4.6 Marco Berger: Horseplay
4.5 Rhys Frake-Waterfield: Winnie the Pooh - Blood and Honey
4.5 Nitesh Tiwari: Bawaal
4.5 Brit McAdams: Paint
4.5 Catherine Hardwicke: Mafia Mamma
4.5 Julius Avery: The Popeís Exorcist
4.5 Bill Holderman: Book Club - The Next Chapter
4.5 Neil LaBute: Fear the Night
4.5 Amy Redford: What Comes Around
4.5 Elisabeth Blake-Thomas: Hunt Club
4.5 Vicky Wight: Happiness for Beginners
4.5 Matt Drummond: The Secret Kingdom
4.5 Vuk Lungulov-Klotz: Mutt
4.5 Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn: Wish
4.5 Paul Briganti: Please Dont Destroy - The Treasure of Foggy Mountain
4.4 Louis Leterrier: Fast X
4.4 Patrick Wilson: Insidious - The Red Door
4.3 Scott Beck, Bryan Woods: 65
4.3 Meko Winbush: Gray Matter
4.2 Frant Gwo: The Wandering Earth II
4.2 Justin Simien: Haunted Mansion
4.2 Emerald Fennell: Saltburn
4.1 Niki Caro: The Mother
4.0 Taika Waititi: Next Goal Wins
4.0 Mary Lambert: Best Christmas Ever
4.0 Nancy Hower: Zoey 102
4.0 Ricard Cusso': Scarygirl (2023)
4.0 Emma Tammi: Five Nights at Freddys
4.0 Jeremy Garelick: Murder Mystery 2
4.0 Michel Hazanavicius: Final Cut
4.0 Kyra Sedgwick: Space Oddity
4.0 Jan Gassmann: 99 Moons
4.0 Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett: Scream VI
4.0 Calmatic: House Party
4.0 Christopher Smith: Consecration
4.0 Sarah Spillane: True Spirit
4.0 Nicolas Harvard: The Locksmith
4.0 Aaron Horvath & Michael Jelenic: The Super Mario Bros Movie
4.0 Larry Yang: Ride On
4.0 Dexter Fletcher: Ghosted
4.0 StevenTsuchida: A Tourist's Guide to Love
4.0 James Gunn: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
4.0 Calmatic: White Men Can't Jump
4.0 Rob Marshall: The Little Mermaid
4.0 Laura Terruso: About My Father
4.0 Ric Roman Waugh: Kandahar
4.0 Matt Angel & Suzanne Coote: The Wrath of Becky
4.0 Tyler Spindel: The Out-Laws
4.0 Mariano Biasin: Sublime
4.0 John Slattery: Maggie Moore(s)
4.0 Sam Hargrave: Extraction 2
4.0 Fiona Robert: The Country Club
4.0 Andre' Ovredal: The Last Voyage of the Demeter
4.0 Kurt Wimmer: Children of the Corn
4.0 Oz Rodriguez: Miguel Wants to Fight
4.0 Chris Spencer: Back on the Strip
4.0 Dustin Guy Defa: The Adults
4.0 Antoine Fuqua: The Equalizer 3
4.0 Stuart McDonald: Choose Love
4.0 Michael Chaves: The Nun II
4.0 Nia Vardalos: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
4.0 Scott Waugh: Expend4bles
4.0 Nahnatchka Khan: Totally Killer
4.0 Bill Burr: Old Dads
4.0 Robert Marianetti, Robert Smigel, David Wachtenheim: Leo
4.0 Sam Boyd: Genie

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