Best Films of All Time by Country

Selected by Piero Scaruffi
(Needless to say, it is not easy to determine the nationality of a film: the place where it was made, the place where it was released, the country that funded it, the birthplace of the filmmaker...?)
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Best Bulgarian Films of All Time

7.2 Rangel Vulchanov: Lachenite Obuvki na Neznayniya Voin/ The Unknown Soldier's Patent Leather Shoes (1979)
7.1 Ralitza Petrova: Bezbog/ Godless (2016)
7.0 Metodi Andonov: Koziyat Rog/ The Goat Horn (1972)
7.0 Lyudmil Kirkov: Selyaninat s Koleloto/ The Peasant with a Bike (1974)

Frequently mentioned but not my favorites:
Rangel Vulchanov: Na Malkiya Ostrov/ On a Small Island (1958)
Binka Zhelyazkova: A Byahme Mladi/ We Were Young (1961)
Hristo Hristov: Posledno Liato/ The Last Summer (1972)
Hristo Hristov: Barierata/ The Barrier (1979)
Ivan Andonov: Opasen Char/ Dangerous Charm (1984)

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